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How sad... First you lose your family, then your riches, and now your pets? I might just cry.
Mother Trudy to Madame Medusa src

Madame Medusa, formerly known as Lottie La Bouff, is an upcoming character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She will début in the eighth episode of the eighth season. She will be portrayed by guest stars Karen Gillan and Francesca Capaldi.

Madame Medusa is based on the character of the same name from the Disney film The Rescuers, and on Charlotte La Bouff from the Disney film The Princess and the Frog.


After Third Curse

Lottie is the daughter of Eli La Bouff, an ex-soldier. Her mother dies when she is young, leaving her financially struggling father to raise her alone. Lottie is close friends with Tiana, the daughter of James, who served in the war alongside Eli and is now a king. After Eli is driven into debt buying a dress for Lottie, his debtors, Henry and Harvey Fenner, become impatient waiting for him to pay them back and have his house set on fire while he and Lottie are inside. James and Tiana arrive in time for James to save Lottie, but when she begs him to go back in to save Eli, the house collapses, killing both men. After this tragedy, Lottie blames Tiana and James for her father's death and works hard to become rich in order to protect herself from suffering the same fate as Eli. ("What You Give")

Lottie eventually begins going by the name Madame Medusa and obtains two pet dragons, Brutus and Nero, who help her enforce her cruelty. At some point, she makes a deal with Mother Trudy, who desires the piece of the Spear of Destiny which is possessed by Marcus Tremaine. To fulfill the deal, Medusa makes another deal with Rapunzel Tremaine, Marcus's widow, to gain the Tremaine Manor if Rapunzel cannot pay up, hoping to find the spear piece in the manor. ("Keep On Believing")

Sometime later, she shows up at the manor for her payment but discovers that Rapunzel is gone on a trip and only her daughter, Drizella, and stepdaughter, Cinderella, are there. Upon learning about the deal, Cinderella and Drizella plead with Medusa not to take the manor and Medusa recognizes the necklace Cinderella is wearing as the piece of the spear and offers to take it instead of the manor, but Cinderella refuses as it was the last gift Marcus gave her before he was killed. Madame Medusa warns Cinderella and Drizella that she will return for the manor the following evening and that, if they aren't gone, she'll have Brutus and Nero slaughter them. That night, Drizella and Lily Page plot to kill Madame Medusa, Lily using her dragon form to distract Brutus and Nero while Drizella sneaks into Madame Medusa's home to stab her, but are stopped by Cinderella as Medusa wakes up. Enraged, Medusa threatens Drizella, but Cinderella offers her the necklace if she leaves them alone. This satisfies Medusa, who tells them to never bother her again. ("Keep On Believing")

Medusa brings the piece of the spear to Mother Trudy and asks for her payment. However, when Mother Trudy demands the spear piece first, Medusa has Nero and Brutus threaten her, stating that she already knew Trudy would try to back out of their deal. Trudy mocks Medusa, as she could easily kill the dragons with a wave of her hand, but then states that the woman is a waste of her time as she does not need the spear piece yet. She threateningly warns Medusa that she will return before poofing away. ("Keep On Believing")

After Sixth Curse

Eventually, Madame Medusa loses her riches and both Brutus and Nero. When the United Realms are created by Regina Mills, she is locked up in the Storybrooke General Hospital mental ward alongside many other villains. When Mother Trudy and the Black Fairy arrive to free the villains, Madame Medusa remains hidden in her cell, knowing Trudy is still after her piece of the spear. Trudy finds her anyway and taunts her for losing everything before taking the spear. The Black Fairy offers to sic Cruella on her, but Trudy responds that it is a better punishment to force Medusa to live in her sorry state. ("Titan")

Sometime later, Medusa is visited by King Roquat, who breaks into her cell. She shows no interest in him until he reveals that he knows her true name, Lottie, and offers a chance for her to get revenge on Tiana if she helps him. With a wicked smile, Medusa agrees. ("What You Give")



  • Medusa's pet dragons, Brutus and Nero, are a reference to the Disney character's pet crocodiles, who share the same name.


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