King Roquat
Wonderland Character
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Physical Description
Species: Human
Hair color: Blonde
Show Information
Portrayed by: Garwin Sanford
First appearance: "Heart of Stone"
Magic is a funny thing, isn't it? I used to believe it separated me from my subjects, but now I see its true potential. A bit of separation is necessary, to inspire fear. For if your subjects do not fear you, they rise against you.
—King Roquat to Tiana src

King Roquat, also known as the Red King, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. He débuts in the fifth episode of the spin-off series. He is portrayed by guest star Garwin Sanford.

King Roquat is based on Red King from the novel, "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There".


Before First Curse

At a royal ball in Wonderland, Roquat, who is known as the Red King, casually passes his many guests in the crowd. A woman he is not familiar with, Anastasia, greets him coyly, much to his amusement. They chat and share drinks until a man, Will, is hauled out by the guards for forging an invitation. To Roquat's displeasure, Anastasia is thrown out after she is discovered to be wearing a stolen gown. On another night, he catches Anastasia stealing jewels from his castle as a red crown catches her eye. He questions why she is resorting to stealing. She insists that he has so much wealth and it would be little matter if some of it is gone. After he explains that the hierarchy dictates who has or does not have wealth, she hands back the crown. Though he cannot put his finger on it, he is extremely drawn to Anastasia's beauty and desire to better herself and offers the jewels to her if she marries him. Anastasia's feelings for Will hold her back until Roquat notes that love won't get someone far and it is never enough. She accepts the marriage proposal, so Roquat introduces her on the balcony to the public as their new Queen. She strolls out, garbed in a royal outfit and the red crown, to greet the crowd along with Roquat. ("Heart of Stone")

Roquat, unlike the Queen of Hearts, disapproves of magic, and stresses to his soon-to-be wife that it separates them from their subjects. For this reason, Anastasia keeps her magic lessons with the Queen of Hearts a secret from him. The Queen of Hearts says that she was surprised to receive an invitation to Roquat's wedding, as they do not see eye to eye. ("Heart of the Matter")

At some point, Roquat becomes unfaithful to Anastasia while she becomes aware he is using the castle's underground passageways to transport his "companions" in and out without being seen. ("Heart of the Matter")

As a result, Cora pressures Anastasia to kill her husband. However, she is unable to go through with it and instead elects to banish him through a Looking Glass. ("En Passant")

After Fourth Curse

Roquat somehow ends up in the New Enchanted Forest. Having seen the true potential of magic thanks to Cora and Anastasia, Roquat becomes obsessed with mastering it, using it to keep himself looking the same age. His power eventually allows him to climb the ranks and become king of the realm and he has two sons. Both are murdered, the older by Rapunzel Tremaine, Roquat's political ally, and the younger by Drizella, the prince's fiancée. The Resistance against Roquat and Rapunzel, led by Tiana, eventually storms Roquat's castle; while the others fight off his guards, Tiana confronts Roquat in his throne room. Roquat shows little concern over Tiana's arrival, demonstrating his new magic by pinning her to the wall. As he begins to magically choke her to death without even leaving his throne, Tiana is forced to use her necklace to summon Dr. Facilier, who uses his magic to save Tiana and proceeds to seal Roquat's soul inside the Firefly Ruby. Dr. Facilier assures a horrified Tiana that Roquat is still alive, but is now Facilier's slave, and leaves before she can stop him. ("Freed")

After Sixth Curse

After somehow being freed from Dr. Facilier, King Roquat begins enacting a plan to achieve revenge in the United Realms. To this end, he pays a visit to Madame Medusa, who is imprisoned in the Storybrooke General Hospital mental ward alongside many other villains. He frees her, revealing that he knows her true name, Lottie La Bouff, and offers her a chance to get revenge on Tiana if she helps him. With a smile, Medusa agrees. ("What You Give")



  • The name "Roquat" was the original name of the Nome King from the Oz book series. His full title is "Roquat the Red", similar to King Roquat previously being known as the Red King.

Production Notes

  • The casting call describes him as, "about 50, handsome, clever, and has a British accent."[1]



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