Oh, my darling daughter... Soon, the two of us will reign over our world once again!
—Gaia src

Gaia, also known as Mother[2] is an upcoming character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She will début in the twenty-second episode of the eighth season. She will be portrayed by guest star Catherine Tate.

Gaia is based on the character of the same name from Greek Mythology.


Before First Curse

At some point, Gaia created the Titans to keep her company, though her favorite was Mother Trudy, the sole female, to whom she gifts the Spear of Destiny. ("Titan")

After Sixth Curse

Somehow, Gaia loses her physical form. After Mother Trudy is killed by the Black Fairy, they are reunited in spirit form. Sometime later, they are informed by Meagan that Regina Mills and her family have returned from Narnia. Gaia gleefully assures Trudy that they will soon reign over their world once more. ("Found")

Sometime later, Trudy and Gaia begin to enact their plan by having Gaia contact Meagan in her sleep. ("The Quiet Voice")


Production Notes

  • Her casting call referred to her as "Tara" and stated, "Female. Late 40s to early 50s. A manipulative, power-hungry schemer, Tara's immense power has resulted in her being sealed away for several years. She will stop at nothing to reclaim what she believes is rightfully hers, even if it means betraying her own daughter. She's also a master of making deals."[3]


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