Charn Character
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Home: Charn
Occupation: King of Charn
Physical Description
Species: Human
Show Information
Portrayed by: Matthew Fox
First mentioned: "Pretty in Blue"
First appearance: "Fortunate Favorite"

I am sorry, brother. I wish I could have done more for you.

—Abel to Cain src

Abel is an upcoming character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He will début in the thirteenth episode of the eighth season. He will be portrayed by guest star Matthew Fox.

Abel is based on Abel from the Bible, as well as Jadis's sister from "The Magician's Nephew" and Cinderella's father from "Cinderella".


Before First Curse

Abel is the youngest son of the king and queen of Charn. While his older brother, Cain is headstrong and brutal, Abel is kindhearted, earning the favor of his parents. Both brothers become experts in magic; however, while Cain focuses on normal witchcraft, Abel begins demonstrating rare powers such as foresight from a young age. Their parents eventually decide to make him their heir, despite it being Cain's birthright as the oldest. Cain quickly grows to despise his brother for this reason, despite Abel's best efforts to heal their relationship. ("Fortunate Favorite")

Some time later, after Cain and Abel's parents have died, Abel is now the king of Charn. He has married a woman named Cecelia, and she becomes pregnant. However, Abel has worries that Cain will tear apart their family, as he saw in a vision. Sure enough, Cain leads an army into the capital of Charn. Despite Abel and his men's efforts, he is able to storm the castle, where he confronts Abel, demanding that he hand over the throne. Abel attempts to talk him down, but Cain is too full of jealous rage, eventually pulling out the Deplorable Word and threatening to use it if Abel does not give him the throne. Before Abel can do anything, Cain teleports away to begin the preparations for casting it. Abel calls Cecelia, giving her a magic bean and telling her to flee to a land called Narnia. He regretfully informs her that he has already seen the future and knows they will never be reunited, and so encourages her to live her life and find new love. Cecelia says that she could never move on from him, but Abel insists that their daughter deserves to have a father. After Cecelia leaves, Abel goes to confront his brother while the soldiers assist the citizens of Charn in escaping. Abel finds Cain just as he finishes casting the Deplorable Word, tearfully apologizing for not doing more to help him as he is petrified. ("Fortunate Favorite")

After Third Curse

After Cecelia and her second husband, Marcus Tremaine, both die, Abel and Cecelia's daughter Ella is left with her wicked stepmother, Rapunzel Tremaine. She briefly finds solace in the Wish Realm with the Apprentice, who tells her that she will someday be reunited with Abel if she returns to Rapunzel instead of staying with him. Ella, believing this to refer to Marcus, the only father she's ever known, decides to go back to her abusive home. ("Girl of the Cinders")

After Sixth Curse

Due to Abel's love for his daughter, Charn, still petrified, is affected by Regina Mills's Dark Curse and as such becomes part of the United Realms. While searching for the Black Fairy, Regina, Jacinda, and their family stumble upon Charn and explore it, but Henry, Lucy, David, and Lily are pulled through a mysterious portal into Narnia. While trying to figure out where their family may have gone, Jacinda begins to recognize some of the symbols around the petrified land and eventually realizes that it is where her mother is from, coming to the conclusion that her father must be among the petrified inhabitants. ("Into the Wardrobe", "Fortunate Favorite")

After Regina attempts to crush her own heart to break the Deplorable Word's effects on Narnia, she accidentally reverses the Deplorable Word on all realms, including Charn, thus freeing Abel. As he and his people attempt to gather what happened, Jacinda approaches him and asks if he knew a woman named Cecelia. When he responds that Cecelia was his wife, Jacinda reveals that she is his and Cecelia's daughter. Abel is shocked and tentatively embraces her as they both begin to cry. ("Found")

Abel slowly begins to adapt to the United Realms with Jacinda's help, but the pair has a hard time bonding as father and daughter, so Jacinda plans to take her entire family, Abel included, to Seattle on vacation where they can spend more time together and relax. However, when Jacinda brings up this idea to Abel, Henry, and Lucy, Abel expresses concern at the idea of experiencing a new part of the Land Without Magic given his limited understanding of the magic-enhanced United Realms. Henry and Lucy are similarly apprehensive, as neither has any interest in returning to Seattle. ("The Quiet Voice", "Stroke of Midnight")

Magical Ability

  • Foresight - Ability to see the future in bits and pieces.


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