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{{Quote|For the Fairest One of All.}}
{{Quote|For the Fairest One of All.}}
'''"Sweetest Fruit"''' is the first episode of [[User:Black Necked Swan/Season Eight]] of [[ABC]]'s ''[[Once Upon a Time]]''. It was written and directed by Black Necked Swan. It premiered on November 4, 2018.
'''"Sweetest Fruit"''' is the first episode of [[User:Black Necked Swan/Season Eight]] of [[ABC]]'s ''[[Once Upon a Time]]''. It was written and directed by Black Necked Swan. It premiered on November 4, 2018.

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Sweetest Fruit
Season Eight
Season 08, Episode 01
Episode Information
Character backstory:
Premiere date: November 4, 2018
Written by: Black Necked Swan
Directed by: Black Necked Swan
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Leaving Storybrooke"
Next Episode: "Far Across the Sea"
For the Fairest One of All.

"Sweetest Fruit" is the first episode of User:Black Necked Swan/Season Eight of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written and directed by Black Necked Swan. It premiered on November 4, 2018.


All of a sudden, Regina awakens from a nightmare. She discovers she is lying on the floor of her Dark Palace, along with Henry, Emma, Hook, Snow White, Prince Charming, Zelena and Robin. She runs towards her balcony, but instead of finding the United Realms, she can only see the Enchanted Forest. No signs of Storybrooke or the other realms. After waking her family and friends up, she starts thinking what could have happened. Her stepdaughter asks her if there are still old enemies of her left, but Regina doesn't remember, and replies that most of them are either dead or in good terms with her.

In the past, we find a desperate Evil Queen reading different spells, trying to get Snow White killed. Her father asks her if everything is alright, and if he could help her with anything. The Queen denies, telling him that after the then last time she couldn't trust anybody else to do it. She admits, though, that she is tired of seeking for her revenge and failing everytime. She had tried everything... or at least so she thought. They are surprised by a young, attractive woman they didn't know, with fair skin and gray hair. She politely greets them.

A few hours after waking up, Emma informs Regina and Henry that, as she had thought, nobody remembered anything. The last thing people knew had happened was a happy night in the United Realms. Robin breaks into the room with a smile on her face. Her wife and father-in-law follow her. They arrived to Misthaven through Alice's looking glass, and just like everybody else, they lost their memories. This gives Henry hope about finding Lucy and Ella.

The Evil Queen asks her visitor who is she, and what is she doing in her palace. The woman reveals herself as Eris, a powerful goddess. She tells her that she has exactly the thing that will help her to get her happy ending. The Queen believes Eris, like others did, wants to lead her to true love, but the deity replies that she knows what it actually is. She gives Regina a golden apple. The line “For the fairest one of all” was written on it. Eris told her that it would be very useful in the future, since it had led to a war in the past, and it could grant Snow White's death. The Queen, enchanted, thanks the goddess, telling her that nobody would be a better owner for it than her. Eris smiles, turns into a blackbird, and flies towards the cloudy sky. The Evil Queen searchs for Maleficent's sleeping curse in her book, and declares she has the perfect plan.

Regina asks Tinkerbell for help, and asks her about the person who caused this. The fairy doesn't know much, but tells her that she discovered something: some people actually know what happened, since the Blue Fairy saw a woman casting a different curse, but didn't recognize her. Tinkerbell is sure Blue isn't the only one who saw her. Regina looks at Blue, who is talking to Aurora, and feels confused. She thanks Tinkerbell for her help, and leaves.

A few minutes later, Aurora returns to her kingdom. But instead of going to her castle, she takes a different route. Some time later, she arrives to a small, dark building. Somebody is waiting for her there. The princess leaves a sheet of paper under the door, while crying. After she leaves, Eris reads the letter. A wicked smile appears in her face.



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