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Now you're mine in every way, You'll do exactly what I say.

—The Black Fairy

Batuhan, better known as Batuhan03 is a character on Once Upon a Time Wiki. He débuts with his first appearance on March 8, 2016. He is portrayed by starring cast member, Batuhan Herkol


During First Curse

Batuhan was born on an unknown date in Mount Olympus. It is currently unknown what happened to him after this time. ("Origin")

After Third Curse

Batuhan started working on the Once Upon a Time Wiki, then continued to make his own wikis. He then left for the Underworld and continued his edits there. ("Souls of the Departed")

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Episodes from best to worst


Favourite Ships in Order

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May 15, 2021 Saturday EDITION
Storybrooke Daily Mirror

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Things With Low Chances of Happening


New Characters from S6 Best to Least Favourite

  1. Black Fairy ("Changelings")
  2. Gideon ("The Savior")
  3. Oracle ("The Savior")
  4. Lucy ("The Final Battle Part 1")
  5. Jafar ("The Savior")
  6. Princess Jasmine ("Strange Case")
  7. Aladdin ("The Savior")
  8. Wilby ("Heartless")
  9. Red Bird ("The Savior")
  10. Tiger Lily ("Awake")
  11. Clorinda ("The Other Shoe")
  12. Captain Nemo ("Dark Waters")
  13. Count of Monte Cristo ("A Bitter Draught")
  14. Robert ("Murder Most Foul")
  15. Dr. Lydgate ("Strange Case")
  16. Gabriel ("Heartless")
  17. Charlotte ("A Bitter Draught")
  18. Jacob ("The Other Shoe")
  19. Lady Tremaine ("The Other Shoe")
  20. Gus ("The Other Shoe")
  21. Mary ("Strange Case")

UNKNOWN (coming up/new characters)


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New Characters from S7 Best to Least Favourite

  1. Alice/Tilly (cursed) ("Hyperion Heights")
  2. Gothel/Eloise Gardener (awake) ("The Garden of Forking Paths")
  3. Drizella/Ivy Belfrey (awake) ("Hyperion Heights")
  4. Dr. Facilier ("Greenbacks")
  5. Roni (awake) ("Hyperion Heights") - ("Wake Up Call")
  6. Rapunzel Tremaine/Victoria Belfrey (half-awake) ("Hyperion Heights")
  7. Tiana/Sabine (cursed) ("Hyperion Heights")
  8. Cinderella/Jacinda (cursed) ("Hyperion Heights")
  9. Rogers (cursed) ("Hyperion Heights")
  10. Robert ("Greenbacks")
  11. Eudora ("Greenbacks")
  12. Michael Griffiths (unknown) ("The Garden of Forking Paths")
  13. Anastasia (unknown) ("The Garden of Forking Paths")
  14. William Smee ("Eloise Gardener")
  15. Weaver (suspicion of being awake) ("Hyperion Heights")
  16. Desk Sergeant (unknown) ("Hyperion Heights")
  17. Jack/Nick Branson (cursed) ("Pretty in Blue")
  18. Louie (unknown) ("Hyperion Heights")
  19. Prince ("Hyperion Heights")

Favourite Quotes

Death[6] Is the Fate of All Saviors.

Jafar to Aladdin src

Knowing the future is a heavy burden. The future's always in motion, always changing, but also inevitable.

—The Oracle to Emma Swan src

I should have been king, And once I use this to kill you, I will get the kingdom I desire.

Hades to Zeus src


Batuhan is a Mount Olympus character. He first appears during the time of the twelfth episode of season five, and is portrayed by starring cast member, Batuhan Herkol. He is currently alive.
Batuhan was responsible for many things wreaking havoc in the town of Storybrooke, such as the Chernabog running loose, The Land of Untold Stories inhabitants arriving and mainly for turning the golden of hearts to charcoal. Many, including The Dark One have tried to kill him, but none have ever succeeded since he is immortal. Though currently, the heroes are trying to get the Olympian Crystal in order to destroy him once and for all. ("Souls of the Departed") ("The Savior") ("Street Rats") ("Wish You Were Here")

Testing Tables

Inhabitant Current Home Location First Seen/Birth Current Status First Episode of Appearance Last Episode of Appearance Only Appearance Next Appearance


Deceased "Souls of the Departed" "Last Rites"

Alive "Last Rites"

Alive "Pilot" "The Song in Your Heart" "The Final Battle Part 1"[7]

Alive "Selfless, Brave and True" "I'll Be Your Mirror"

Deceased "The Heart of the Truest Believer" "Firebird"

Deceased "The Song in Your Heart" "The Final Battle Part 1"[7]

Deceased "Heroes and Villains" "Last Rites"

Unknown "Down the Rabbit Hole" "Street Rats"

Deceased "Lacey" "Wish You Were Here" "Tougher Than the Rest"[7]

Deceased "Desparate Souls" "Devil's Due"

Alive "Pilot" "Wish You Were Here" "Tougher Than the Rest"[7]

Alive "Only You" "Wish You Were Here"

TBA "New York City Serenade" "Changelings" "Tougher Than the Rest"[7]

Alive "Kansas" "Ruby Slippers"

Deceased "Labor of Love"


Deceased "Firebird"

Deceased "The Stable Boy" "Dreamcatcher"

Deceased "True North" "Last Rites"












  • KEY: If there is a slash and only the last name, it means they have the same cursed first name. E.G: David Nolan/Charming. His enchanted forest counterpart's first name is the same. Same goes for Cruella De Vil/Feinberg.




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  6. I had originally thought that he said: "That Is the Fate of All Saviors", but watched a video on the official once upon a time twitter account with the text and finally found out it was "Death" instead of "That".
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