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I'm the Super-sized McShizzle, man! I'm Leo Valdez, bad boy supreme. And the ladies love a bad boy.

—Leo Valdez src

– Like, I'm a boy who like to help people and LOVES organization, so I think maybe here is the right place for me. Isn't it?

Ranking of Seasons/Arcs


PortalScarletQueen.png This user ships ScarletQueen
PortalMadArcher.png This user ships MadArcher
PortalCaptainSwan.png This user ships CaptainSwan
PortalWickedQueen.PNG This user supports WickedQueen
PortalMadNook.PNG This user supports MadNook
PortalTremaine Sisters.PNG This user supports
the Tremaine Sisters

PortalRed Riding Hood.PNG This user supports
Red Riding Hood
PortalZelena.PNG This user supports Zelena.
PortalAlice (Hyperion Heights).PNG This user supports Alice
PortalWill Scarlet.PNG This user supports
Will Scarlet
PortalCruella De Vil.PNG This user supports Cruella
PortalIngrid.PNG This user supports Ingrid
PortalRed Queen.PNG This user supports
the Red Queen
PortalBlind Witch (True North).PNG This user supports
the Blind Witch
PortalHook (Wish Realm).PNG This user supports Wish Hook
PortalDrizella.PNG This user supports Drizella

PortalOz.png This user is from Oz
PortalZelena Season 3.PNG This user is Wicked, and Wicked always wins.
PortalStorybrooke.PNG This user lives in Storybrooke
PortalQueens of Darkness.PNG This user wants to join the Queens of Darkness
PortalNurse Ratched.PNG This user believes Nurse Ratched is someone.

Favorite Images

  • Still in progress of creation and choice of images.


Delete.png This user hates trolls and does not want to see them on the wiki! X

About the Infobox Image

The images indicates my top 4 favorite characters.

  • H indicates Heroes.
  • V indicates Villains.
  • The number indicates the position of them.
  • As you can see, only Zelena is a main character. Yeah, I usually like the secondary ones.

Favorite TV Shows

Season Eight

More Informations

  • I am a 16 years old boy from Brazil.
  • I don't like sports that much.
  • I love pop music and all its aspects.
  • I'm a perfectionist. As long as it doesn't mess up my stuff, it's okay.
  • I want to study biology.

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