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What if I could bring all the realms to Storybrooke? There would be no more separation. And for once, we could... all be together.
Roni to Henry Mills and Sir Henry src

The United Realms is a Land Without Magic location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the thirteenth episode of the spin-off series.[1]


After Sixth Curse

After Weaver sacrifices himself to destroy his dark alter ego from the Wish Realm, as well as the Darkness, Regina and her two sons, namely Henry and Sir Henry discuss what should be done next. At Regina's suggestion, they learn that she found the scroll of the Dark Curse, and instead of casting it by crushing the heart of the thing she loved most, she decided to alter the ingredient and instead have everyone give a share of their hearts to enact the curse, enabling all the realms of story to be united as one, in Storybrooke, hidden from the eyes of the world, where every fairy tale character can be together and live in peace and prosperity. ("Leaving Storybrooke")

After the curse was enacted, all the realms were united in Storybrooke. Sometime later, Zelena and Regina are seen driving through the realms, towards the castle of Snow White and Prince Charming where a surprise waits for Regina, though Zelena has led Regina to believe it is a mere meeting. On the way there, they see Maleficent flying around in her dragon form and Zelena comments that Maleficent didn't RSVP, leading Regina to wonder where they're actually going. Upon entering the castle, the pair is met by both Henrys, before Zelena teleports away and the Henrys lead Regina into the throne room, where most the citizens of the United Realms have come to celebrate Regina's surprise coronation as the newly elected Queen of the United Realms. Snow and Charming christen her with the title of "Good Queen", and just before Snow can put the crown on Regina's head, they are joined by Emma, Killian and their new infant daughter, Hope. Regina shares a heartfelt speech with her new citizenry about life and the many wonders it brings, and that loss may come along the way but that is just a part of life and it makes people who they are. This earns her warm applause of all her new subjects as Regina's reign has a happy beginning in the United Realms. ("Leaving Storybrooke")

At another point, Alice reads to her daughter about her and her husband's adventures in Wonderland. ("And They Lived...")

Known Inhabitants



On-Screen Notes

  • The United Realms seems to have an election system to appoint its ruler, contrary to the most of its state realms, as Regina Mills is the "first elected queen of the United Realms". ("Leaving Storybrooke")



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