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This page focuses on the species.
For the decoration items, see unicorn mobile and unicorn mobile (Underworld).
According to legend, all we need to do is touch its horn... and get a glimpse of our child's future.
Snow White to Prince Charming src

Unicorns are a species featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They are native to the Enchanted Forest and first appear in the second episode of the first season.


Unicorns carry physical traits of normal horses, except they have long, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from their foreheads. They also make the same sound as horses. They are known to be harmless creatures, and if people wish to interact with them, they may have track down their location and must approach them slowly. ("The Thing You Love Most", "The Doctor", "Best Laid Plans")

They have the ability of showing the future to a person. However, the person must first get close enough to feed an apple to a unicorn. Once the unicorn has eaten the apple, all the person needs to do is to touch the unicorn's horn. Just like traditional foresight, the future that the person glimpses may or may not happen. ("Best Laid Plans")

They can also become other people's pet animals, as evidenced with Maleficent who had a pet unicorn. According to her, "they can be quite comforting". ("The Thing You Love Most")


Before First Curse

During one of her magic training sessions with Rumplestiltskin, Regina successfully freezes a black unicorn. However, when he orders her to tear out the animal's heart, she balks, since doing so only reminds her of what her mother did to the man she loved. Later on, Rumplestiltskin manages to corrupt Regina, who later crushes another witch's heart as proof of her competency. ("The Doctor")

Residing in an isolated castle, Maleficent lives peacefully with a pet unicorn, who she shows much affection for. When the Evil Queen visits, Maleficent remarks that all of Regina's plans to punish Snow White are vain, and that she should focus on finding something to love instead. The fellow witch even suggests that Regina should get a pet, however, the Evil Queen is determined to retrieve the Dark Curse she once gave to Maleficent, but the latter is reluctant to surrender it. Regina then settles for a battling Maleficent for the curse, and upon realizing the unicorn is her weak point, she prepares to kill it. As Maleficent protects her pet, the Evil Queen binds up the witch and steals the curse. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Since learning from Maleficent that their unborn child has the potential to be good or evil, Snow White and Prince Charming track down a white unicorn and both touch its horn in order to glimpse their baby's future. For Prince Charming, he sees his infant daughter in a crib adorned with purple ribbons. He then picks her up and happily holds her. As for Snow White, she sees her teenager daughter dressed in a pink gown. Snow White approaches to state herself as her mother, though the girl replies, "I don't care", before tearing out and crushing her heart. The vision shocks Snow White, and since Prince Charming had a different vision from hers, they are unable to conclude which is an accurate depiction of the future. ("Best Laid Plans")


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