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If the headstone is upright, it means the person is still here in town. If it's tipped over, it means their soul has gone on to a better place, okay? Happy person, tippy stone. If it's cracked... Well, that's bad.
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Underworld Headstones are magical items on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the twelfth episode of the fifth season.


If a headstone is upright, it means its person is still in the Underworld. If it is tipped over, it means the person has moved on to Mount Olympus. If it is cracked, it means the person has gone to the "Worse Place". ("Devil's Due")


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On-Screen Notes

  • Underworld headstones are featured in the title card for "Labor of Love".[1]
  • Hercules' headstone reads HERCVLES.[2] On stone inscriptions in Ancient Rome, the U/V letters were both written like the letter V. This is because Latin did not originally have separate letters V and U. Instead, the letter V represented both, and could be pronounced as a consonant like "w" (as in "well") or as a vowel like "oo" (as in "good").[3] Interestingly, "Hercules" is the name used in Roman mythology, while Greek mythology uses the name Heracles. ("Labor of Love")

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