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My mother's gone now. The office should be empty.
Regina to Robin Hood src

The Underbrooke Town Hall is an Underworld location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twelfth episode of the fifth season.

This location is based on the Storybrooke Town Hall.


During First Curse

The Underbrooke Town Hall forms in the Underworld after Hades remodels this world to resemble the town of Storybrooke. ("Our Decay")

After Third Curse

Stuck in the Underworld because of her unfinished business, Cora assumes a seat at the mayor's office. After Regina comes to find Hook, Cora agrees, on Hades' behalf, to persuade her daughter into returning home for an unnamed price. Blacktooth, an associate of Cora's, brings Regina to the mayor's office, where mother and daughter reunite. Cora mentions her unfinished business is to ensure Regina's happiness, and to ensure this, she insists Regina must go home to Storybrooke, because helping her friends save Hook will be her downfall. As further persuasion, Cora teleports the three of them away from the office to show Regina what will happen if she doesn't leave. ("Souls of the Departed")

Cora is forced by Hades to vacate her position as mayor of Underbrooke and the job is passed onto Cruella De Vil. ("Devil's Due")

Regina sends Robin to the mayor's office, suspecting there are maps of Underbrooke there. Regina insists that he bring Henry with him, and it won't be dangerous since Cora won't be there. Discovering the door has a protection spell, Robin pulls aside the hallway sofa and tears off a vent cover, which has a crawl space passageway leading to the office. Henry offers to go in while Robin waits for him. Henry decides to go in Robin's stead, and when he reaches the office, Cruella is already waiting for him inside. After questioning him about Emma, who she begrudges for killing her, she talks about the two ways someone can leave the Underworld, whether for a better or worse place. Knowing she is likely destined for the latter, she tells him to bring her back to life with the Author's quill. Henry denies this, recalling the Apprentice said it was impossible, but Cruella confirms that he lied. She explains that news travels fast in the Underworld, as everyone heard about Henry becoming the new Author, including the fact he broke the quill. Cruella reveals one thing Henry doesn't know - that the quill is a magical, living entity, and by breaking it, he sent it to the Underworld because the quill's purpose is left unfulfilled. As such, she wants him to retrieve the quill and give her what she desires. Henry doesn't see what he gets out of it, but Cruella reasons if he brings her back to life, Emma will no longer be a murderer. After returning to Robin, Henry lies and tells him that he didn't find anything in the office. ("Labor of Love")


Props Notes

  • When Cruella takes over as mayor, she add's her own personal touch to the office with a white greyhound statue (which she touches during her conversation with Henry) and dalmatian-like spotted cushions[1] and curtains.[2] ("Labor of Love")

Set Dressing



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