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In the Sorcerer's mansion lie all his great works of light magic, the quill included. It is protected by a powerful spell, but the sheriff took the key from me. Acquire that key and the quill is yours.
—The Apprentice to Henry src

The Underbrooke Sorcerer's Mansion is an Underworld location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the fifteenth episode of the fifth season.

This location is based on the Sorcerer's Mansion.


During Second Curse

After the casting of the second curse, the Underbrooke Sorcerer's Mansion forms in the Underworld after Hades remodels this world to resemble the town of Storybrooke. ("Our Decay")

After Third Curse

After Henry is taken by Cruella De Vil to the Underbrooke Woods to find the Author's Pen, he bumps into the Apprentice. The old man reveals to him that the Author's Pen is in the Sorcerer's mansion in Underbrooke, and to gain access, he'll need to steal a key from the sheriff. Meanwhile, Emma and her allies set out to find the Underworld storybook, which has information about Hades' weakness. The book is also in the mansion, but the building is protected by a powerful protection spell which can even keep Hades out. Prince James, the sheriff of Underbrooke, had taken the entrance key from the Apprentice, so David and Mary Margaret sneak into his office at the sheriff's station and find the key. Emma, Henry, Hook, Regina and Hook's brother Liam go to the mansion together. Hook says that there is a protection spell on the door, and it could be dangerous to open, but Liam volunteers, and successfully uses the key to open the door.

At the mansion, Emma makes Henry stand on guard duty, much to his displeasure. Meanwhile, Liam, threatened by Hades with exposure of his secret, finds the book and rips out the pages containing Hades' story. Liam says that he found the book with Hades' story torn out, leading Emma to suspect he took the pages. When she confronts Liam, Hook believes she is villainizing his brother so he'll feel less guilty about his own actions and that she wants to convince him that they still have a future together. Hook decides he is staying in the Underworld after Hades' defeat, to which Emma gives up on trying to persuade him that she forgives him, and for his own closure, he needs to forgive himself.

Liam goes outside and tosses the pages down a well, but he gets ink on his hands from the paper. After seeing ink from the pages on Liam's hand, Hook realizes his brother lied, just as Captain Silver and his crew show up and reveal Liam was responsible for their deaths. Hook returns to Emma, revealing Liam took the pages while under duress from Hades who threatened to reveal Liam's part in killing Captain Silver and his men. Taking the advice that Liam gave him, Hook thanks Emma for coming to rescue him, and considers that perhaps he is worth saving after all. The two of them share a kiss. Meanwhile, while no one is looking, Henry wanders deeper into the mansion, finding the quill and ink pot hidden in the inside of a lamp. ("The Brothers Jones")


Filming Locations


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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