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Your evil twin is sheriff? Hades has panache, I'll give him that.
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The Underbrooke Sheriff's Department is an Underworld location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the fifteenth episode of the fifth season.

This location is based on the Storybrooke Sheriff's Department.


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During First Curse

The Underbrooke Sheriff's Department forms in the Underworld after Hades remodels this world to resemble the town of Storybrooke. ("Our Decay")

After Third Curse


On-Screen Notes

Set Dressing

  • The medieval torture devices seen in the Underbrooke Sheriff's Department include:[1] ("The Brothers Jones")
    • The spiked collar: An iron collar with spikes pointing inward which is placed around a prisoner's neck while they are standing in the center of the room. The collar is then fastened with ropes to the walls. If the prisoner moves, the spikes will impale them through the throat.[2]
    • The hanging cage: A cage in which the victim was either displayed and later freed from, or locked inside and left to die.[3]
    • The pillory.
    • A modified version of the rack, with spiked rollers that sliced into the skin and muscles of the victim's back. This "improvement" was introduced by the French.[6]
      • The props used for the rack and the hanging cage are also used in the Dark castle great hall in Belle's dream in "The Savior",[7] along with the big black cage[8] that is sitting in the corner of the sheriff's station.[9] They can also be seen in the Wish Realm version of the Dark Castle in "Homecoming".[10]
    • The Judas cradle, a stool shaped torture device with a metal or wooden pyramid on top. The victim would be stripped and suspended above it, before they were lowered onto the device, making the pyramid enter the body orifices of the lower body.


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