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There's a ball at his castle tonight... the annual Under the Sea Celebration honoring the Sea Goddess Ursula... And I was hoping to meet him there.
Ariel to Snow White src

The Under the Sea Celebration, also known as the Ursula Ball, is a celebration featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It makes its début in the sixth episode of the third season.


Before First Curse

Every year in Prince Eric's kingdom, the Under the Sea celebration is held to pay tribute to the Sea Goddess, Ursula. After learning about the party, a mermaid, Ariel, decides to attend in order to meet Eric, who she saved from a shipwreck a year ago. Temporarily gaining human legs, she and her companion, Snow White, dress up and arrive at the castle ball room for the event, where other guests are already present. At a food table, Snow White quizzes Ariel on the name of a human utensil, a fork, to which the mermaid tucks the item into her dress for her collection. When Prince Eric enters, he looks at Ariel curiously, and with a push from Snow White, the redhead approaches him. Clumsily, Ariel falls, but Eric helps her up and leads her into a waltz as the party-goers watch them. During the dance, he recognizes her as the woman who saved him from the shipwreck, although she denies it. Ariel expresses an interest in seeing the world, so he invites her to leave with him tomorrow on a ship tour. Eric notes that this will be his last Under the Sea ball before departing, and since Ariel can't make up her mind yet, he promises to wait until tomorrow for an answer. As the evening's festivities continue, Ariel talks to Snow White about her dilemma. Snow White encourages her to tell Eric the truth about herself, in which he may or may not be understanding, but what counts is having courage to take risks for love. From a nearby mirror, the Queen eavesdrops on the conversation and decides to trick Ariel in order to capture Snow White. ("Ariel")



Props Notes

His Royal Highness
Prince Eric
cordially invites you to
the Annual
Under the Sea Celebration

At the Royal Castle.
Commencing at
seven of the clock



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