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Tyler Jacob Moore is the American actor who portrays Hans on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Tyler Jacob Moore was born in Catlin, Illinois to his parents, Cindy Parsons and Jim Moore. He has one brother, Grady, who does video work.[2] Tyler studied acting at Palm Beach Atlantic University[3] and at the Howard Fine Acting Studio. Before becoming an actor, he served in Iraq in the Army National Guard. Tyler entered the acting world after appearing in a movie shot by Grady, which was then sent out to agents via a friend. Having gained interest from an agent, he was initially unable to pursue the opportunity until returning home from Iraq.[2]

His first television role was on the 2007 series The Unit. He has guest starred on Ghost Whisperer, Private Practice, Drop Dead Diva, Revenge and many more. Tyler is most well known for his role as Tony Markovich on Shameless.



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