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SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Dark Star Pharmacy. Henry Mills is reading a comic book, "Wolverine vs Hulk", when Ava Zimmer approaches him.

Ava: Whatcha reading?
Henry: The Hulk versus Wolverine.
Ava: I'm Ava. I think I've seen you around school. You're in Miss Blanchard's class, right?
(Henry smiles and nods. Nicholas Zimmer comes near.)
Nicholas: Almost ready, Ava?
Ava: This is my brother Nicholas.
Nicholas: Hi. (Henry smiles) Come on, let's go.
Ava: (to Henry) You wanna come hang out?
Henry: Sure. (picks up his backpack and follows Nicholas with Ava. Nicholas prepares to pull the handle of the door to leave as the pharmacy's owner, Mr. Clark, holds the door closed.)
Mr. Clark: Where the hell do you think you're going? (He sneezes, and points at Henry) Open up your bag.
Henry: What?
Mr. Clark: Don't think I didn't see you rob me. (Ava and Nicholas exchange a glance) Open your bag.
Henry: But, I didn't take anything.
Mr. Clark: (grabs Henry's bag and takes chocolate bars out of it) And a liar, too.
Henry: (turns to Ava) That's why you were talking to me. So your brother could put that stuff in there.
Mr. Clark: Henry, I'm shocked. (turning to Ava and Nicholas) And you two, just who do you think you are?

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. A woodcutter chops down a tree

Woodcutter: (to his daughter, Gretel) A fine specimen, the wood it provides will keep our family's hearth for warm this winter.
Gretel: Can't I have an axe?
Woodcutter: Huh?
Gretel You did say you wanted me here so I could help.
Woodcutter: That I did. So, here's your task: take the cart, go fill it with kindling. The drier, the better.
Gretel: Okay. (walks away)
Woodcutter: And, have your brother accompany you.
Gretel: Okay. (To Hansel) Come on.
Woodcutter: Wait! (He approaches his children and puts a compass around Gretel's neck) Take this.
Gretel: Your compass?
Woodcutter: So you don't get lost. A family always needs to be able to find one another.
Gretel: Yeah.
Woodcutter: Okay. (Gretel nods) Go. Be safe.
(Hansel and Gretel set off)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Another part of the forest. Gretel carries some wood to the cart while Hansel is practicing with his sling.

Gretel: (to Hansel) It's getting late. We should go.
(Hansel is still toying with his sling so Gretel takes it away)
Hansel: Hey! Give it back! Come on, Gretel, give it back.
Gretel: No, Hansel, we need to get back to Father.
Hansel: Fine.
Gretel: (looking at the compass) Follow me.
(Hansel pushes the cart and follows Gretel. They return to the area of the forest where they left their father.)
Gretel: This is where we left him.
Hansel: So why isn't he here?
(they frantically search the area)
Gretel: Father?
Hansel: Father!
(A man exclaims in the distance and they run toward the sound, ending up on the nearby road. The woodcutter is nowhere to be seen.)
Hansel and Gretel: Father! Father!
(Turning around, Gretel is nearly run down by the lead rider of the Evil Queen's carriage. Looking at the compass in her hand, Gretel realizes it is broken. One of the Queen's knights approaches them.)
Black Knight: Get up. (He grabs the children and brings them to the door of the carriage. The door opens and the Evil Queen steps out.)
Evil Queen: What are you doing in my forest?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Dark Star Pharmacy. Mr. Clark is talking to Regina Mills about her son's action

Mr. Clark: I'm sorry, madam mayor, but your son was shoplifting.
Regina: (turns to Henry) Were you?
(Henry shakes his head)
Mr. Clark: Well, look for yourself. (points to a bench, on which are Henry's backpack and some goods taken from it)
Regina: (takes a look at the goods) My son doesn't eat candy. And he knows better than to steal. (takes Henry's backpack and zip it) It was obviously those two. We're going.
(Regina and Henry leaves the pharmacy as Emma Swan enters)
Emma: Henry. What happened?
Regina: Miss Swan, must I remind you that genetics mean nothing? You are not his mother and it's all taken care of.
Emma: I'm here because I'm the sheriff.
Regina: Oh, that's right. Go on, do your job. (Emma walks pass Regina) Take care of those miscreants.
Emma: (to Mr. Clark) Did you call their parents?
Mr. Clark: Uh, the number they gave me was disconnected.
(Mr. Clark walks away to leave Emma talks with Ava and Nicholas)
Emma: Did you guys give Mr. Clark a fake number?
(Ava and Nicholas shake their heads)
Emma: Then why is it disconnected?
Ava: 'Cause our parents couldn't pay the bill.
Emma: (picking up a box of toothpaste they planned to steal) You guys are just trying to help out, huh?
Ava: (nods) Please, please don't arrest us. It will just make things worse for our parents.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. On the road. Hansel and Gretel answering the Evil Queen

Gretel: Please forgive us. We didn't mean to bother you. We're just, we just lost our father.
Evil Queen: Two helpless children, lost and alone, a family torn asunder. Such a sad and moving story. (turning away) Guards, (Gretel prepares to take out the sling) seize them.
Gretel: (takes out the sling) Hansel, run!
(Hansel runs away. Gretel throws a stone at a guard with the sling and follows Hansel and runs away. The guard draws his sword but is stopped by the Evil Queen.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. In the forest. Hansel and Gretel continues running. The Evil Queen appears with some purple smoke and blocks Hansel and Gretel's way.

Evil Queen: (laughs) Running from me is foolish. (giggles)
(Hansel and Gretel continue to run but are caught by some tree roots controlled by the Evil Queen's magic. They fell onto the ground and are unable to move)
Evil Queen: (walking towards them) Foolish, but also brave. And that bravery, may just have saved you and your family's lives. (removes the roots with her magic)
Gretel: You're, you're letting us go?
Evil Queen: Oh I am doing so much more than that. (Hansel and Gretel get up) I am going to find your father.
Hansel: You are?
Gretel: Why?
Evil Queen: Because you two, are going to do something for me.
Gretel: And then, you'll take us home.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. In Emma's car in front of a house. Emma has driven Ava and Nicholas home.

Emma: This it?
{Ava nods. All three of them unfasten their seat belts. Emma opens his car door and prepares to get off the car.)
Ava: Please, no. If our parents see you, they'll be so embarrassed.
Emma: (closes the car door) Did Henry tell you about my superpower?
Ava: (shaking her head) We just met him.
Emma: I have the ability to tell when anybody is lying. Tell me the truth, money problems aside, is very thing okay at home?
Ava: Yeah, we're great. Can we go?
Emma: Alright.
(Ava and Nicholas get off the car. Emma starts the engine and watches Hansel and Gretel goes up the stairs. Ava and Nicholas stops at the door seeing that Emma has driven off.)
Ava: (to Nicholas) She's gone. We're good.
(They go down the stairs, go to the backyard climbing over a fence and get into the house's storeroom, which they have been living in. Nicholas sits on a bed and Ava puts the food they got onto a cupboard. Suddenly, they hear some noise coming from the house. They follow the noise and gets into the house through a trapdoor. Suddenly, Emma appears behind them.)
Emma: Why did you guys lie to me? (startled, they turn to face Emma) Where are your parents?
Ava: We don't have any.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The Blanchard loft. Ava and Nicholas are having meal while Emma and Mary Margaret are having a conversation.

Emma: Do you know them? Do they go to your school?
Mary Margaret: I've seen them, but I had no idea, none of us did.
Emma: (reading from a profile) Ava and Nicholas Zimmer. So their mother was a woman named Dory Zimmer. She died a few years ago. (Mary Margaret shakes her head) No one seems to know her or remember her.
Mary Margaret: And the father?
Emma: There isn't one, at least not one that they know.
Mary Margaret: What does, uh, what does social services say?
(Emma pauses)
Mary Margaret: You didn't report them.
Emma: (whispers) I report them, I can't help them. They go into the system.
Mary Margaret: The system that's supposed to help.
Emma: Yeah, says the woman who wasn't in it for sixteen years. Do you know what happens? They get thrown into homes where they earn meal ticket, nothing more. These families get paid for these kids and as soon as they're too much work, they get tossed out and all starts over again.
Mary Margaret: But then not all are like that.
Emma: All the ones I was in.
Mary Margaret: What, we're just gonna adopt them?
Emma: I want to look for their father. They don't know him. He may not know they exist.
Mary Margaret: And you think if he knows, he'll want them.
Emma: I don't know. But what I do know is that it's hard enough finding foster families to take one kid that isn't theirs, let alone two. It's the best shot, or...
(Ava suddenly comes up behind Emma)
Ava: (in tears) ...we're gonna be separated? Emma: No, that's not gonna happen.
Ava: Please, please don't let it. (looks to his brother then back to Emma)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Hall of records. A middle-aged male is working behind his desk when Emma approaches.

Emma: Excuse me, Mr. (seeing the nameplate "Mr. Krzyszkowski") Ku-sas-ki?
Mr. Krzyszkowski: It's Krzyszkowski. Everyone calls me "K".
Emma: Mr. K, I am sheriff Swan. I'm hoping to look at the birth certificates of Ava and Nicholas Zimmer.
Mr. Krzyszkowski: Well, just (takes out three forms) fill out these forms, in triplicate. (stamps all three forms)
Emma: (takes the forms cautiously) Okay.
Mr. Krzyszkowski: (after searching from a drawer) I am so sorry. Those documents have been recently removed.
Emma: By who?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Regina's office in the town hall. Emma asks Regina about the birth certificates.

Regina: Don't worry, Miss Swan, you can relax. I've contacted the social services. Turns out these kids are on their own. They need help.
Emma: Which is exactly what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to find their father.
Regina: Well, he doesn't exist.
Emma: He has to.
Regina: Of course, biologically, he exists. But there's no record of him, which means we have no choice. These children need a home, so they will be put in the foster system.
Emma: Storybrooke has a foster system?
Regina: No, but I have contacted the state. Maine's group homes unfortunately are filled. But they put us in touch in two homes in Boston. Boy's home and a girl's.
Emma: They're separating them?
Regina: I don't like it either. But we've got no choice. You need to have them in Boston tonight.
Emma: Me?
Regina: Well, you wanted to be sheriff. This is what sheriffs do. Yes, you're taking them.
Emma: No, I promised them they wouldn't be separated.
Regina: Well, then you should stop making promises you can't keep. These children need a home. I'm just trying to find the best one.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. In the forest. The Evil Queen is leading Hansel and Gretel to somewhere.

Evil Queen: What is that?
Gretel: (holding her compass) My father's compass. He gave it to me so I can find him. But now it's broken.
Hansel: When are you gonna tell us where we're going?
Evil Queen: (slowing down) This is close enough.
Gretel: Close enough to what?
Evil Queen: (turns to Hansel and Gretel) The home of the Blind Witch.
(Hansel and Gretel exchanged a glance)
Gretel: That doesn't sound good.
Evil Queen: She has something of mine and I need you to get it back.
Gretel: What is it?
Evil Queen: Something I need to defeat a very wicked and powerful enemy. It's kept in a black leather satchel inside her house.
Gretel: Well, why don't you get it yourself? How come you need us?
Evil Queen: Because the house is protected by magic. I can't enter. But luckily the spell doesn't work on children. You'll have to wait here until nightfall, and then once the witch is asleep, you can sneak in.
Gretel: And if we do this, you promise you'll find our father.
Evil Queen: Oh, indeed I will. (Gretel nods) But there's one more thing. The witch's house is, unique. And because of this, you have to take special precaution once you're inside.
Gretel: Like what?
Evil Queen: No matter what you do, no matter how you're tempted, don't eat anything.
(The Evil Queen pushes away a leafy branch and a gingerbread house can be seen)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Storybrooke Sheriff Department. Henry enters while Emma is searching for information about Ava and Nicholas's father.

Henry: Any luck?
Emma: No.
Henry: I know who they are. Brother and sister, lost, no parents. Hansel and Gretel.
Emma: And do you know anything about their dad?
Henry: Just that he abandoned them.
Emma: Right, sounds like a familiar story. Whoever this guy is, he could be in Loas by now.
Henry: No, he's here.
Emma: Just how do you know that?
Henry: 'Cause no one leaves Storybrooke. No one comes here, no one goes. It's just the way it is.
Emma: I came here.
Henry: Because you're special. You're the first stranger here, ever.
Emma: (takes out a file from a drawer) Right, I forgot. Well, if he's around here anywhere, I'm gonna find him. (sits behind a desk)
Henry: (sitting on the desk) Can, you tell me about him?
Emma: I don't know anything yet.
Henry: Not their father, mine. (Emma looks up) I told you about your parents, now you're even living with your mum.
Emma: Mary Margaret isn't... she's... never mind.
Henry: Please.
Emma: (turns to Henry) I was pretty young. I just got out of the foster system and the only job I could get was like, this 24-hour diner, just off the interstate. And um, your dad was training to be a fireman. He always got the worse shifts. So he'd come in and order coffee and pie, and sit at the counter and always complain that we didn't sell pumpkin pie. But he always come back the next day anyway.
Henry; Did you get married?
Emma: No, nothing like that. We just, we hung out a few times outside of work, and life happened. His got better and mine, got worse. I got into some trouble.
Henry: And went to jail.
Emma: Yeah. And before I went, I found out I was pregnant with you. (Henry smiles) And, I tried to contact him. (leaning forward) And I found out, that he died saving a family from a burning department building. So, you think I am the savior, Henry. He was. Your father was a real hero.
Henry: Do you have anything of his? Something you can remember him by. (leaning back) Something I can see.
Emma: I, I don't. (suddenly realize something) Henry, I'm sorry. I gotta go. I may know how to find this guy.
(Emma stands up and leaves. Henry gets off the desk.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Blanchard Apartment. Ava and Nicholas are eating cookies when Emma comes holding a box.

Emma: I want to show you guys something. (takes out a blanket from the box)
Nicholas: What's that?
Emma: It's my baby blanket, something I've held onto my whole life. It's the only thing that I have, from my parents. I've spent a lot of time with a lot of kids in your situation. And all of them, all of us, we hold onto stuffs. I want to find your father, but I need your help. Is there anything of his, you've hold onto?
Ava: I might have something. But if I give it to you, you'll make sure we stay together, right?
Emma: Right. (puts away her baby blanket)
(Ava takes out a compass and gives it to Emma)
Emma: A compass?
Ava: Our mom kept it. She said it was our dad's.
Emma: Thank you. (prepares to leave)
Ava: Did you find them?
Emma: Who?
Ava: Your parents.
Emma: Not yet. But I'm gonna find yours.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. At the Gingerbread House. Hansel and Gretel prepares to get in. Gretel puts her compass inside her clothes. Hansel gets some cream from the wall with his finger and wants to taste it, but is stopped by Gretel. They climb inside through a window and arrives at a room with a table full of candies and cakes.

Hansel: (whispering) Can you be sure she's sleeping?
Gretel: I can't. And remember what the Queen said? Not even a lick.
(Hansel sees that the Blind Witch is sleeping on a chair near the fireplace)
Hansel: You're right, (pointing to the Blind Witch) look.
Gretel: (pointing to somewhere near the Blind Witch) And there's the satchel. (starts to approach the satchel.)
Hansel: What do you think is inside it?
Gretel: Doesn't matter. All that matters is getting it to the Queen so she can find father. (continues to get to the satchel)
(Gretel walks pass the Blind Witch to the satchel. At the same time, Hansel picks up a cupcake and looks back to Gretel. Gretel stops when the Blind Witch suddenly snores but carries on after that. She finally succeeds in getting the satchel. As she returns to Hansel, he takes a bite of the cupcake. Gretel stops Hansel from continue eating, but the Blind Witch has already awakened. Hansel and Gretel suddenly see that there are many human bones in front of the fireplace so they run towards the doors. But they are locked automatically by the witch’s magic. As they run towards the windows, the windows are also closed before they reach them.)
Blind Witch: I smell dinner.
(Hansel and Gretel look at each other in fright)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. [[Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer|Mr. Gold's pawnshop. Emma enters while Mr. Gold is cleaning an oil lamp

Mr. Gold: Emma, how lovely to see you. (puts down the lamp) I'm flattered to take time off your busy schedule for me. What can I do for you, sheriff?
Emma: (puts the compass on the table in front of Mr. Gold) I'm looking for information on this oldcompass. Any idea where it could’ve come from?
Mr. Gold: (takes up the compass) Well, well, look at the detail. You know, this is crystal. This jewelled setting. Despite the rather unfortunate shape it's in, this is actually quite an unusual piece. (puts the compass down to the table again) The person who owned this obviously had great taste.
Emma: And where would someone like that buy it?
Mr. Gold: Right here, of course.
Emma: You know it?
Mr. Gold: Indeed. Piece like this is difficult to forget.
Emma: Do you happen to remember who bought it?
Mr. Gold: Well, I'm good with names, Miss Swan, but (walking to another side of the shop) maybe not that good. However, As luck would have it, I do keep quite extensive records. (opens a drawer and searches in it) And, yes, (takes out a white card) here we are. (then holds the card and say nothing)’‘
Emma: (understanding what Mr. Gold wants) What's your price?
Mr. Gold: Forgiveness.
Emma: How about tolerance?
Mr. Gold: Well, that's a start. The compass was purchased by Mr. Michael Tillman.
Emma: Anything else?
Mr. Gold: Just a name. But I generally find that's all one needs. (Emma nods then turns and walks towards the door) Good luck with your investigation.
(Emma looks back then continues to walk. At this time, the card Mr. Gold took out is shown to be blank to the audiences)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Michael's automobile repair shop. Michael is reading the file about Ava and Nicholas that Emma gave him

Michael: (gives the file back to Emma) Not possible.
Emma: Actually it is.
Michael: Sorry. But Dory, she wasn't my, my... It was just once. (turns back and walks to continue tending a car)
Emma: Sometimes that's all it takes.
Michael: I met her when I was camping. And, we um... No, it's not possible. I don't have twins.
Emma: Yes, (Michael turns his head and look at Emma) you do. You have twins that have been homeless ever since their mother passed away. Your twins have been living in an abandoned house (Michael continues working on a car) because they don't want to be separated from each other. Your twins are about to be shipped off to Boston, unless you stepped up and take responsibility for them.
Michael: (hand gets injured by accident) Look, I can barely manage this garage. I can't manage two kids. (walks back to his working table) Why are you so sure they are mine?
Emma: (taking out the compass) Besides the timing? Have you ever seen this?
Michael (walks towards Emma and receives the compass) I lost this.
Emma: Let me guess, twelve years and nine months ago? (Michael looks up) I know it's a lot, believe me, I know. A month ago, a kid showed up on my doorstep, I gave up for adoption, asking for help with... something, I ended up moving here for him.
Michael: I heard about that. It's the mayor's son. But staying in town is, a lot different from taking him in.
Emma: I don't have my kid, because I don't have a choice. You do. Those kids did not ask to be brought to this world. You brought them into this world, you and their mother. And they need you. If you choose not to take them, you are going to have to answer for that every day of your life. And sooner or later when they find you, because believe me they will find you, you are going to have to answer to them.
Michael: (pauses for a while) I'm really sorry, I am, (puts the compass back into Emma's hand) I don't know anything about being a dad. If it's a good home you're looking for, it's not with me. (gets into a room and shuts the door)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Blanchard Apartment. Mary Margaret, Henry, Ava and Nicholas are having fun while Emma calls and Mary Margaret picks up the phone'

Mary Margaret: Hello.
Emma: Hey, it's me.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. On the street. Emma is having a conversation with Mary Margaret through the phone.

Emma: I need you to come outside right away.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Blanchard Apartment. Mary Margaret is having a conversation with Emma through the phone.

Mary Margaret: It's everything okay?
Emma: Don't say anything to the kids, but no, it's not.
(Mary Margaret turns to take a look at the kids, who are all smiling)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. On the street. Emma is talking to Mary Margaret .

Emma: He doesn't want the kids.
Margaret: And you don't want to tell them.
Emma: I can't. Because all I'll be telling them is that false hope I gave them is exactly that.
Mary Margaret: The truth can be painful, Emma, but it can also be cathartic.
Emma: I agree on the painful part.
Mary Margaret: Hey, look, you told Henry the truth that his father is dead and he's handling it great.
Emma: I didn't tell him the truth.
Mary Margaret: (confused) What?
Emma: Henry's father was no hero and trust me, he does not need to know the real story. Maybe we can hide the kids, just until we can find a family for them, someone to take care of them.
Mary Margaret: Yes, hiding a twelve-year-old is a good plan?
Emma: You have a better idea?
Mary Margaret: Emma, maybe there isn't an idea, maybe you just have to...
Regina: (suddenly coming from behind) Sheriff, shouldn't you be on the interstate?
Emma: What are you doing here?
Regina: Seeing to it that you do your job.
Emma: You know that you don't need to check up on me. I know what I have to do.
Regina: Really? Because those kids are supposed to be in Boston tonight.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. At the Gingerbread House. Hansel and Gretel are put behind a metal cage.

Blind Witch: (locks the gate and tries to grab a child with her hand between the metal bars) Where are you? (touches Hansel's arm) Oh, yes, nice and tender. Succulent roast you'll make. (walks to the oven and feel the temperature of it)
Hansel: (to Gretel) God, she's going to cook me. We gotta do something quick! Gretel: Stay calm. When she opens the cage, don't try to fight. (The Blind Witch walks to a table and cuts some ingredients) Then you must grab the keys in her pocket and toss them to me through the bars.
(The Witch puts down a knife and walks back to the cage)
Hansel: She's coming. She's coming. I can't do it. I'm gonna die.
(Gretel pushes Hansel out of the way wanting to replace him)
Blind Witch: Gravy or butter? Which shall it be?
(The Blind Witch reaches for a child through a bar and touches Gretel. Gretel steps on Hansel so that he produce a noise.)
Blind Witch: (thinking there's a fat boy for dinner, she opens the gate and pulls Gretel out) Come with me, little boy.
(Gretel gets out and the witch locks the gates again. Gretel takes the keys from the witch and throws them to Hansel. Hansel opens the gates and escapes. The witch is tying Gretel's hands up while Hansel goes up the stairs to try to find weapon. He finds a cane but tripped over when getting down the stairs. )’‘
Blind Witch: (hearing Hansel, she turns to him) Gravy or butter? Gravy or butter? (she hurls Gretel to the front) How should I baste you?
(Hansel tries to hit the witch with the cane but she uses magic to fling the cane off Hansel’s hands. Hansel wants to step back from the witch but he's reached the wall already.)
Blind Witch: Butter it is. Time to cook.
(the witch grabs Hansel and he tries to fight. Gretel unties her hands and pushes the witch onto the tray for baking. Hansel and Gretel pushes the tray into the oven and closes the oven door.)
Hansel: Right, Gretel, lock her in.
Blind Witch: Let me out!
(Hansel gets back the satchel and they escape from the door)
Blind Witch: Let me out! You come back right now! Let me out! Don't leave me here. Let me out!

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Evil Queen's palace. The Evil Queen watches the Blind Witch through the Magic Mirror. Then she hurls a fireball to the oven through the magic mirror and the Blind Witch screams in pain.

Evil Queen: I would've gone gravy.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Dark Palace. Hansel and Gretel arrive with the satchel

Evil Queen: My dear children, were you successful in your task?
Gretel: Yes, your majesty. Though we were almost made into dinner.
Evil Queen: Oh, how barbaric. (she signals to the guard behind Hansel and Gretel and the guard leaves) Now, if I could have my satchel. (Gretel hands the satchel to the Evil Queen) I've waited for a very long time for this. Let's hope you didn't let me down. (puts her hand in the satchel and takes out an apple) Oh, you did it.
Gretel: Yeah, we did.
Evil Queen: You've got a strong heart, girl. (reaching to Gretel's chest) You remind me of myself at your age.
Hansel: We did all that, for an apple?
Evil Queen: Oh, trust me, dear, this is not just an apple. It's a weapon, (walks to her dressing table) a weapon for a particular and devious enemy. One who still under the delusion, (puts the apple into a small chest) that she's safe.
Gretel: Whatever your plan is, we did what you asked. Now you have to keep your promise and find our father.
Evil Queen: (walking back to Hansel and Gretel) Of course, to reunite your family so you can live happily ever after. You were left alone in the woods. You deserve better than a father who'd abandon you.
Gretel: (saying sadly) But he is all I have.
Evil Queen: (bends down) Perhaps it doesn't have to be.
Gretel: What do you mean?
Evil Queen: You and your brother have impressed me. You aren't the first boy or girl that I've sent into that sticky, sweet house. But you are the first to emerge. And as a reward, I've decided to invite the two of you to live with me, here.
Hansel: You mean, that we get to live in a castle?
Evil Queen: Yes, you would have your own rooms of course, personal carriages, valets, too. All of your dreams could come true.
Gretel: No. We want our father back. He would never abandon us. (the Evil Queen starts to get angry) And even if he did, we would never want to live with someone as terrible as you.
Evil Queen: Is that so?
Gretel: Yes. We're going to find him, with or without your help. And when we do, we're going to prove you wrong.
Evil Queen: We'll see about that. (she creates a black smoke that envelopes Hansel and Gretel.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. On the street. Emma tells Ava and Nicholas to get into her car while Regina and Henry watches them.

Emma: Come on. It's gonna be... (takes out the compass and gives it back to Ava) Here. I'm sorry. We gotta go.
(Ava and Nicholas get into the car in silence. Emma shuts the door with anger)
Regina: (to Henry) Let's go, Henry.
‘‘(Henry shakes Regina's hand off his shoulder and runs to the car’s driving seat)
Henry: (through the window to Emma) No, you can’t take them. They can’t leave Storybrooke, Emma, they can’t. Something bad will happen.
Emma: Something bad has already happened. (Emma starts the engine and drives off. Regina watches with a mischievous smile on her face)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. In Emma's car on the way to town border. Emma is driving and Ava and Nicholas sit at the back.

(the car suddenly becomes shaky and eventually stopped)
Emma: You gotta be kidding me.
Ava: What happened? What's wrong?
Emma: Engine stalled. (takes out her cell phone)
Ava: Who're you calling?
Emma: Help.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Dark Palace. The Evil Queen is looking at Snow White through the magic mirror'

Evil Queen: Now she's cavorting with dwarves? When did that happen?
Guard: Your majesty, the prisoner you requested is here.
Evil Queen: Bring him in. (clears the image on the mirror)
(the prisoner is brought in, turns out he's the Woodcutter)
Woodcutter: I demand to be released. My children are in that forest that you took me from, alone. They could be in great danger.
Evil Queen: Yes, I know all about your children. That compass you gave sweet little Gretel. Well, I'm afraid it didn't help her find you though now, did it?
Woodcutter: Tell me where they are! (tries to get close to the Queen but is stopped by a guard)
Evil Queen: Gone. I told them you abandoned them, leaving nothing but a compass to find their way. But I didn't bring you here to answer your questions. You're here to answer mine. (walks close to the Woodcutter) I offered your children everything, whatever their hearts desire, and they still chose uncertainty because of their blind faith in you. Tell me why. Why did your children refuse me?
'Woodcutter: Because we're a family. And a families always finds one another.
Evil Queen: (pauses for a while) Release him.
Woodcutter: You're letting me go?
Evil Queen: You can all be together as a family as soon as you all find one another.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. The Infinite Forest . Hansel and Gretel are lying on the group.

Gretel: (wakes up and sits straight) Hansel, wake up. (shakes Hansel's shoulders) Hansel.
)Hansel and Gretel stands up)
Gretel: She let us go.
Hansel: I'm scared.
Gretel: Don't be. Everything will be fine.
(Gretel holds up her compass and smiles. Then she holds Hansel's hand and they find their way together. The camera zooms out and reveals that Hansel and Gretel are in a extremely large and vast forest.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. In Emma’s car on the way to town border. Emma's car is stopped and Emma waits outside the car. Ava and Nicholas stay in the car.

Ava: (noticing that the compass' needle moves.) Nicholas, look!
(The needle points to the back of the car so they turn and look through the back window and sees a car approaching. The car stops and Michael Tillman comes out.)
Michael: (to Emma) Those are them?
Emma:Those are them.
Michael: And the car? It's fine?
Emma: I just wanted you to see them, just once. I didn't think I could do it either. I gave up Henry ‘cause I wanted to give him his best chance. When I saw that he didn't have it, I couldn't leave. I was just as scared, more, probably. But once I saw him, got to know him, I couldn't go back.
Michael: (walking near the car to his children) You're taking them? To Boston?
Emma: I don't have to.
Michael: (looking back to Ava and Nicholas) No, you don't have to.
(Michael gets to the car and Ava lowers the window. Emma smiles with joy.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Blanchard Apartment. Mary Margaret is folding her clothes on her bed when Emma enters

Mary Margaret: Hey, what happened?
Emma: Their dad, he showed up, changed his mind. (lies on the bed)
Mary Margaret: Changed his mind? Just like that?
Emma: It might had a little nudge.
Mary Margaret: They found their father. That's great.
Emma: I wonder what that would be like.
Mary Margaret: Maybe you'll find out. You can't give up.
Emma: I don't know. I kinda think giving up might be the best plan. I think I need to let go.
Mary Margaret: No, you don't.
Emma: Really? If they wanted to know me, they wouldn't make it so hard to look.
Mary Margaret: Maybe. But maybe there's other reasons, maybe there's an explanation.
Emma: There is something crazy, something even crazier than Henry's theory.
Mary Margaret: Yeah, what's Henry's theory?
Emma: Well, that my parents put me in a magical wardrobe, and sent me to this world to save them.
Mary Margaret: Ohhh, and who does he think they are? (chuckles)
Emma: Well, for one, you.
Mary Margaret: Me?
Emma: Well, Snow White.
Mary Margaret: Snow White has a kid?
Emma: Apparently that book you gave him, not exactly the stories in the most traditional sense.
Mary Margaret: I have a kid. I'd think I remember that.
Emma: Yeah, you'd think.
Mary Margaret: You do kind of have my chin.
(The two both smile)
Emma: I think I need to go get some air. (gets off the bed and walks out of the room, Mary Margaret also follows after folding all clothes) I'm gonna go think. (takes a manila envelope from the box that contains her baby blanket)
Mary Margaret: If you're gonna be back late, I can wait to eat with you?
Emma: No, don't do that.
Mary Margaret: I'll leave you leftovers.
(Emma is getting the keys when Mary Margaret catches sight of Emma’s baby blanket.)
Mary Margaret: What a pretty blanket!
Emma: (turns back) Thanks, goodnight.
(Emma leaves and closes the door. Then Mary Margaret picks up the blanket and sniffs it. Then puts it back in embarrassment.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Emma's car. Emma is reading news cuts about her as a baby

(Henry suddenly appears outside the car holding a white box)
Henry: What's that?
Emma: Just an old file. What's up?
Henry: Pumpkin pie. I thought you'd like some. (Emma smiles) It was pumpkin, right?
Emma: Right. (she gets off the car and Henry walks towards her) Henry, about your father.
Henry: Yeah. (smiles)
Emma: I'm glad that I told you.
Henry: Me too.
(They hug)
Emma: (grabs the box on Henry’s hand) Give me that. (opens the box and starts to eat)
Henry: What you did, with Ava and Nicholas, you really are changing things.
(Emma smiles. At this time, some sounds of a motorbike can be heard and a stranger on a motorbike arrives. He pulls off and approaches Emma and Henry.)
Stranger: Hey.
Emma: Hey.
Stranger: Is this Storybrooke?
Emma: Yeah.
Stranger: Any place to get a room around here?
Henry: Uh, you're staying?
Stranger: That's the plan. I'm just looking for a bed.
Emma: Granny's Bed and Breakfast is just off the road, another two blocks.
Stranger: Thank you. (walks back to his bike)
Emma: Hey, I didn't catch your name!
Stranger: That's 'cause I didn't give it. (gets on the bike and drives off)
Emma: (to Henry) I thought you said strangers don't come to Storybrooke.
Henry: They don't.

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