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This article focuses on the second iteration of the location.
For the first iteration, see Tremaine Estate.

This is where your lovely, conniving Cinderella used to sleep. Sadly, this is as close as you'll ever get to her.
Lady Tremaine to Henry src

The Tremaine Manor is a New Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the seventh season.

The Tremaine Manor[1] is based on Cinderella's home from the fairytale "Cinderella", and on the mansion from the Disney film Cinderella.


After Fourth Curse

In the New Enchanted Forest, after Rapunzel makes a deal with a witch to ensure her family's happiness, resulting in her imprisonment in a tower, her husband Marcus and daughters Anastasia and Drizella come to reside in this manor. Following Marcus's remarriage to a woman named Cecelia, she and her daughter Ella also begin living in this manor with Marcus and his daughters. ("One Little Tear")

Six years after Rapunzel's disappearance, Anastasia releases floating lanterns into the sky in hopes it will guide her mother back to them, though it is Drizella who comes up with the initial idea of using the lanterns. Rapunzel, who escaped the tower, follows the lanterns to the manor, only to discover Marcus is now remarried to Cecelia. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Rapunzel is allowed to stay and work in the manor as a servant in order to be with her daughters. One afternoon at the manor, Rapunzel's daughters come to visit her. Rapunzel runs out of tea for them, and though Anastasia quickly assures her it's fine because they came to see her, Drizella quietly admits she is thirsty. When Marcus arrives to pick up his daughters, Rapunzel speaks to him privately about her strained relationship with her girls. Marcus is certain Anastasia adores her, however, Rapunzel is concerned Drizella is distant with her, even with Marcus' suggestion that Drizella needs time to adjust as she was too young when Rapunzel disappeared. Later in Rapunzel's room, she receives her old cloak from Marcus, who kept it during the years while she was gone. She asks him if he still loves her, and Marcus admits he does but he is committed to Cecelia and Ella. After Marcus leaves, Gothel visits a distraught Rapunzel, offering her a mushroom to poison Cecelia and reclaim what is hers. Rapunzel angrily rejects the offer, proclaiming she would never hurt an innocent person, however, Gothel leaves the mushroom for her anyway. During Drizella's birthday party on the manor grounds as Rapunzel is serving guests, Cecelia tries to persuade her not to work on her daughter's birthday. Rapunzel talks to Marcus about Drizella's lukewarm reaction to her gift and her continued perception that she is an outcast around her own family. Upon overhearing Drizella thank Cecelia for her present by calling her "Mother", a jealous Rapunzel crushes the mushroom's juices into Cecelia's drink. This forces Cecelia to flee to New Wonderland, allowing Rapunzel to regain her place in the family. ("Pretty in Blue", "One Little Tear", "Secret Garden")

After Anastasia nearly dies after falling into a frozen lake, with her last breath preserved by Gothel, Rapunzel blames Marcus and murders him with the help of a prince. She then gains the title of Lady Tremaine and makes Ella the servant of the manor, nicknaming her "Cinderella". ("The Garden of Forking Paths", "One Little Tear")

As punishment for helping Cinderella, Lady Tremaine captures her fairy godmother, bringing her to the manor while she is unconscious. The fairy wakes up to the realization she is handcuffed and her wings are now gone, which Tremaine mentions cutting off earlier. Drizella, dressed up for the prince's royal ball, enters to observe what is going on, and upon seeing her mother holding the fairy's wand, excitedly asks if she can use it. Tremaine chides her for the request and reminds her real power comes from fear because it lasts forever unlike magic which can be taken. However, Tremaine still tests out the wand out of curiosity of what it can do, with Drizella flinching as the burst of magic causes the fairy to be obliterated to a pile of dust. Tremaine then suggests that if Cinderella ever returns home, Drizella can tell her to clean up the mess. ("Hyperion Heights")

After framing him and Cinderella for the Prince's death, Lady Tremaine holds Henry captive in Cinderella's old room in the manor. However, he is rescued by Regina and Hook. The next day, after making a deal with another Hook, Lady Tremaine transforms him into a younger version of himself. ("A Pirate's Life")

At some point, Lady Tremaine has Anastasia's body brought to the manor and kept in a coffin. Shortly after joining the Resistance, Cinderella returns to the manor, where she is blackmailed by Lady Tremaine into stealing Henry's heart to save Anastasia or every member of the Resistance will die, as he has the heart of the truest believer, though Regina convinces her not to do so. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

Upon discovering Lady Tremaine intends to rip out her heart to revive Anastasia, Drizella confronts her in the manor with Prince Gregor. After blackening her heart by killing him, thus foiling her mother's plan, she vows to cast the Dark Curse to make her suffer. ("Wake Up Call")

Sometime after this, Drizella visits Anastasia's body and muses about how much she has come to hate her sister, shortly before Gothel persuades her to join her coven. ("Sisterhood")


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