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It's for all of us. It's a family thing. [...] It's for our travels. [...] You deserve to finally get what you've always wanted... to see the world.
Mr. Gold to Belle src

The Travel Book[1] is a book featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the fourth episode of the seventh season.

The travel book is based on Ellie Fredricksen's travel book from the Disney/Pixar movie Up.


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After Fourth Curse

After Fifth Curse


On-Screen Notes

(commenting on a map of Paris)
12:00 PM
I've tried
the long
walking route[2]

[image begins]ally go to
[image begins] straight to
[image begins] tower
[image begins] this
[image begins]tiel[2]

[obscured] we loved Paris so much
[obscured] actually went back. I've
[obscured] travelling Europe and decided
[obscured] go to Germany whilst we were
[obscured] [two illegible words] of the pond. I wanted
[obscured] stick the postcard in to remind
myself that
we haven't don[obscured]
as much of South
as I'd hop[image ends]
so this serves as [image ends]
[obscured]eminder. I love t[image ends]
[obscured]l wants to [illegible word] [image ends]
[obscured]one with me.[3]

7:30 PM
[obscured] while since I've written. Before we left Paris, we got
[obscured] litter [sic] from home. I decided to keep it as a mem[image ends][4]

(a letter; difficult to read)
Dear [illegible name]
We hope you are
having a wonderful
time [three illegible words]
[three illegible words][5]

Production Notes

  • A deleted scene from "Beauty", where Belle passes away, features a part where Mr. Gold opens the travel book and sees how it is filled with pictures and memories.[9]


  • There is a postcard promoting balloon trips in the travel book,[6] and the notes inside the book include the text "we haven't don[obscured] as much of South America as I'd hop[image ends]".[3] Belle and Mr. Gold's journey across the realms in "Beauty" is based on Carl and Ellie's dream from Up, where Carl sets out to fulfill their dream to see the wilds of South America by tying thousands of balloons to his house. ("Is This Henry Mills?")

Popular Culture

Props Notes



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