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Try anything, and both of you will hop out of here as toads.
Belle to Cruella De Vil and Ursula src

Transformation Potions are magic potions featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. They first appear in the fifth episode of the first season.


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Before First Curse

Tired of living as a swindler with his parents Martin and Myrna, Jiminy rebels against them by gaining a transfiguration potion from the wizard Rumplestiltskin, who tells him to use it on his parents. However, Martin and Myrna discover their son's plans and switch out the potion with water. Jiminy's parents later con a young couple, Donna and Stephen, into buying the actual potion to supposedly ward off an illness spreading from another village. After leaving the couple's home, Jiminy attempts to use the potion to do away with his parents, but when the liquid does nothing to them, he realizes what they did. Horrified, Jiminy rushes to Donna and Stephen, who are now puppets because of the potion's effects, just as the couple's young son Geppetto also enters to see his parents' fates. ("That Still Small Voice")

Desiring the Sorcerer's hat, which is guarded by the Apprentice, Rumplestiltskin poisons the man so he will transform into a mouse at a later time. When Anna, a princess of Arendelle, implores him for answers about her parents' past trip to the Enchanted Forest, Rumplestiltskin agrees to provide details if she laces a concoction into the Apprentice's tea. Anna believes it's poison, although, in truth, it is actually an antidote to prevent the Apprentice's mouse transformation. Instead of following orders, Anna cannot bring herself to harm the old man, so she returns to Rumplestiltskin, lying about completing the mission. Rumplestiltskin then reveals the potion was innocuous, and that she did more harm than good to the Apprentice by breaking the deal. ("The Apprentice")

After First Curse

As a way to lower Alice's guard and further deter her plans to rescue Cyrus, Jafar impersonates himself as her father Edwin. However, after Alice comes to recognize he is not truly her father, Jafar sheds the disguise. ("Bad Blood")

After Second Curse

Wary of Cruella and Ursula's arrival to town, Belle arms herself with a transformation potion as a precaution against them. When the pair come to the pawnshop, she warns them about trying anything or she'll use the potion to turn them into toads. ("Unforgiven")

Known Transformation Potions

Enlarging Potion

Human to Bear / Spell of Mor'du

Human to Another Human

  • Made by Jafar
  • Turned Jafar into Edwin
  • Known ingredients:
    • Blood from the impersonated being ("Bad Blood")

Human to Puppet

Human to Rat

Human to Staff

Human to Toad

Reversal Potion

Shrinking Potion


On-Screen Notes

  • An antidote can be used to prevent the transformation from happening. ("The Apprentice")
  • Rumplestiltskin referred to the potion he gave to the Apprentice as "poison". However, this was to explain the potion to Anna, who herself described the potion as "poison". ("The Apprentice")


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