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Toto's more than a pet, isn't he?
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Toto is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the sixteenth episode of the fifth season.

Toto is based on the character of the same name from the children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


Before First Curse

When Dorothy returns from Oz after her first visit as a young girl, her aunt Emily is the only person who believes her story. However, Emily dies, gifting Dorothy Toto before she does. Years pass after this and Dorothy eventually returns to Oz, taking Toto with her.

Learning from the Munchkins that Zelena is still alive and no longer fearing the witch, Dorothy puts Toto in a bag and storms the Emerald Castle, just in time to stop Zelena from stealing the Scarecrow's brain for a time spell. She puts down the bag and Toto hops out. The little dog trots up to the palace curtains while Zelena is busy throwing a fireball at Dorothy. Once he reaches the curtains, he tugs a string, causing the curtains to fall on Zelena, who fumbles to get free. While the witch is occupied, Toto escapes the palace with Dorothy and the Scarecrow. ("Our Decay")

After Third Curse

Years later, in Oz, Toto is walking in the woods with his owner Dorothy. Suddenly, he rushes off and begins barking at two strange women. Since Toto only barks at witches, Dorothy demands to know which one of them is a witch. One of two women, Ruby, tells her that she is a werewolf, and attempts to pet Toto, scaring the dog into running off. Dorothy reprimands her and chases after her pet, but Ruby makes it up to her by using her enhanced sense of smell to point Dorothy in the right direction.

Upon Zelena's return to Oz, Zelena is approached by Toto, because he can tell she is a witch. When Ruby, Mulan and Dorothy show up, she demands the silver slippers from Dorothy, and after the girl refuses, she unveils Toto in a basket, using the dog as leverage to force Dorothy's hand. Before poofing away, she gives Dorothy until sundown tomorrow to hand over the slippers, or Toto will pay the price. Once Dorothy and Ruby acquire the poppy flower, Mulan finishes a powder to put Zelena to sleep. That night, Dorothy takes the powder and decides to confront Zelena alone at the palace, where Toto is locked inside a cage. However, Zelena surprises Dorothy by pricking her finger with the sleeping curse.

Toto is freed from the cage through unknown means, whereas Dorothy's cursed body is found by Mulan and some Munchkins. They place her on a bier in the Munchkin Village where they wait for Ruby's return to Oz. Toto is lying on the bier with his sleeping owner, while Mulan and the Munchkins are standing near. Suddenly, he senses that someone is coming and lets out a growl, before he starts barking in excitement, prompting Mulan to ask the little dog what's wrong. Toto eagerly jumps from the dais and runs toward the place where Ruby materializes second later. He then lies down on the floor and watches as Ruby gives Dorothy a kiss of true love, which breaks the sleeping curse. When he sees his owner awaken from the curse, he lets out a happy bark. ("Ruby Slippers")


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