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That was a weird job for me because it came about kind of by accident. I’d been at ABC for a pilot that they were doing, but the woman who cast it phoned my manager and said, "We want to offer Tom the part of Robin Hood on Once Upon a Time." So I said yes and I did that, and that was a great experience — I sort of broke my duck on American TV.
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Tom Ellis is the Welsh actor who portrays the Thief on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Season Two.


Tom Ellis was born on November 16,[1] 1978[2] in Cardiff, Wales. Due to his father's work in baptist ministry, he and his three sisters moved to Sheffield. A late bloomer to acting, Tom took up a theater studies class while in secondary school working towards A-level exams. Afterwards, he went onto drama school in Glasgow, found an agent and then got his break in an ITV adaptation of The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.[3] Later on, Tom bagged the lead in the BBC’s Nice Guy Eddie with Ricky Tomlinson and became well known on the British soap opera EastEnders as Dr. Oliver Cousins and as Detective Sergeant Sam Speed in a Life on Mars parody on the The Catherine Tate Show. He was also Sam in the BBC comedy Pulling, and plays Gary in Miranda Hart's BBC1 comedy Miranda.

Other notable roles include Justyn in Channel 4's No Angels and Thomas Milligan in the season three finale of British science-fiction television program Doctor Who. In 2013, he was cast as Victor Frankenstein in the ABC pilot series Gothica, a modern-day supernatural drama. He currently stars as Lucifer Morningstar on the Fox show Lucifer, a comedy-drama based on the DC Comic of the same name.

Tom is father to Nora, who is his daughter from a previous relationship, as well as Florence and Marnie, with actress wife Tamzin Outhwaite.[4] On August 29, 2013, the couple confirmed their impending marital separation.[2]


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