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This article focuses on the Storybrooke location, the Toll Bridge.
For the Enchanted Forest location with a similar name, see Troll Bridge.

I'll be at the bridge where you found me at eight o'clock. Think about until then and then decide. If you don't show, I'll know, and I'll never bother you again. But if you choose this, if you choose us, you know where I'll be.
David to Mary Margaret src

The Toll Bridge is a Storybrooke location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the third episode of the first season.


During First Curse

Directly after the casting of the Dark Curse, two camp-goers, Kurt and Owen Flynn, witness it, but mistake the purple smoke as a raging storm and hide inside their tent. In the morning, the curse has created the town of Storybrooke, which the two stumble onto and decide to stay as guests while their car is fixed. Sheriff Graham reports to mayor Regina that Kurt and Owen were camping nearby the Toll Bridge, which alarms her as she never intended for outsiders to come to Storybrooke. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

At Henry's urging, Mary Margaret reads the fairytale story of Snow White and Prince Charming to a comatose man in the hospital known as "John Doe". Briefly, he reacts to Mary Margaret's voice by grabbing her hand while unconscious. Later, John Doe awakens from the coma in search of someone at the Toll Bridge and collapses unconscious. In a search party, Emma, Mary Margaret and Sheriff Graham begin combing the woods for him. Henry secretly tags along and insists that John Doe is looking for Mary Margaret. Once Graham finds a hospital patient tag, they reach John Doe at the Toll Bridge. Mary Margaret rushes over to resuscitating him with mouth-to-mouth until he sputters to consciousness. John Doe thanks her for saving his life, but can't remember who he is. An ambulance takes him for recovery in the hospital. ("Snow Falls")

John Doe reclaims his old identity as David Nolan after his wife Kathryn reunites with him. However, he struggles with his growing feelings for Mary Margaret. She tries her best to discourage him, but soon David intends to leave Kathryn to be with her. He asks her to meet him in the evening at the Toll Bridge where she previously found him. On his way there, he is misled to Mr. Gold's pawnshop by Regina and has a memory trigger of his life with Kathryn. By the time he arrives at the Toll Bridge, Mary Margaret is already waiting for him expectedly. Regretfully, he apologizes and confirms his decision to go back to Kathryn. Heartbroken, Mary Margaret leaves in tears. ("The Shepherd")

After getting a text from David, Mary Margaret leaves to meet him at the Toll Bridge. By the time she arrives, he has prepared a picnic for them. Passionately, they kiss. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

After the breakdown of David and Kathryn's marriage when she learns of his affair with Mary Margaret, Kathryn decides to leave for Boston. Her car is found near the town border, but she is missing. In a previous deal struck between Mr. Gold and Regina, the two decide to have something tragic happen to Kathryn so Mary Margaret will be blamed for murdering her. Mr. Gold unsuspectingly kidnaps and holds Kathryn hostage, though this remains a secret from the rest of the town. Emma investigates the case, enlisting the help of the recently unemployed Ruby, who seems to have a keen sense for finding things. Earlier on, Regina purposely buries a stolen jewelry box from Mary Margaret and places a human heart with forged DNA of Kathryn's to serve as incriminating evidence. Under Emma's directions, Ruby goes to the Toll Bridge to search for clues. She finds the box, which Emma later runs fingerprint tests on the box that are a match for Mary Margaret, and the heart inside confirms it is Kathryn's. ("Red-Handed", "The Stable Boy", "The Return")

Mounting evidence of Kathryn's disappearance keeps pointing to Mary Margaret, and though Emma believes in her innocence, she must find proof. August suggests she go back to the beginning of the investigation as it might help her discover new evidence of something previously unseen. They go to the Toll Bridge to look again at the area where Ruby found the jewelry box. Emma sees a chipped piece of a shovel in the dirt, which is a match for a shovel in Regina's garage. However, Regina gets rid of the shovel before Emma can incriminate her. ("The Stable Boy")

After First Curse
After the Dark Curse is broken, an animated but still wooden August is unable to revert to human form, and asks Mother Superior to change him back, but she cannot as he did not remain brave, true and unselfish. Too ashamed to allow anyone to see him in his current state, he moves into a trailer beneath the bridge where Mary Margaret accidentally discovers him. She talks him into coming back so he can be with his father, Marco, but he still feels guilty about his failures. Upon learning Emma has reconnected with her ex-boyfriend, Neal, he has hopes they are together again, but Mary Margaret affirms they aren't. August then feels remorseful as the reason the two separated on bad terms eleven years ago was due to his meddling. Firmly believes there is no coming back from all the awful things he has done, August requests to be left alone. Rather than that, she informs Emma and Marco about his circumstances, which Tamara overhears. Under the cloak of her disguise as Neal's fiancée, Tamara actually has ulterior motives in destroying magic, and she has history with August as they previously met in Hong Kong. Reaching the trailer, Tamara offers a potion in her New York apartment that will allow him to revert to normal. The catch is he must leave and never return to Storybrooke. Though hesitant, August accepts her deal when Tamara reminds him that he is still the selfish person she knew. Meanwhile, Emma, Marco and Mary Margaret arrive at the trailer too late as August is already gone. On the drive out of town, August recognizes he is being deceived and turns back. He tries to phone Emma to warn her about Tamara, but the woman kills him first. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

After Second Curse
Since having her romance with Robin Hood broken up due to Emma bringing back his deceased wife Marian, Regina goes through various struggles. Though Regina wanted to kill Marian and returned Sidney to his mirror form to help her, she later has a change of heart. Additionally, she saves Marian, afflicted with a freezing spell, by taking out her heart until a cure can be found. With Sidney under her command, Regina orders him to find the Snow Queen, who cast the spell on Marian, so she can force the woman to undo it. Unbeknownst to her, Sidney betrays Regina by drawing her into the Snow Queen's trap. Giving her misleading directions, he tells her to travel north and then east past the Toll Bridge to reach the Snow Queen's lair. ("Breaking Glass")


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