Here Me out one last time, i don't want to get banned on this wiki (trust me i literally like the wiki so much and spend around 7 full hours just lokking at it seeing the new pages and episodes and the awesome conversation the community has) I don't want to do this, i really don't want to continue this conversation but what do you mean by 

Having something on iTunes means nothing?

If you are saying it is illeagal well, that's not possible you can upload illegal movies to tha movie section, but that's the TV Shows section, and if you still think i'm lying i'll then here's a picture of the page that the is completly official and distributed by abc

Official Page- ->


How do you know that the Episode Stills of all the other episodes are not illegal, bet you didn't give them a rough time?

Some of the episode stills, that are already on who knows, some are not even posted by admins, So no one really does know if they are legal or not.

Do you remember, Around 2 Weeks Ago, October 14, 2013 to be exact you said that my episode stills were 'great' and you would want me to put some more on, well i got those exact pictures from where, i'm getting these ones now.

And if you disagree and think i'm lying and think that you never said that on a comment then -->

Don't worry i will delete the picture of the flickr and i blocked the name out cause i'm not bad, and trust me, i really am sorry for the constant replying on the Betrayal Affiliate and when i got banned on Once:Womnderland Wiki around a month ago, but please can we just move this aside and start over, Please i just want to be friends, or if you don't like me then at least a good acquaintance, and just call a Truce

Please, I don't want to get banned but just for you to say that it's okay because i would never try to make the wiki look bad or post illegal pictures, i want to help and mak it a better and more cooler wiki then ever... I love this wiki and it's community, please


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