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    • Once Upon a Time to get a revival on Disney+; Colin O'Donoghue to return as Hook


      In 2018, fans had to say goodbye to the famous ABC show Once Upon a Time. Now, however, they will be pleased to hear that Disney+ is picking it up for an eighth season. Not much was revealed, only that Colin O'Donoghue, who portrayed Captain Hook in most seasons of the show, is expected to come back.

      About the revival, new showrunner Winged Pig teased: "It'll not be exactly how people think it will be". Not much else was said.

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    • Excited!

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    • Why am I getting the feeling that Lana is not returning?

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    • Although I have precisely zero clues about whats going on and what will happen, I can't wait.

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    • Matheus1234zx wrote:
      Why am I getting the feeling that Lana is not returning?

      Probably because of this:

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    • Lana Parrilla and Adelaide Kane to recur in Once Upon a Time revival


      It was recently reported that the Once Upon a Time revival is bringing two beloved characters back: Regina and Drizella. Former lead Lana Parrilla and Season Seven guest star Adelaide Kane will recur in the show's recently announced eighth season.

      The fact that Parrilla is only recurring in the new season is surprising, given that she was one of the two actors to be in the starring cast for all seven seasons. About what appearing in less episodes means for Regina, showrunner Winged Pig teased: "It's not that she's too busy being the Good Queen," he said, referring to the title she gained in the season seven finale. "It's something else, and I'm excited that you all find out."

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    • Rose Reynolds, Tiera Skovbye, Mekia Cox to return in Once Upon a Time revival, premiering June 5


      The recently announced Once Upon a Time revival has just gained three new actresses: Mekia Cox, Rose Reynolds and Tiera Skovbye are joining Colin O'Donoghue in the main cast of Season Eight.

      All three actresses joined the show in its seventh season, with Cox in the starring cast, and Reynolds and Skovbye as guests. Now, all three are said "to be some of the main elements of the new story". The season premiere, specifically, is said to focus primarily on Reynolds's character, Alice.

      The 15-episode season will premiere Friday June 5, and the episodes will be released every Tuesday and Friday on Disney+.

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    • Final Once Upon a Time revival main cast members revealed


      And the final main cast members for the recently announced Once Upon a Time revival have been revealed! Season Seven stars Andrew J. West, Dania Ramirez and Alison Fernandez are returning as main characters once again.

      This announcement, according to showrunner Winged Pig, tells a lot about the new season's storyline: "As you see, most of the cast first appeared in Season Seven. Actually, all of them did, with the exception of Colin O'Donoghue. This new season, similarly, picks up right where Season Seven left off."

      "In the season premiere, we see the characters immediately after witnessing the death of Rumplestiltskin. Regina tells them about her plans of merging the realms, and we also see Sabine dealing with the effects of the breaking of the curse in Seattle. I think the storyline is quite different from what people expected. I hope they'll like, though."

      The 15-episode season will premiere Friday June 5, and the episodes will be released every Tuesdays and Fridays on Disney+.

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    • I have a feeling S8 will be the last..

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    • Nick Branson wrote:
      I have a feeling S8 will be the last..

      I don't think it will, actually XD It depends on how the story actually plays out, but from my planning I believe there's enough material to continue for more seasons

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    • First half titlespoilers!

      "Wish Upon a Star"
      "Watch Your Step"
      "Princess of Thieves"
      "Writer's Block"
      "Movie Night"

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    • Watch Your Step and Princess of Thieves were also in the original S8 iirc. 

      I think the centrics might be:

      • Wish Upon a Star - ? Maybe Cinderella
      • Watch Your Step - Cinderella, Drizella?
      • Princess of Thieves - Robin
      • Porridge - Goldilocks
      • Writer's Block - Henry
      • Midsummer - A Midsummer's Night Dream-related
      • Movie Night - Tiana? Robin and Alice? Idk
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    • Truest Believer wrote:
      Watch Your Step and Princess of Thieves were also in the original S8 iirc. 

      I think the centrics might be:

      • Wish Upon a Star - ? Maybe Cinderella
      • Watch Your Step - Cinderella, Drizella?
      • Princess of Thieves - Robin
      • Porridge - Goldilocks
      • Writer's Block - Henry
      • Midsummer - A Midsummer's Night Dream-related
      • Movie Night - Tiana? Robin and Alice? Idk

      Most guesses are right XD Most of the titles are pretty obvious though lol

      And yes, Watch Your Step and Princess of Thieves were both in my original S8. Watch Your Step is because I think it really captures the Cinderella/stepsisters dynamic, and I couldn't really think of a better name than Princess of Thieves for a Robin centric XD

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    • Former series regulars to guest star in Once Upon a Time season eight premiere


      As the premiere of Once Upon a Time's new season gets closer, more news come: now, we can exclusively report that the Season 8 premiere will bring back several old characters, including former series regulars.

      The cast of the Alice-centric titled "Wish Upon a Star" includes Lana Parrilla - who was already announced to be recurring this year -, Robert Carlyle, Jared S. Gilmore and Gabrielle Anwar, all of which used to be main characters. Also returning are Emma Booth and Agnes Bruckner, who recurred in seasons seven and four, respectively.

      The 15-episode season will premiere Friday June 5, and the episodes will be released every Tuesdays and Fridays on Disney+.

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    • 9 days for the premiere! Spoiler room is open 

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    • What can you say about A Midsummer's Night Dream? How different is it from their arc in your previous S9?

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    • Why did you decide to make Regina a recurring character instead of a series regular?

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    • What can you tell us about Lucy's arc?

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    • What can you say about A Midsummer's Night Dream? How different is it from their arc in your previous S9? - Truest Believer

      The story of A Midsummer Night's Dream will be told in a specific episode in the first half (and the title makes it pretty obvious which one). Similar to what was originally planned, the episode will focus on Helena, one of the characters from the play, who will have to deal with the poor choices she made in the past. In present day, this will help Henry understand better a problem he's going through.

      Why did you decide to make Regina a recurring character instead of a series regular? - Matheus1234zx

      This decision had a few different reasons. The first one is a plot-related reason, because as you'll find out in the season premiere, Regina is going to be pretty busy with a side quest and won't appear for a while. The second reason, and the most important one, came from the need to explore the new characters. In Season Seven, the show had a soft reboot, and we're keeping it. So this season will really focus on these new characters, and I felt like it was time for Regina to say goodbye.

      What can you tell us about Lucy's arc? - Nick Branson

      Lucy's role in Season Eight is pretty similar to Henry's role in Season One. This season, the heroes will spend a lot of time helping some of the Hyperion Heights fairytale characters who have just woken up from the curse, and Lucy plays a key role in this. She's got the storybook, so she will use it to find out more about these characters, their traumas and what is the best way to help them.

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      “Wish Upon a Star” – After the death of Rumplestiltskin, Regina explains her plans of merging the realms. While Henry and his Wish Realm version help her with the new version of the Dark Curse, Tilly wanders through the realm in search of her identity and comes across a doppelganger of an old friend. This leads to Tilly finding out she is more than it seems. Two years prior, the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest arrive in Seattle, and Victoria Belfrey realizes Tilly is awake from the curse. After some useful and unlikely help from Eloise Gardener, Belfrey seeks out to destroy Tilly's belief before she can reveal the truth to Weaver, on “Once Upon a Time,” FRIDAY, JUNE 5 (8:00–9:01 p.m. EDT), streaming on Disney+.

      “Once Upon a Time” stars Andrew J. West as Henry Mills, Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook/Rogers, Dania Ramirez as Cinderella/Jacinda, Tiera Skovbye as Robin/Margot, Alison Fernandez as Lucy, Mekia Cox as Tiana/Sabine and Rose Reynolds as Alice/Tilly.

      Guest starring in this episode are Lana Parrilla as Regina/Roni, Gabrielle Anwar as Lady Tremaine/Victoria Belfrey, Emma Booth as Gothel/Eloise Gardener, Jared S. Gilmore as Young Henry, Agnes Bruckner as Lily Page and Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Weaver.

      “Wish Upon a Star” was written and directed by Winged Pig.

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    • Once Upon a Time cast talks about show revival


      The new season of Once Upon a Time is premiering this Friday, and the cast of this revival has shared some information on the storyline. We have asked each of them to explain a little bit about their respective characters' arcs in the season.

      Andrew J. West: "Henry faces a somewhat strange problem starting with the second episode. He and Jacinda will make a discovery about their romance, which will make them unsure if they should be together. So we'll see them both dealing with it, trying to understand what it actually means. At the same time, Henry's having one of his professional dreams realized, and is very excited about it."

      Colin O'Donoghue: "Rogers will have a mostly moral dilemma to deal with this season. We see he and the other heroes returning to Hyperion Heights while Regina deals with the matter of her new dark curse, and during their time there he goes back to work. But we find out that some of his new cases refer to stuff he knows, but can't reveal, such as Weaver's and the coven witches' disappearances. So we'll see how he will deal with that, will he reveal what he knows? Won't he?"

      Dania Ramirez: "Jacinda's storyline is a pretty big one this season. We see her dealing with the return of her stepsisters, and a new information that will shake her relationship with Henry. Then we'll see how much she has evolved from that girl that didn't believe in happy endings, and if she can overcome her fears. Her arc is really interesting, and its message is so important."

      Tiera Skovbye: "Margot is, well... she's feeling left out. We know that she was planning to ask Tilly to marry her, but there's just a lot going on that she didn't actually have the time to ask yet. And because of this delay, now she's facing some doubts. She is facing her inner feelings, feelings that she tries to repress but can't. She can't help but feel left out by Tilly, who is spending most of her free time with her father, as his curse is finally broken. So Margot is upset about it, she knows she shouldn't, but she is, and this wave of emotions really messes with her."

      Alison Fernandez: "Lucy's role this season is really exciting. As the characters return to Hyperion Heights, they will all agree to help Sabine deal with the difficulties of the breaking of the curse. Some fairytale people aren't dealing very well with it, and Lucy will prove to be very useful, as she has the storybook and can use it to find out more about each character and how to help them."

      Mekia Cox: "Sabine's being really challenged this new season. She knows she has to help her subjects adapt to their new lives, but how exactly? Because technically, she isn't queen anymore. She's nothing in Seattle. And how to help these people while also keeping their secret - that magic exists - safe from the rest of the world? So she's facing lots of questions, and is trying to be the best queen she can be, but that's not easy. And at the same time, there's someone in her way, someone who wants to see her defeated, and will do everything he can to demoralize her."

      Rose Reynolds: "Right in the season premiere Tilly is facing some doubts about her identity. Who is she, actually? Why is she the Guardian? What is so special about her? And her world changes when she meets Anastasia. Along with her, Tilly will try to find out more about her powers and why they exist. Though her newfound goal could take her further away from the people she loves..."

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    • Tonight's the night!

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    • The premiere is here!

      Spoiler warning: Major plot information follows.
      • We begin with archive footage from The Eighth Witch. We see Regina casting the curse, and it engulfing everyone, focusing specifically on Alice, Robin, and Gold.
      • It cuts to Seattle. We read: "Hyperion Heights - 2015". As Charley's Girl plays, we pan over the city.
      • We see Sabine cooking, Jacinda running to work, Victoria Belfrey analyzing files, Roni in her bar, Henry driving his car etc
      • Finally, in front of the troll, we see Tilly playing with a puzzle. Weaver sits down next to her, in search of information.
      • "Are you alright, Tilly? You seem... weird"
      • "I'm just... having some flashes. They look like memories, but... I can't really understand them"
      • Weaver tells Tilly to look after herself and says goodbye. Tilly says goodbye and as an instinct, she says his name: "Rumple". However, she then has a confused face -- she doesn't recognize that name and really thinks she is getting crazy.
      • We cut to the Wish version of the EQ's castle, present day. Regina, Henry and his wish version are in front of Rumple's coffin. Regina says the same thing as Tilly in the previous scene: "Goodbye, Rumple".
      • As she turns around to talk to her son(s), Henry asks her about the curse. She explains how it will bring everyone together at last, but Wish Henry warns her not everyone will like this new reality.
      • Henry Mills agrees, and Regina has the idea to visit the realms asking permission from their leaders, to which both Henries agree.
      • We see the title card: behind a fire breathing dragon, we see the Seattle skyline.
      • Regina, Henry, Wish Henry, Rogers, Tilly, Margot, Jacinda and Lucy are around the war table.
      • Regina speaks: "So... now that our Storybrooke friends are back home I can tell you about my plan. My plan of merging the realms."
      • They are all confused, and Regina explains everything. They will go back to the future, and then she will cast a Dark Curse with a small piece of the hearts of everyone she loves, and that will bring the realms together.
      • After she is done, Rogers approaches Tilly. He talks about how much he missed being with her, and now that their curse is broken he wants to make up for the lost time, beginning with taking her to get to know his realm better. She's happy about it
      • Back to 2015, Tilly is still at the troll, but has a flashback of the curse taking her, Robin and Rumple. Victoria Belfrey drives her car nearby and notices her strange behavior, becoming worried.
      • We cut to Belfrey leaving the elevator to talk to Eloise Gardener. "So the curse was cast", Eloise says. "Yes; I did it," Belfrey replies, and we see Eloise laughing.
      • "So why did you come here? To brag about how you... managed to cast your curse? Have you already found Anastasia?"
      • "No... But I will. But that's not why I'm here. I need... advice."
      • "Advice from me?"
      • Belfrey explains that she is afraid that Alice might be getting her memories back (and we see Eloise very interested in this).
      • Eloise tells Belfrey to bring her a small piece of grass so she can make a forgetting potion. Belfrey warns her not to try anything she wouldn't like, and Eloise replies that she is right where she wants to be.
      • Back in the Wish Realm, Rogers and Tilly are talking at the balcony of the palace. Rogers explains the story of the Wish Realm to Tilly, about how Regina's evil half created it with a wish.
      • Tilly asks him how it is to have been created by a wish instead of being real, and Rogers says that the same question applies to her. When she confused, he reveals the realm was created about three years ago, and that Tilly was born before that.
      • "The wish must have altered life in other realms as well... I mean, I remember traveling to the New Enchanted Forest 28 years before I even existed. And that's when you were born"
      • "So I... am not real?"
      • "Of course you are, dear. Just like I am."
      • "I am not real??"
      • We cut to Regina, Henry, Jacinda, Lucy and Wish Henry surrounding a cauldron. Regina asks if Henry is ready and rips his heart out.
      • She extracts a small piece of it, and puts it on the cauldron. The act causes Henry to feel pain, for which Regina apologizes.
      • "So... how long will it take for the curse to get ready?", asks Lucy
      • "It'll be quick," answers Regina, ripping Jacinda's heart. "But I still have to travel through the realms asking for permission, and then we have to go back to the future... so it'll take a while."
      • "Back to the future?" asks Lucy. "But I like our current time..."
      • Henry and Jacinda look at each other, and Henry assures Lucy they will talk about that.
      • "Wait, talk? I mean... you're coming with me... right?", asks Regina, to which Henry replies with a face that says "yes but I can't word it right now"
      • We cut back to Tilly. "Starfish, of course you're real. We were all created somehow, it doesn't matter if it was by a wish or by pregnancy or..."
      • "Of course it matters! If the wish created me already old, how can I know what happened or what didn't happen? How can I trust myself?"
      • Margot approaches the two, apprehensive, asking if everything is OK. Tilly says it's not, reveals she doesn't think she's real and runs away.
      • Margot and Rogers try to go after her, but she is way faster.
      • Back in 2015: Tilly is at a book shop, looking at the books there. She sees Henry's Once Upon a Time novel and is about to pick it up, when a security guard grabs her hand.
      • She desperately asks what she did, and the security guard reveals she is being arrested for robbing a clothing store. Tilly denies having done such thing, but is taken by the police.
      • Right outside the book shop, we see Victoria Belfrey watching everything and smiling with the scene.
      • In a forest in the Wish Realm, we see Tilly running away. Suddenly, a fire breath almost hits her. Tilly desperately tries to protect herself as we see a dragon flying and breathing fire at her.
      • Suddenly another figure appears: a woman grabs Tilly's arm and takes her deeper into the forest, protecting her from the dragon.
      • A confused Tilly asks what happened, and we see who the woman is: Lily. Or, actually, Wish Lily. "I'm saving your life," she answers.
      • It cuts to moments later. Tilly and Lily are walking through the forest, telling each other their names.
      • Tilly asks what the hell that dragon was, and Lily explains it's been hunting her for the past weeks. She's been trying to kill it but hasn't been successful.
      • Lily then asks why Tilly was running, and the girl reveals she just found out a huge truth about herself, which she never imagined.
      • Lily reveals she has a similar story. She was raised by her mother, who seemed to be a normal human up until she was 23. Then she revealed to have been a witch in the past, a famous enchantress who invented a spell known as the sleeping curse; Lily talks about how that revelation changed her life.
      • Lily advises Tilly to deal with the problem and not let herself be defined by her origins, but Tilly says it's too hard.
      • We then find ourselves at Wish Rumple's castle. Regina and Wish Henry are there, looking for something.
      • "It has to be here, he gave Emma one, he must have more!", says Regina
      • Wish Henry tells her to keep calm as they'll find the magic beans they're looking for, they just have to know where to look
      • Regina tells him she's this desperate because she's scared. She found this new life purporse and is worried she'll have to abandon her family to achieve her goal; she's just lost one friend and doesn't want to lose anyone else
      • Wish Henry compares her situation to his, as he also lost lots of people in a short time. And it's tough, but he survived
      • Regina reveals she doesn't know how to live without being a part of her Henry's life, and might be willing to give up the United Realms if he doesn't come with her
      • Wish Henry interrupts the dramatic moment by finding the beans
      • Back at the forest, Tilly asks Lily what happened to her mother. Lily reveals she died a few years ago, not long after telling her about her past
      • Interested, Tilly asks how that death affected her. Lily talks about how it was a tough time, with a lot of pain but she went through it
      • Then, we suddenly see another fire breath, right in front of them. They take a fright, and Lily runs to reach the dragon. Tilly asks what she is doing, and Lily replies she will end that story once and for all; Tilly yells for her to be careful
      • We cut to the Hyperion Heights police station, where Victoria Belfrey is talking to the Desk Sergeant. She gives him Tilly's pills.
      • At the cell, we ser Tilly having flashbacks of her life with Hook. She says "papa"
      • Samuel then appears, revealing she's getting freed but has to start taking her pills
      • We see Tilly leaving the police station and taking her pills, and Victoria watching everything from inside her car
      • Jacinda and Lucy are resting on a couch at the EQ's palace. Lucy tells her mom she wants to stay in their time, in Seattle. That's where her home is now. Jacinda says they'll talk about it later
      • Rogers and Margot appear, and tell Jacinda and Lucy what happened to Tilly. They ask for their help in finding her. Jacinda and Lucy both agree to help them look
      • At the forest, Wish Lily is facing the dragon, who is flying. She points her arrow to it and prepares to shoot.
      • Tilly appears and tells her not to. Lily asks her why, and Tilly says she doesn't know but can't let her shoot.
      • Lily says she doesn't believe in Tilly, but hesitates. The dragon flies close to Lily, so fast that she can't run away
      • Tilly sees her friend in pain, and doesn't think twice. She runs to meet her, but before arriving, light magic comes out of her hand
      • The magic hits the dragon, turning him into a man
      • "W-who are you?", Lily asks
      • "I'm your father."
      • In the past, Tilly is walking through the streets and taking her pills. Then she passes through the book shop and sees Henry's novel on the shelf, having another flash: her kissing Robin
      • "No no... the pills... they'll make me foggy"
      • She runs to the troll, talking to the stone figure. "Please don't let me forget! Help me, friend... I can't go back to being nothing... Please..."
      • She continues begging, until Weaver appears. She runs to him, desperately saying he has to remember.
      • "Remember? What do I have to remember, Tilly?"
      • "...What?" — she's forgotten it completely
      • At the EQ's palace, Regina is talking to Henry while preparing the potion. She invites him to come with her in the journey to ask for the rulers' permission.
      • Henry says he has to go back to HH and help the people there.
      • "But... when I'm done with the leaders, you're coming back to the future with me, right?", asks Regina
      • "...Of course"
      • Henry then tells her to invite Wish Henry to go with her to ask for the leaders' permission, as he is needing a new purpose in life; she agrees
      • At the forest, Wish Zorro is talking to Lily. He explains that he was cursed to become a dragon long ago, and that's when he met her mother, Maleficent
      • Maleficent tried to contact him when she died, and that's why he was after Lily—not to hurt her, but to meet her
      • "But how did this happen?", Lily asks. "Tilly? Was that you? You have magic? How did you know he was a man?"
      • Tilly says she used to have magic... and apparently has it back
      • "Thank you," Zorro says
      • We cut to the moments later, at the EQ's castle. Tilly is there, talking to Rogers and Margot. She apologizes for running away, and they say it's ok
      • Rogers asks if Tilly is better now, and she says so. She thought she wasn't real because she came from a wish, but her meeting with Lily changed things
      • "How?"
      • "I saw her hurt, she... she was suffering. It was real. She came from a wish, but she was real. Just like me, and you, Papa. We're real."
      • Tilly also reveals the high emotion of the situation brought her magic back, and they're surprised to hear that
      • Tilly tells them she believes there is more behind the Guardian powers, and she's going to figure out what
      • Lucy appears telling them to come as Regina wants to say goodbye
      • Back in 2015 HH, Victoria is talking to Eloise. She reveals she won the battle: she put Eloise's forgetting potion on Tilly's pills.
      • "Something that was supposed to do good to her... now is making her forget everything"
      • Eloise says the battle is far from over, as Belfrey still has to find Anastasia and wake her up
      • Belfrey says she's taking care of that. She will have her daughter back, whatever it takes. Eloise smiles wickedly
      • Back at the Wish Realm, Regina thanks everyone for supporting her idea and says she hopes the leaders of the realms will also agree with it
      • She gives Rogers a magic bean, and uses another one to create a portal for her and Wish Henry
      • "See you soon," she says
      • After they've crossed the portal, Rogers creates another portal and he crosses it along with Tilly, Margot and Lucy
      • Before Henry goes, Jacinda holds his arm and asks if he told Regina
      • "Told her what?"
      • "That we're not going with her. That we're saying in Seattle. Did you tell her?"
      • "No," Henry replies. "But I will"
      • "She has to know, Henry"
      • "I know"
      • The two cross the portal, and Henry looks back as if to find courage to reveal his decision to Regina
      • End of episode
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    • I really liked it! It was a pretty solid premiere and the flashbacks were nice, hoping to see more of (Wish) Lily! I hope to see Tiana again and I'm really excited for what's coming!

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    • Truest Believer wrote:
      I really liked it! It was a pretty solid premiere and the flashbacks were nice, hoping to see more of (Wish) Lily! I hope to see Tiana again and I'm really excited for what's coming!

      Thanks! Wish Lily returning isn't on my plans, but Tiana's role is one of the biggest of the season XD

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      “Watch Your Step” – The heroes return to Seattle, where Sabine has interesting news for Henry. Jacinda reencounters her stepsisters, and is shocked to hear that Ivy has something to tell her that will change her life forever. Meanwhile, Sabine visits her mother only to have a shattering revelation; and Rogers goes back to work. In flashback, Ella seeks to get her revenge, even if it means putting Lady Tremaine’s life at risking by stealing her only means of defending herself from the threat of Mother Gothel, on “Once Upon a Time,” TUESDAY, JUNE 9 (8:00–9:01 p.m. EDT), streaming on Disney+.

      “Once Upon a Time” stars Andrew J. West as Henry Mills, Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook/Rogers, Dania Ramirez as Cinderella/Jacinda, Tiera Skovbye as Robin/Margot, Alison Fernandez as Lucy, Mekia Cox as Tiana/Sabine and Rose Reynolds as Alice/Tilly.

      Guest starring in this episode are Gabrielle Anwar as Lady Tremaine/Victoria Belfrey, Emma Booth as Gothel/Eloise Gardener, Robin Givens as Eudora, Adelaide Kane as Drizella/Ivy, Yael Yurman as Anastasia, Jeff Pierre as Naveen/Drew and Luke Camilleri as William.

      “Watch Your Step” was written and directed by Winged Pig.

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    • And episode 2 is here! This is where the story really begins. (When you read it, please leave your feedback, I want to know if the new format is working for you or not XD)

      Spoiler warning: Major plot information follows.
      • We begin with a shot of the Tremaine Manor. Inside, Cinderella is cleaning the floor. Lady Tremaine passes by.
      • "Ella... you're still here. How come you spent the entire day cleaning the house and you haven't managed to clean everything?"
      • "It's a big house, Rapunzel. And Drizella kept making it dirty all over again"
      • "Drizella should really be more careful. And you should clean faster"
      • Tremaine leaves the room, and Ella keeps cleaning. Drizella passes by and mocks her
      • "Cinderella... I can't believe you're still here. I thought you'd have finished by now"
      • "I would be finishing if you didn't make such a mess"
      • "It's not my fault you clean too slow"
      • Ella's really angry
      • We cut to Jacinda and Sabine's apartment. Sabine and Drew are cooking
      • A portal opens and we see Margot, Tilly, Rogers, Lucy, Henry and Jacinda.
      • "You're back!"
      • They all hug Drew and Sabine, and she asks where are Rumple and Regina
      • Henry quickly explains Regina is trying to get the leaders of the realms to agree with her plan of merging of the realms
      • "I see... And Rumple?"
      • "Well," says Henry, "he's... gone"
      • "That's terrible," Sabine says
      • "Not so much," Tilly replies, "he's with Belle now"
      • "How do you know?", Margot asks
      • "I can feel it"
      • "Well, I see you got a lot of stories to tell, but I'm afraid you'll have to tell me later," Sabine says
      • She explains she is going to the neighbor town to visit her mom, for the first time after the curse broke
      • "It was about time we met. She didn't seem to think it was a big deal, but we spent two years without remembering who we actually are! I think that's important, right? Oh and Henry, I need to tell you something"
      • Henry goes to her and the two talk: Sabine explains that she didn't know that non-fairytale people were living among them, and while he was rescuing Jacinda and Lucy, "I kinda made a speech in front of the troll about magic beans and hats and Wish Realms..."
      • "And regular people heard it?"
      • She confirms, and reveals that people were making theories about the lights that appeared at the Community Gardens the day Gothel was defeated.
      • Henry: "So you just called me to tell that we're going to have to deal with a bunch of conspiracy theorists?"
      • Sabine: "Actually, I've dealt with them. I said it was all part of a play... based on your book. So you're kinda going to have to organize a play."
      • Henry: "Oh..."
      • Sabine: "...Yeah, good luck", she says, leaving
      • Then we cut to the street where Roni's is located. Suddenly a portal opens. Ivy and Anastasia get out of it.
      • "We did it," says Ivy. "We're back"
      • We cut to the title card: the Fairy Godmother flying around the logo
      • Margot and Tilly are inside Roni's. They're organizing the bar. Margot asks if Tilly can help her serve people today, but Tilly reveals she has plans with Rogers, as he's returning to work the next day
      • The door opens, and Ivy and Ana enter. "Drizella?"
      • Ivy: "Hey, it's ok, I'm not... not anymore..."
      • Margot: "I know, aunt Regina told us. I thought you were back in the Enchanted Forest"
      • Ana: "We heard the curse was broken... then we came back"
      • Tilly: "You want us to call Jacinda?"
      • Ivy is reluctant, but Ana confirms.
      • Back in the past, Ella is crying in front of a tree. Her father's grave is in front of it. Ella cries and talks about how her life turned upside down after Marcus was murdered by the prince. She expresses her wish for revenge
      • Back to Roni's: Jacinda enters the bar and meets her stepsisters. Ana hugs her and it's a beautiful moment, but then Ivy approaches Jacinda and it is awkward
      • "Hi," they say.
      • Jacinda is about to turn back to Ana, but Ivy tells her they need to talk. Jacinda asks what she wants, and Ivy says it's serious
      • Ivy: "It can't be here"
      • Jacinda: "Where then?"
      • Ivy: "Your home?"
      • Jacinda: "...Ok. And who'll watch Ana?"
      • Tilly: "I will. I've heard you're a Guardian, right? So am I. We'd have a lot to talk about"
      • Margot points out Tilly has plans with Rogers, but she says she can cancel
      • Margot (to herself): "For her you can, for me..."
      • Ivy: "Well, let's go?"
      • Back in the past, we see Drizella and Ella at the market. The messenger comes to announce the ball where the prince will choose his bride. Ella is interested, but notices Drizella isn't
      • Ella: "You're not happy? Don't you want to give your mom the life she always wanted you to have?"
      • Drizella: "Yeah, sure..."
      • We cut back to Jacinda and Sabine's apartment. Ivy and Jacinda have already had the talk Ivy wanted them to have -- we apparently won't know what they were discussing, at least not now
      • Jacinda: "You can't be serious"
      • Ivy: "I am. It's all true, that's why we came back, I found out when we were in the Enchanted Forest and had to tell you"
      • Jacinda: "You've lost your trip. This means nothing to me, or to Henry. Our life's gonna continue the same way"
      • Ivy: "But after what I just said—"
      • Jacinda tells Ivy she doesn't believe her; Ivy says she knew she would react this way and tells her to prove that for herself; she knows how to do it
      • Jacinda: "I have nothing to prove, I know you're lying"
      • Ivy: "You won't prove it because you know it's true"
      • Ivy leaves the apartment, determined, and we see Jacinda confused
      • We then see Henry in his apartment, writing on his computer. Jacinda enters quickly and runs to him.
      • He turns to her asking about her day, but she just kisses him
      • Henry: "What?"
      • Jacinda: "Shut up and kiss me"
      • The two kiss passionately and beyond that
      • We cut back to Roni's. Tilly is seated with Ana at a table; Margot watches them from the balcony
      • Tilly asks Anastasia if she lost her powers too. Anastasia confirms, though she also reveals they have returned
      • Tilly tells her about her encounter with Wish Lily and about how that encounter convinced her that she is much more than she thought; their Guardianship is meant to do something more, she just doesn't know what
      • Ivy enters the bar and tells Ana they're going home. Ana asks if she and Jacinda made amends, but Ivy denies it
      • Ivy doesn't say much, only that they have to go home and that Jacinda will realize her mistake
      • Back in the past, Ella is arriving home with the food she bought at the market. However, she hears voices and hides
      • Gothel is talking to Tremaine at the living room. Hidden, Ella can hear as Gothel tries to convince Tremaine to let her test Anastasia
      • Tremaine doesn't allow it, as she knows Ana will be doomed if Gothel finds out she truly is the Guardian; Gothel affirms she'll just want Ana to do a small thing for her
      • Tremaine firmly says no; Gothel promises she'll regret this and disappears. Tremaine is really scared, and Ella notices it
      • A new day begins in Seattle. We see Rogers arriving to the police station, and the Desk Sergeant introducing him to his new partner now that Weaver is "missing": William; Rogers says they'll do great work together
      • Then we cut to Henry's apartment. Jacinda and Henry are sleeping, having just had sex the previous night
      • Jacinda wakes up after having flashes of her conversation with Ivy; "if you don't believe me, prove it yourself, you know how to do it"
      • She gets up, determined
      • Back at the police station, William is telling Rogers about their cases: the disappearance of seven women, including Eloise Gardener, and also of Weaver. The Desk Sergeant appears telling Rogers there's someone wanting to talk to him
      • It's Jacinda, begging him to let her enter Weaver's evidence room. Rogers is reluctant, but Jacinda says she thinks he is with something that was hers before the curse
      • We're back to the past. Tremaine and Ella are at the market. Hidden from her stepdaughter, Tremaine buys a knife
      • However, Ella is spying her. She focuses on the knife, knowing exactly what to do with it
      • We cut to Weaver's evidence room. Rogers lets Jacinda in, and asks what exactly she is looking for; she says it's a flower
      • While they look, Rogers reveals he's having to investigate the disappearance of Weaver and the coven witches, and is sad that he'll have to lie to William; Jacinda tells him it's for the best
      • Rogers then finds the flower, giving it to her; Jacinda quickly gets it from his hands
      • Rogers: "Mind if I ask what exactly makes this flower so special?"
      • Jacinda says she just always loved it, but as she leaves the evidence room, we see in her face that it's something more
      • Back to the past, Tremaine hides her knife under the couch, telling herself she will remember where it is whenever Gothel shows up again; "and then it'll be her end"
      • However, as she leaves, Ella walks in, stealing the knife; she also tells herself the purpose she will give to the object: finally avenging her father's death
      • We cut to Henry's apartment. He and Lucy are carrying boxes into the house, bringing Lucy and Jacinda's stuff
      • Lucy tells him it'll be a dream to finally be able to live with him again, and he tells her the same. Suddenly Rogers calls, and Henry decides to go meet him at the bar
      • Jacinda enters as Henry's leaving; he tells her he missed the nights with her and wants to do it again
      • Henry doesn't have much time to notice it, but Jacinda is reluctant to kiss him back
      • After he's gone, Lucy asks her mom to help her unpack. Jacinda does at first, but just as she finds a t-shirt belonging to Henry, she tells Lucy she just remembered having promised Sabine to take care of the food truck
      • Jacinda leaves the apartment; at the hall, she puts the flower and the t-shirt together; the t-shirt begins to fly
      • At Roni's, we see Henry and Rogers chatting. Rogers tells Henry that he doesn't want to lie to William
      • Henry tries to convince him that he is doing it for the best, but Rogers says he is still feeling guilty
      • Behind them, at the balcony, Margot and Tilly are also talking. A very happy Tilly tells Margot about Anastasia's guardianship and about how she's excited to find out everything about her powers
      • Though Tilly doesn't realize it, Margot is a little bothered by what she is saying
      • We go back to Henry, who tells Rogers he has to go back home as he was helping Lucy unpack. A little after Henry leaves, Ivy and Ana enter
      • The two sit down, and Ivy says she'll go to the restroom; a very excited Tilly goes to Ana's table to ask what she wants to eat
      • Then, Jacinda enters the bar, carrying the flying t-shirt. It lands on a purse, on Ivy and Ana's table
      • Ana: "Ella! So good to see you"
      • Jacinda: "Me too, Ana. Um... is that Drizella's purse?"
      • Ana: "Yeah, why?"
      • Jacinda turns around and leaves the bar, crying
      • Ana: "What happened?"
      • Jacinda arrives at the Community Gardens, crying a lot. Via flashbacks, we finally see her conversation with Ivy
      • In the flashback: Ivy tells Jacinda she was still feeling lonely even though she had Ana, she wanted to date someone
      • So she used the pixie flower to find her soulmate, and the spell lead her to Henry (or at least, his past version who was living in the NEF at that time). Basically, Henry is meant to be with her, not with Jacinda
      • Back to Jacinda's scene, we see her crying: "She was right... Ivy's Henry's soulmate... not me..."
      • We cut to the Tremaine Manor. Gothel appears in front of Tremaine, at the living room.
      • Gothel: "It's time, Rapunzel. I've come to test Anastasia"
      • Tremaine: "Over your dead body!"
      • Tremaine goes to the couch to get the knife she hid, but can't find it. Gothel wickedly tells her that Ella stole it; "and right now she's going to the ball with it to murder a prince"
      • Tremaine is desperate, and Gothel magically takes them to the estate graveyard. However, she can't find Anastasia's grave
      • Gothel: "Where is she?"
      • Tremaine: "I'll never tell you"
      • Gothel (chokes her): "You will, unless you wanna die"
      • Tremaine: "You won't kill me. You need me if you want to get to her"
      • Gothel (stops choking her): "You're right. But don't think this is over, Rapunzel. I will find your daughter!"
      • Tremaine: "Not today!"
      • Gothel disappears, and Tremaine is relieved.
      • Then, we return to present day. It's night. A car stops in front of a house. Sabine gets out of it, and yells: "Mother!"
      • Eudora's Seattle counterpart opens the door, and the two happily hug
      • We then return to the police station. Rogers is talking to William, who asks if Weaver seemed different the days before his disappearance. Rogers has flashbacks of his talk to Henry, when he said he didn't want to lie, but lies anyway: "No... I didn't notice anything"
      • Henry and Lucy are at his apartment, unpacking. Henry receives a message from Jacinda: "I'm sleeping at Sabine's tonight. Explain later."
      • Lucy: "Was it mom?"
      • Henry: "Yeah, she... she's not coming home tonight"
      • They both find it weird
      • We then go back to Sabine's apartment. She's not there, but Drew is, he's cooking. Someone knocks on the door, and he opens it: Jacinda
      • Jacinda: "Is Sabine here?"
      • Drew: "No, she went to see her mom, remember?"
      • Jacinda: "Oh..."
      • Drew: "Are you ok? You want me to call Henry?"
      • Jacinda: "No... Mind if I stay here tonight?"
      • Drew: "Uh, no problem, but..."
      • Jacinda says no more, and hugs him as she needs someone's support. She starts crying again. Drew is confused
      • We return to the past one last time. Ella, dressed in her maid uniform, is running from the Tremaine manor. However, Drizella puts her foot in her way, and Ella falls
      • "Oh sorry, Cinderella... Didn't see you there. Are you going to the ball? Dressed like that?"
      • Ella: "It's none of your business"
      • Drizella: "As a matter of fact it is. Wait, is that a knife? Sorry, can't let you go carrying that"
      • Drizella steals the knife from Ella and goes back to the house, saying she needs to get properly dressed
      • Ella stays at the ground, and cries. Suddenly, the Fairy Godmother appears, asking why she's crying
      • Ella: "Who are you?"
      • Fairy Godmother: "I'm your fairy godmother. Are you sad because you can't go to the ball? You wanted a chance to marry the prince, right?"
      • Ella: "...Right"
      • Fairy Godmother: "Then I'll help you. Do you mind wearing glass slippers?"
      • We then cut to archive footage of Henry and Cinderella about to meet (from 701). That's how it all began.
      • Back to present day, we see both Henry and Jacinda looking at their respective windows, Jacinda sad and Henry trying to understand things
      • Then we go back to Eudora's house. She's serving Sabine
      • Eudora: "So why did you come, dear?"
      • Sabine: "What do you mean, why did I come. Isn't that obvious? Things have just... changed, I needed to talk to you about all this"
      • Eudora: "Changed? Changed how?"
      • Sabine: "Mom...? We know who we are now."
      • Eudora: "What do you mean?"
      • Sabine: "That now we remember. You're Eudora, I'm Tiana!"
      • Eudora: "Who's Tiana?"
      • Ok — something's definitely off here. We focus on a very confused Sabine and...
      • End of episode
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      “Princess of Thieves” – In an attempt to cheer her up, Lucy takes Margot to train bow and arrow. However, they meet an old enemy, who will do whatever it takes to take the heroes down. Meanwhile, Sabine takes measures to deal with her mother’s apparent amnesia, and Ivy tries to get closer to Henry. In flashback, King John escapes Tiana’s dungeon. Trying to prove she can be the new Robin Hood, Robin decides to go on a particular mission to hunt him down, on “Once Upon a Time,” FRIDAY, JUNE 12 (8:00–9:01 p.m. EDT), streaming on Disney+.

      “Once Upon a Time” stars Andrew J. West as Henry Mills, Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook/Rogers, Dania Ramirez as Cinderella/Jacinda, Tiera Skovbye as Robin/Margot, Alison Fernandez as Lucy, Mekia Cox as Tiana/Sabine and Rose Reynolds as Alice/Tilly.

      Guest starring in this episode are Beau Bridges as King John/Richard and Adelaide Kane as Drizella/Ivy.

      “Princess of Thieves” was written and directed by Winged Pig.

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    • Episode 3 is here! With the debut of the main villain of the season :)

      Spoiler warning: Major plot information follows.
      • We pan over Seattle, then see Rogers and Tilly walking down the street. They're having some ice cream, and enjoying their time together
      • Then we cut to Roni's. Margot is cleaning the balcony. We see that she is clearly sad about feeling left out.
      • Margot (to herself): "They're just enjoying their time together, they were separated for years... Don't be jealous. You're not being left out"
      • Then we cut to a flashback. A hooded person is training bow and arrow in front of Alice's cottage. The archer hits the target three times in a row. Alice comes out of the cottage and congratulates Robin, who takes off her hood and calls herself Robin Hood
      • We see the title card: a target being hit by an arrow
      • We're at Sabine's apartment. Jacinda is cooking breakfast, and Sabine enters.
      • Sabine: "J? What are you doing here?"
      • Jacinda: "I need to talk to you"
      • Sabine: "Sure"
      • They go to Sabine's bedroom, and Jacinda tells her that she found out Ivy is Henry's soulmate
      • Sabine tells Jacinda she is just afraid and should go back to Henry, as they love each other and should be together
      • Jacinda says she just doesn't want to suffer, as she knows their romance won't work out and he will be with Ivy
      • Sabine says that's just fear. Besides, Henry would never be with Ivy, she poisoned and cursed him
      • Jacinda: "His family is very forgiving"
      • Sabine says she is dealing with problems more urgent than that, and Jacinda is offended
      • Sabine tells her Eudora is still cursed: she didn't regain her memories with Henry's kiss on Regina
      • Jacinda is shocked and they begin theorizing about it, but can't find an explanation. Sabine says she's queen, she must find a way to fix that; though she has no idea what
      • We cut to Roni's. Margot is opening the bar, and Henry and an excited Lucy come in, Lucy carrying the storybook
      • Margot: "What happened, Lucy? Everything ok?"
      • Henry reveals Lucy was reading Margot - or actually Robin's - story on the storybook, and wanted her to tell more about her adventures
      • Margot says it's a nice sentiment, but she's got a lot of work to do. Plus she's not really on the mood
      • Lucy asks what happened, and Margot reveals she's being left out by Tilly. Lucy tells her to call Remy to take care of the bar, because she knows what will make Margot feel better
      • While Margot talks to Lucy, Henry sits at the balcony. Ivy enters the bar and approaches him
      • Ivy: "Henry..."
      • Henry: "Ivy... Jacinda told me you were back, I..."
      • Ivy tells him she wanted to talk more to him, but Henry says he's just not ready to forgive her. He just remembered everything she did, he needs some time to understand it better
      • We cut to Tiana's palace. Robin delivers a letter from Alice to Hook, who thanks her. Then, Tiana walks in, desperate, revealing King John escaped from his cell
      • Robin asks who that is, and Hook explains it's the old king of that realm, whom Tiana formed the resistance to overthrow
      • Hook goes to help Tiana, and tells Robin to take care. To herself, Robin says: "This seems like a good mission for Robin Hood"
      • We're at a bow and arrow training place. Several people are shooting arrows in targets. Margot and Lucy arrive
      • Margot: "So this is where you wanted to bring me?"
      • Lucy: "Of course, in the book it said you always got better after training. So go, get a bow"
      • Margot accepts it, but on her way meets a man she recognizes. He also recognizes her. None of them have a good face
      • Man: "What are you doing here?"
      • Margot: "...John"
      • We're at Emerald Acres Farm, back to the flashback. Robin is getting dressed, and Alice goes to her asking what's going on
      • Robin lies, saying she's going to meet her friends, but Alice understands it: she's going after John
      • Robin tries to deny it but Alice guesses everything
      • Alice tries to stop her and holds her arm, but Robin tells her to let go. Alice begs her not to put herself at risk but Robin says she'll become a hero
      • Back to the bow and arrow training camp, Margot is facing John's Seattle counterpart
      • Margot: "I thought I had thrown you back to jail"
      • John: "No... You threw John in jail. Here, I am Richard. And Richard hasn't committed any crime"
      • Margot: "...Or he managed to cover his crimes well"
      • Richard: "No proof, no crime"
      • Margot swears she won't let her past effort be in vain and will find a way to throw him back to jail which is where he deserves to be
      • Richard goes to his train, and Lucy reaches Margot. She asks if she's ok and Margot says so; but she's not on the mood of training, she needs to do something else
      • Someone knocks on the door at Sabine's apartment; Jacinda opens the door. It's Henry
      • He asks her what's going on and why she didn't come home the previous day
      • Jacinda tells him she needs some time to think, and he asks if it's because of Regina's plan; Jacinda says it has nothing to do with it
      • Henry: "Then what is it? You just stayed here with no warning... Don't wanna talk... ...Was it Ivy?"
      • Jacinda: "What?"
      • Henry: "Did she say something? I met her today, she seemed weird"
      • Jacinda doesn't answer, which is already an answer
      • Henry: "If you don't want to tell me... I'll ask her"
      • Jacinda almost cries as he leaves. Sabine comes in and asks why she can't just figure things out with him
      • Jacinda says it's complicated, but Sabine says it's not, it's pretty easy. They love each other, he doesn't love Ivy, what is stopping them
      • Jacinda: "It's fate"
      • Sabine: "No. It's your fear"
      • Jacinda tries changing the subject and asks if she's going to do something about the situation with her mom; Sabine says she already did. She called for a rally next week, at Roni's, and called as much fairytale people she could; then she thinks she will be able to understand what happened to Eudora. Plus she needs to help her people adapt to the new reality.
      • We see Margot at Roni's. She opens a drawer, looking for something, and finds a wedding ring. She has a flashback of her conversation with Rogers from 722, when she asked him for his blessing to marry Tilly
      • Margot: "Maybe when this is over... I can ask her. But I gotta fix this first"
      • Back in the past, we see Alice running through the woods shouting for Robin. Suddenly, men come from behind the trees and hold her arms
      • John appears from behind another tree, smiling
      • "Look who it is... the girlfriend of the girl trying to capture me... I think you'll be useful. Won't she, boys?"
      • Then we cut to Belfrey towers. Richard is seated at Victoria's chair. Margot walks in
      • Margot: "I was surprised to hear you run this place now"
      • Richard: "I was Victoria's partner. When her daughter left to escape that candy killer... she quickly sold the company to me"
      • Margot: "Well, it doesn't matter. I came to make a peace offering"
      • Richard: "You? Wow. I didn't expect that"
      • Margot: "We have a second chance here, we all do. And I hope you'll make use of yours"
      • Richard: "Well, thank you. I'll do my best"
      • They shake hands. With her other hand, however, Margot plants a bug on his table
      • She leaves, firmly believing she is about to win the "battle"
      • We cut to Roni's, a while later. Margot is listening to the bug, trying to make some sense out of it. Tilly comes from upstairs, asking if she won't go to bed. Margot says she'll stay as she has something more important to do
      • Tilly: "...Sure"
      • Next day. Ivy and Ana's apartment, someone knocks on the door: Henry.
      • Ivy: "Henry! Ready to forgive me?"
      • Henry: "I want to know what you told Jacinda that made her so weird"
      • Ivy: "Excuse me?"
      • He enters, and keeps insisting that Ivy said something that made Jacinda weird, but Ivy keeps denying it
      • They are interrupted by Jacinda, who shows up at the apartment. Ivy rolls her eyes
      • Jacinda: "Henry. ...Am I interrupting?"
      • We cut to the NEF. Robin is walking down the street when a bird drops a note on her head
      • She reads it, and is desperate to read that John captured Alice
      • Back to Roni's, Margot is still hearing the audio from the bug. Tilly comes downstairs and asks Margot if she needs anything, as she'll go have a walk with Rogers.
      • Margot: "Of course you will"
      • Tilly: "What?"
      • Margot: "Nothing"
      • We cut to Ivy's apartment
      • Ivy: "Yes Jacinda, you're interrupting"
      • Henry: "What, Ivy? No she's not. What's going on here?"
      • Jacinda: "I'll... leave you alone"
      • She leaves, and Henry goes after her, asking what is going on with her
      • Jacinda tells him she thought a lot about their situation, and concluded they should take a break
      • While Henry arguments that doesn't make sense and insists on asking what happened, Jacinda just tells him she will stay at Sabine's for now, but Lucy can stay with him for a while, as she's been far from him for two years
      • She says no more and goes, leaving Henry very confused
      • We then cut to Tilly and Rogers, who are walking. Tilly asks Rogers for advice on her situation with Margot, as she doesn't really know what's going on with her
      • Rogers: "Romantic advice from me? The man who stayed about twenty years with a curse that prevented him from touching anyone he shared true love with? I didn't exactly have time for love stories, starfish"
      • Tilly: "Oh papa, I forgot. Sorry. Wait... so you never dated anyone all this time?"
      • Rogers (a little embarrassed): "Well... I went out with a few women but... I could never fall in love, or I'd have to stay away from them"
      • Tilly: "That must have been awful. I could never imagine a life without love..."
      • Rogers: "You won't have to"
      • We cut to Belfrey Towers. Richard is looking directly at the bug: he knows. With a wicked face, he calls someone
      • Richard: "Yes. Everything ready for tonight? Alright. Then you can go and kill that Tilly"
      • We see Margot's desperate reaction as she hears that: "What? Tilly? No!"
      • She gets her phone and leaves the bar, running
      • Back at Belfrey Towers, Richard still has a wicked smile. We see his phone and realize it: he never called anyone... it was all a ruse
      • In the past, John and his soldiers are holding Alice captive inside a cottage. She tells them Robin will rescue her, but John says he's doubtful
      • John: "I think it's more likely that your lover will be defenseless against us. Then she'll call the one person we actually want to talk to. Queen Tiana"
      • Robin: "Actually, I'm gonna end this right here"
      • We see her at the window, with an arrow pointed at John. His soldiers put a knife on Alice's throat
      • Robin: "Leave her out of this"
      • John: "How can I? If I leave her out of this, you kill me. I'd rather keep her. So either you call your queen or the girl dies"
      • Robin: "Actually, it's either you let her go or you die"
      • John: "Kill me and she dies, it's a lose-lose"
      • Robin: "Actually no"
      • We suddenly see other female archers appearing at other windows, all with their arrows pointed at John
      • John: "Plan B!"
      • One of his soldiers throws fire at the cottage, right next to where Alice is. Robin and the Merry Women run to rescue her, and John and the soldiers escape
      • Robin: "Someone go after them!"
      • We cut back to Tilly and Rogers' walk. Margot appears, running, asking if she's ok
      • Rogers asks what happened, and Margot reveals she put a bug on Richard's office, and heard him saying he'll kill Tilly
      • A desperate Rogers calls for a police car so they can hide Tilly. Margot approves, and assures Tilly she'll protect her
      • Back to the past, Robin wins the battle against the flames and manages to cut the ropes trapping Alice
      • Robin: "You're free... my Maid Marian"
      • Alice smiles and they kiss passionately before escaping the burning cottage
      • Outside the cottage, one of the Merry Women shoots an arrow at the soldiers, and manages to hit John, who falls to the ground
      • Robin: "Well done, Little Jane. You've been practicing"
      • Alice: "Should we call Tiana?"
      • Robin: "Yes... but first let me talk to our king. I need to ask him something"
      • Back to present day, Ivy receives a call. She answers it: it's Jacinda, who tells her she and Henry broke up
      • Ivy thanks her for the information, and says Jacinda made the right choice.
      • Jacinda: "You better hope I did"
      • Then we cut to the police station. Rogers, Margot and Tilly are seated there. The Desk Sergeant comes to tell them they haven't detected any unusual activity. It seems whoever wanted to kill Tilly, if someone actually wanted to, gave up
      • Rogers: "So it was a false alarm"
      • Desk Sergeant: "It seems so"
      • Rogers: "Let's go home then. I'll go with you. Just to make sure nothing will actually happen"
      • We're back to the past. Robin and Alice are in front of a crowd, Robin throwing money to them
      • Alice: "So tell me again. Where did this money come from?"
      • Robin reveals she made John tell her where he hid the part of his stolen money that Tiana never found. She wanted to give it to the poor, to do something nice
      • Tilly: "But... shouldn't this money go to Tiana?"
      • Margot: "Well... as long as she doesn't know"
      • They laugh, and Alice tells Margot she wants to be with her forever, for as long as she can. Margot says the same applies to her. They kiss
      • But in the present, the couple arrives Roni's with Rogers. He goes upstairs to prepare his room, and Tilly asks if Margot made that story up because she was jealous of her
      • Margot denies it, she says she actually heard Richard planning her murder, and Tilly apologizes for suggesting that.
      • Tilly: "Margot... If there's something bothering you about me... You can trust me. For anything. I love you"
      • Margot: "I know. Thanks"
      • They hug, but we see that Margot is still hurt. She looks at the computer she used to hear the audio
      • We cut to Sabine's apartment. Jacinda arrives, very sad, and Sabine hugs her.
      • Sabine: "Wanna talk about it?"
      • Jacinda: "No"
      • Sabine: "Then come help me send these messages inviting people for the rally. It'll be good to keep your mind busy"
      • We briefly see the message from Sabine's phone
      • Then we cut to Belfrey Towers. Richard is looking at his phone: he somehow also got the text. He carefully removes Margot's bug from the table and throws it from the window.
      • Richard: "It was a nice try, Robin Hood. But I can't let you ruin my plans for this rally... and for your friends"
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      “Porridge” – Sabine organizes a rally to organize the lives of the Seattle fairytale inhabitants. However, Richard is determined to ruin the event. Meanwhile, Lucy runs across a beggar in the streets who looks weirdly familiar, and this gives the girl clues about the mystery of Eudora’s amnesia; and Drew’s life changes for the worse. In flashback, Doctor Facilier makes a deal with Goldilocks, offering escape from the misery she is in because of King John’s tyrant rule, on “Once Upon a Time,” TUESDAY, JUNE 16 (8:00–9:01 p.m. EDT), streaming on Disney+.

      “Once Upon a Time” stars Andrew J. West as Henry Mills, Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook/Rogers, Dania Ramirez as Cinderella/Jacinda, Tiera Skovbye as Robin/Margot, Alison Fernandez as Lucy, Mekia Cox as Tiana/Sabine and Rose Reynolds as Alice/Tilly.

      Guest starring in this episode are Beau Bridges as King John/Richard, Daniel Francis as Dr Facilier/Mr Samdi, Luke Camilleri as William, Alyson Hannigan as Goldilocks and Jeff Pierre as Naveen/Drew.

      “Porridge” was written and directed by Winged Pig.

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    • I'm not sure if you noticed it, but yes, I'm recycling the actors from the first S8/Seattle for the new characters XD There isn't a deep meaning to it, it's just my laziness really

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    • I somehow missed the two last episodes and I just read them, and it's an amazing start! Robin, Alice and Ella totally feel like the main characters and seeing the Tremaines back was amazing. Also, I don't know if this will be explained, but how does the Drizella-Ana appearance fit with Seattle?

      Richard/John seems like an amazing villain, really looking forward for  him

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    • Truest Believer wrote:
      I somehow missed the two last episodes and I just read them, and it's an amazing start! Robin, Alice and Ella totally feel like the main characters and seeing the Tremaines back was amazing. Also, I don't know if this will be explained, but how does the Drizella-Ana appearance fit with Seattle?

      Richard/John seems like an amazing villain, really looking forward for  him

      Thanks! :) I'm finishing my catch up on your season so in a few days I'll leave my thoughts on the latest eps in your thread XD

      About OUAT in Seattle, it's set in a different canon (the same one from the original S8). This new version of S8 is an entirely different reality (so lots of differences, especially for Ivy's arc) :D

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    • I read the three episodes so far and I really enjoyed them. It's different from the other seasons I've read, in the way so much is in Seattle. I like that King John was the king from the NEF, which I always thought he was from watching S7.

      As far as the format goes, I like it. It's really easy to use on a text to speech website, to listen to the episodes (which is what I read most seasons with).

      Is there a reason you have two episodes a week? Just curious.

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    • Nick Branson wrote:
      I read the three episodes so far and I really enjoyed them. It's different from the other seasons I've read, in the way so much is in Seattle. I like that King John was the king from the NEF, which I always thought he was from watching S7.

      As far as the format goes, I like it. It's really easy to use on a text to speech website, to listen to the episodes (which is what I read most seasons).

      Is there a reason you have two episodes a week? Just curious.

      Thanks! :D I wanted to write a season set in Seattle to make it more of a direct continuation to S7

      And I decided to have 2 eps a week because with the new format, I can write faster, so I thought why not XD Plus I plan to have more seasons, so I figured it would be better this way lol

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    • Ep 4 is here!

      Spoiler warning: Major plot information follows.
      • We begin at Tent Alley. A blond beggar is asking everyone who passes there for food, but they do not seem to notice her
      • A man, however, stops when he sees her. It's Dr Facilier. She asks for money
      • Facilier: "Oh, another one of those starving because of King John's tyrant rule... But do not worry. Dr Facilier can give you what you want"
      • Goldilocks: "I just want a little money, nothing more..."
      • Facilier: "But I can give you way more. Let's make ourselves a deal"
      • We cut to Sabine's apartment. She, Drew and Jacinda are preparing to leave. Sabine asks if everything is ready and Drew says so
      • Sabine then asks Jacinda if she's ok with meeting Henry, and she says so. The three then leave for the rally.
      • We cut to the title card, a bear running through the woods
      • Henry and Lucy are walking down the steet, on their way to Roni's. Lucy asks if Henry's ok with meeting Jacinda, and he says he thinks so. The girl says it's so weird that Jacinda never explained what made her want to break up
      • When they are almost getting to the bar, Lucy sees a beggar in the street. She recognizes her.
      • Henry: "You ok, Luce?"
      • Lucy: "Yeah, I... I think so"
      • Back to the flashback, we're inside Facilier's tent. He's admiring his objects in search of something, while Goldilocks is seated
      • While looking for a specific object, Facilier sees the Firefly Ruby. A curious Goldilocks asks what that is, and Facilier reveals it's an artifact made to bring his strength back to that world; Goldilocks doesn't get it
      • Facilier: "It's voodoo magic. This ruby is connected to my life force, and is able to restore it whenever I need. Not long ago I was trapped between this world and the other side, and this brought me back. But anyway that's not what I want to discuss with you"
      • He finds a potion, giving it to Goldilocks and revealing all she has to do is pour it on the porridge of a family who lives nearby. If she does it, he'll give her enough money she won't have to work for the rest of her life
      • Goldilocks: "But what's on this potion?"
      • Facilier: "That is my business. Yours is... do you want to have a better life? That potion is your ticket."
      • We cut back to Roni's. It's crowded. Jacinda, Sabine, Margot, Tilly and Drew are already there. Henry and Lucy enter, and Lucy runs to hug Jacinda, saying she missed her
      • Henry arrives, and it's an awkward moment between him and Jacinda. Drew breaks the ice by inviting Henry to come check if everyone on the list has arrived
      • Lucy sits at an empty table and opens her storybook, leafing through the pages in an attempt to find something. Jacinda asks what she's looking for. Before Lucy can answer, she finds it: a drawing of Goldilocks, who's really the woman she met on the streets. Lucy leaves the bar saying she'll be right back, and Jacinda is confused
      • She leaves the storybook on the table, and as Jacinda looks at it, we focus on the drawing until it becomes the scene
      • Goldilocks is at the woods, in front of a cottage. She carries the potion
      • The woman knocks on the door, but nobody answers. Then, she forces the door and it opens
      • She looks around the house, seeing three plates on the table (one too big, one normal and one too small)
      • She looks at the potion, not knowing if she should pour it on the plates or not
      • Back to Seattle, Lucy runs to the beggar on the streets. She asks the girl for money, and Lucy gives her some
      • Then, Lucy reveals she knows the beggar is from the Enchanted Forest, and wanted to invite her to the rally that Queen Tiana organized
      • Beggar: "I'm sorry to break your delusions, kid... but enchanted forests don't exist"
      • Lucy: "What? No, I saw you in the book, I know you're from there, you don't have to hide. Now come on, come to the rally"
      • The beggar is really confused, and tells Lucy she prefers to leave. The girl is confused as well
      • Lucy (to herself as the beggar leaves): "She really seemed like she didn't know what I was talking about... Wait. Aunt Sabine's mom didn't remember either. What is going on here??"
      • Back at Roni's, the rally has begun. Sabine is making a speech about how life is hard for them in a new land with two lives in their heads, but how they can try to overcome the difficulties.
      • A little nervous, Sabine looks to her friends, who assure her she's doing well.
      • Before she can continue, someone opens the door of the bar: Richard. Margot asks what he's doing there
      • Richard: "I came for the rally. Didn't you want all fairytale people to come?"
      • In the past, Goldilocks is about to put the potion on the family's porridge. She is in doubt.
      • The woman has flashes of her conversation with Facilier, him telling her he will get her out of poverty. She pours the potion on all plates
      • Suddenly, she hears someone opening the door, and escapes through the window
      • We're back at Roni's. Sabine asks Richard what he wants with her. The former king says he wants nothing with her, but with his people
      • Jacinda: "John, I don't think you remember everything quite well. We dethroned you, remember? Tiana is queen now"
      • Richard: "Was queen. Back in our land. Here, things are quite different. There is no formal queen, is there?"
      • Henry: "We all know Sabine is our queen, and we'll respect her decisions"
      • Richard: "We all? I disagree with you, Henry. I bet that many people here have realized, like I have, that your Tiana isn't ready to rule a kingdom that doesn't even exist. We need someone more prepared"
      • Drew: "Let us guess, you?"
      • Sabine: "The people joined me in defeating you, Richard, because of all your crimes. They're not that stupid to believe your lies"
      • Richard: "Let's let them decide it, shall we?"
      • He leaves, affirming he will have them see how unprepared Sabine actually is; we see that her confidence in herself is shaken
      • After Richard leaves, Sabine tries to speak again, but the crowd has dispersed. Drew speaks up and asks them to let her talk
      • We hear someone on the back commenting that Richard was right, as their current queen can't even speak for herself. Henry rolls his eyes after hearing that
      • Lucy enters the bar again, and gets her storybook with Jacinda. Then, she approaches Tilly and Margot. She reveals she needs to talk to Tilly, and calls her to go outside
      • Tilly: "Sure, Lucy, just let me text papa"
      • We cut to the police station, where Rogers receives a text from Tilly: "John appeared. Challenged Sabine. She's insecure now"
      • William appears, telling him the captain wants them to check an anonymous tip related to one of their cases
      • Rogers asks what it is, and William reveals the tip said that there was a meeting of Eloise's cult at a bar near the troll
      • Rogers: "What bar?"
      • William: "One named Roni's"
      • We cut back to Tilly and Lucy, in front of the bar. Lucy tells Tilly about Goldilocks's amnesia, and says she thinks Goldilocks is the key to figuring out what happened to Eudora
      • Back to the flashback. Goldilocks is in front of the cottage, seated on the ground, hungry. A little boy leaves the house with a bucket, to get water, and asks her what she's doing there
      • Goldilocks reveals she's starving, and the boy invites her to come inside. She's surprised by his action
      • The boy introduces Goldilocks to his parents, who tell her to have dinner with them
      • Goldilocks tries to refuse it, but the boy insists. She's feeling guilty
      • Goldilocks: "Then at least let me help"
      • She gets all three plates at the kitchen, and purposely lets them fall. Done. They won't drink the potion anymore
      • Goldilocks: "I'm so sorry! I'll help you clean it!"
      • Mother: "No need, sweetheart. We'll deal with it. Now let's find something for you to eat"
      • Back to Seattle. The beggar is walking down the streets when she is approached by Lucy and Tilly. She tries to run when she sees Lucy, but Tilly tells her to wait
      • Tilly: "Sorry about my... niece. She has this strong imagination. She meant to ask you to come to the bar so we can give you something to eat"
      • Beggar: "I can't accept"
      • Lucy: "Why not? We're offering it"
      • Beggar: "Don't try to help me, you'll only wreck your own lives. My own life is proof"
      • Lucy: "What are you saying?"
      • Beggar: "Once I broke into a house, to get food. Then I realized they were rich. And decided to steal their money. I left the house to prepare myself for the robbery. But when I returned I met this boy, who lived in the house. He realized I was hungry and decided to give me food. I couldn't let myself steal from his family. But then his parents saw me, and recognzied me from the security cameras. They threw me in jail. Had I decided to steal the money, I would be rich by now. But I decided not to, because I wanted to help the kid. And I ended up with nothing."
      • Tilly: "But if you come with us, we can help you. You won't screw up"
      • Beggar: "I should never have decided to help the boy. I must accept that's who I am. A thief, who cares only about herself. Maybe this way I can have a good life"
      • She leaves them, and Lucy and Tilly are speechless
      • We cut to Rogers and William, who are arriving at the bar. William recognizes the bar as Rogers's friends' bar. He confirms it, but says he doubts they are involved with anything wrong
      • William: "We'll see"
      • Then we cut back to Lucy and Tilly. They are talking in the middle of the streets, thinking of ways they can help Goldilocks and make her remember. As she doesn't seem to have any loved ones, they don't know what to do
      • Lucy then has an idea: Tilly can help her. She's the Guardian, if anyone can help it's her. Tilly says she can't, but Lucy says she's the only one who can
      • We're back at the past. Goldilocks is back at Tent Alley. Facilier appears to her, congratulating her.
      • Goldilocks: "B-but why? They didn't drink the potion"
      • Facilier: "That's exactly what I wanted. Someone pure enough not to put their goals in front of others' well-being. A Guardian"
      • Goldilocks: "A pure soul? Why?"
      • Facilier: "So I can get the Dark One dagger, and finally be immortal. And therefore unstoppable. Now come with me. We still have our final test..."
      • We're at Roni's. The police car is parked right outside of it, and Rogers is in front of the bar guarding the area. Lucy and Tilly arrive, confused, and Rogers explains what happened
      • Tilly: "So what will they say? Papa, you can't let people figure out about magic"
      • Rogers: "I know, I won't. Sabine and the others went to the police station. I oriented them to say it was a meeting for Henry's play. This way our secret remains safe"
      • William leaves the bar, saying he believes everything's clean, and enters the car. Suddenly everyone hears a sound of glass breaking from inside Roni's
      • Rogers: "I'll check"
      • Tilly: "Wait. It's her. The beggar"
      • Lucy: "How do you know? Oh, Guardian thing. We can't let them arrest her!"
      • Tilly grabs Rogers's arm, stopping him from entering the bar
      • Tilly: "Wait, papa. I think it's one of us. A fairytale person, who doesn't remember. Like Eudora. Papa, you can't arrest her"
      • Rogers: "Sorry starfish, but... that's my job. I have to do it right"
      • We cut to inside the bar, the beggar is hiding behind the balcony. She was stealing the money
      • Back to the outside of the bar
      • Tilly: "Please papa!"
      • William (from inside the car): "Everything ok, Rogers?"
      • Rogers: "Yes, I'm going in"
      • Lucy: "Give her this. The storybook. Maybe she'll remember"
      • Lucy gives the storybook to Tilly, and she gives it to Rogers. However, when it is touched by Tilly, the book glows for a second
      • Tilly: "What was that?"
      • Lucy: "Guardian powers. I knew it!"
      • William: "Rogers..."
      • Rogers: "I'm coming in, sorry..."
      • He enters the bar and looks for someone there. The beggar tries to remain silent, but Rogers finds her behind the balcony anyway. He doesn't react, not sure what to do
      • He looks at Lucy and Tilly, who tell him with their expression to give her the storybook and pretend he found nothing, but he doesn't know what he should do
      • We cut to Tent Alley. Facilier tells Goldilocks to come with him, but she is faster and runs away from the tent. Facilier doesn't try to chase her; instead, he looks for a voodoo doll
      • Goldilocks manages to run away from the tent, but feels pain in the chest (from the voodoo)
      • Goldilocks: "He'll get to me... and if he does, there's no telling what he'll do... I have to do something"
      • She then remembers something, and gets the potion from her pocket. There's still a small amount of liquid inside the bottle
      • Goldilocks: "I can't let him get that much power"
      • She drinks it. Immediately after, we see her body changing. She becomes a bear, and escapes the tent
      • We cut back to the bar. A silent Rogers gives the storybook to the beggar. She touches it and we see flashes of her fairytale life (including her becoming a bear). She remembered.
      • Rogers (whispering): "You remember now?"; the beggar nods
      • Rogers (whispering): "Keep quiet"; he turns around and shouts to William: "Nothing here!"
      • Tilly and Lucy smile in approval
      • We then cut to the police station, some time later. Rogers and William are interviewing Henry, then Jacinda, then Sabine, then Drew, then Margot. All of them say the same thing: it was a meeting to discuss the play
      • We cut back to Roni's, now without the police cars in front of it. Tilly and Lucy approach Goldilocks behind the balcony and tell her she can stop hiding now.
      • Goldilocks reveals she remembers everything, and that Lucy was right
      • Tilly quickly explains about the curse that brought them to this world, and says she hopes Goldilocks will have a second chance in HH
      • Lucy offers Goldilocks a part in Henry's play, and says she could live at the theater for now. Goldilocks thanks them, and gives the money and the storybook back
      • We cut to the police station. Sabine, Drew and Jacinda are leaving the station, about to go home, when Rogers approaches them. He gives Sabine a box with items he found in Weaver's evidence room that belonged to her. Sabine thanks him, and they leave.
      • We cut back to Roni's, where Tilly and Lucy are talking about Goldilocks. They debate whether it was the book or Tilly's guardianship that made Goldilocks remember, but are relieved that they finally have a way to make these people have their memories back
      • We cut to Sabine's apartment. She arrives with Drew and Jacinda, and receives a call from Tilly. While she talks to her, Jacinda goes to her room, and Drew starts opening the box Rogers gave
      • Sabine finishes the call and tells Drew she thinks she found the solution to her mother's problem: the beggar Tilly helped remember said she was outside of HH the day the curse was broken, exactly like her mom, who lives outside of the city
      • Drew: "So this probably means that Henry's kiss only made the people who were in HH remember"
      • Sabine: "And considering the fact that Victoria Belfrey made us the favor of pushing out lots of fairytale citizens... we got a huge problem. But we also have the solution, because Tilly found a way to make them remember. Tomorrow we'll go to my mom's to restore her memories. Wanna come and meet your future mother-in-law?"
      • Drew: "Would love to"
      • Sabine kisses him and goes to Jacinda's room to tell her the news. Meanwhile, Drew opens the box and finds lots of items there, including... the firefly ruby
      • He seems hypnotized by it, and suddenly his eyes glow red. His confused expression turns into a wicked smile
      • Drew?: "Finally someone touched this thing... Oh, it's so good to be back."
      • He looks at the mirror, and is mad with what he sees
      • Drew?: "Really? Did it have to be him? Oh well, nothing that a glamour spell can't fix"
      • He waves his hand and turns into... Dr Facilier. He smiles wickedly.
      • End of episode
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      “Writer's Block” – After finding out that Jacinda broke up with him because Ivy is his real soulmate, Henry considers giving the former evil stepsister a chance. Sabine also sets Jacinda up on a date – but will both of them manage to forget their marriage so quickly? Meanwhile, Sabine takes Tilly and Anastasia to her mom in an attempt to bring her memories back, and Drew/Samdi is interested in their Guardian powers. In flashback, Henry and Hook get help from a mysterious man in their search for Cinderella, on “Once Upon a Time,” FRIDAY, JUNE 19 (8:00–9:01 p.m. EDT), streaming on Disney+.

      “Once Upon a Time” stars Andrew J. West as Henry Mills, Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook/Rogers, Dania Ramirez as Cinderella/Jacinda, Tiera Skovbye as Robin/Margot, Alison Fernandez as Lucy, Mekia Cox as Tiana/Sabine and Rose Reynolds as Alice/Tilly.

      Guest starring in this episode are Adelaide Kane as Drizella/Ivy, Yael Yurman as Anastasia, Robin Givens as Eudora, Jeff Pierre as Naveen/Drew and Frank Grillo as the Seller/Ethan.

      “Writer's Block” was written and directed by Winged Pig.

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    • Old cast members returning to Once Upon a Time revival


      The new season of Once Upon a Time premiered less than two weeks ago, but new information has already arrived on the second half. Meghan Ory and Jamie Chung, who played Red Riding Hood/Ruby and Mulan back when the show originally aired, are returning in recurring roles.

      They will both appear for the first time in episode 12, which is also set to have the return of Lana Parrilla as Regina Mills. Her character left in the season premiere to ask for the rulers of the many realms for permission in merging the worlds, and is seemingly returning eleven episodes later -- maybe bringing Mulan and Ruby with her? Only time will tell.

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    • Will we see Zelena/ Kelly in this season?

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    • Ouatfan111 wrote:
      Will we see Zelena/ Kelly in this season?

      As of now, I don't plan on including her :/ But maybe in a season 9

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    • So sorry I didn't post the episode yesterday, I completely forgot lol I'll post it later today

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    • Sorry for the delay, episode 5 is here! :)

      Spoiler warning: Major plot information follows.
      • We begin with Lucy and Henry, at the Hyperion Theater. Some women are walking into the stage and reciting a monologue: it's an audition for the play
      • Lucy and Henry have files and are taking notes about the actresses, who are hoping to play Cinderella
      • Lucy: "So did you find anyone you like already? Dad?"
      • Henry: "What? Sorry Lucy, I was... thinking"
      • Lucy: "About my mom, right?"
      • Henry: "Yeah... I don't think any of these actresses have the right... quality to play her. To be honest I don't think anyone has"
      • Lucy: "I think what you're feeling is love. You want to be with her. Just go ask her what's going on! I'm sure you can figure it out"
      • Henry: "It's not that simple, Lucy"
      • Lucy: "I think it is"
      • Henry's thinking. We cut to a flashback. Henry and Hook are fighting soldiers in the NEF
      • They manage to hide behind the trees, and wait for the soldiers to leave
      • Henry: "That was close"
      • Hook: "So, are we getting there? I can't wait to find this man you say can help us find your Cinderella. Then we can begin the search for my daughter"
      • Henry: "If he can't find her... no one can"
      • Hook: "Well, Regina's almost there. Her locator spell is almost working"
      • Henry: "But her magic's weird here, we can't count on it. Now let's go, I think we're close"
      • We see the title card: two men flying with pixie dust
      • We're at Eudora's Seattle home. Sabine, Drew, Tilly, Margot and Anastasia are there
      • Eudora: "It's nice to meet you all"
      • Sabine: "So, mom, Tilly and Anastasia are the ones I talked to you about. Their therapy will help us deal with stress"
      • Eudora: "Are you sure their... method works?"
      • Sabine: "Absolutely"
      • Eudora closes her eyes, and Tilly and Anastasia each hold one of her hands. Sabine approaches Drew and Margot, revealing she's scared, as if the Guardians can't bring Eudora's memories back, no one can; Margot assures her everything will be fine
      • We see light coming out of Tilly's and Ana's hands, and going through Eudora's body
      • As the two begin their spell, we see Drew — who we remember is possessed by Samdi — looking, very very interested. He touches the firefly ruby in his pocket, to remind us about him being possessed
      • The spell ends. Sabine asks Eudora how she's feeling, and she reacts normally. Sabine asks if she's not remembering something, but Eudora denies it; Sabine is disappointed
      • We're back to the theater. Henry watches the actresses reciting the Cinderella monologue, but he can't concentrate. He tells them he'll go to the restroom and will be back in a minute
      • Lucy goes after him, and encourages her dad to look for Jacinda and find out what really happened
      • We're back to the NEF. Henry and Hook are in front of an old cottage. Hook asks if it's there, and Henry confirms. That's the Seller's house, he helped him deal with some giants not long ago
      • We cut back to HH, as Henry knocks on the door of Sabine's apartment. Jacinda answers him and says it's not a good time. Henry insists she tells him what happened, but Jacinda says she can't
      • We're back to Eudora's home. Sabine is talking to Tilly, Margot, Ana and Drew, desperate with Eudora's state. "We tried Guardian magic, we tried the storybook... Nothing works!"
      • Margot: "Wait. There's one thing we didn't try. Something that might actually work"
      • We cut to moments later, when Sabine sits down at the couch next to Eudora, who asks what really is going on
      • Sabine replies she will tell her, she just needs to do something first. Sabine kisses her mother's forehead, and we see the true love wave
      • Eudora has flashes of some memories, such as her auction, Tiana's coronation etc
      • Eudora: "Tiana!"; Sabine: "Mom!"
      • The two hug. Margot, Tilly and Ana watch happily, and "Drew" watches with a wicked face
      • We're back to the flashback. Henry and Hook are talking to the Seller. Henry introduces Hook to him, and asks if he has any item that can help him find a loved one
      • The Seller asks if it's a romantic loved one, and Henry confirms. The Seller reveals he has what Henry needs: some pixie dust that can take anyone to their soulmate. If this loved one he's looking for is really his soulmate, the dust will lead him to her
      • We see Sabine and "Drew" arriving home, and Jacinda talks to them asking for Sabine's help. She tells Sabine that she is afraid of telling Henry the truth, but Sabine encourages her to say. "Maybe he can convince you that you shouldn't have broken up with him!"
      • We return to the theater. Henry comes back from the restroom, and Lucy reveals there's someone who wants to talk to him. He is annoyed to see Ivy.
      • She apologizes for bothering him, but says she had to ask him something: "Can we go on a date some time?"
      • Henry is surprised and somewhat mad with the question. He tells Ivy he just broke up with Jacinda and it is unfair of her to ask him that. Ivy realizes Jacinda hasn't told Henry about the soulmate thing yet, and is about to tell, when Jacinda arrives
      • Jacinda asks if she's interrupting, but Henry denies it, as Ivy was leaving anyway. She does, and Jacinda says she has something important to tell Henry
      • Back to the flashback, Henry and Hook are in front of the Seller's cottage. Henry pours the pixie dust on himself and then on Rogers, and the two start flying
      • As they do, Henry points out how ironic it is for Captain Hook to be using Tinker Bell's dust, but Hook doesn't understand the joke
      • The two quickly arrive to their destination: the Tremaine manor. Henry realizes the dust was right, Cinderella is his soulmate, but asks himself what she is doing back there
      • Back to the theater, Jacinda and Henry enter a private room, where she tells him everything. About how Ivy is his soulmate, and that's why they shouldn't be together. Henry is surprised (he points out that now he understands why Ivy asked him out), but tells Jacinda that shouldn't be an issue as they love each other
      • Jacinda tells him she doesn't want to put expectations on a relationship she knows won't last
      • Henry: "Why wouldn't it last? It lasted for over a decade, minus the curse! We love each other."
      • Jacinda: "But fate! Fate wants you with Ivy. Sorry Henry, we can't be together. Goodbye"
      • She leaves, and Henry shouts she is being a coward. Jacinda cries, and so does he
      • Lucy enters the room, asking if he's ok. Henry says so, and asks her to tell the actresses he's already going to watch their tests, he just has to make a call first
      • We cut to Ivy's apartment. Ana enters, and Ivy asks how it was with Eudora. Ana reveals Eudora remembered not because of them, but because of Sabine's kiss. Ivy is surprised
      • Suddenly, her phone rings, and Ivy answers it: it's Henry, who tells her accepts going out with her. "Is Friday ok for you?" Ivy smiles happily
      • Then we see Jacinda arriving home, crying. Sabine stops her cooking to hug her, and asks what happened
      • Jacinda reveals she told Henry and definitely broke up with him. Sabine tells her she doesn't think that was the best choice but will support her
      • Jacinda reveals Ivy asked Henry out and that she thinks he'll accept.
      • Sabine: "You know what? Why don't you do the same?"
      • Jacinda: "I'm sorry?"
      • Sabine: "I don't think you should've broken up with Henry so easily. But now that you have, why don't you try to move on? I'll set you up on a date as well"
      • Jacinda is reluctant, but Sabine convinces her
      • We then cut to the police station. Tilly is talking to Rogers there. She tells him she feels like Margot has been acting weird lately
      • Rogers advises Tilly to talk to her, as everything's better with a conversation; Tilly reveals she's afraid, but she'll try
      • We then go to Henry's apartment. Lucy brings him photos of the actresses she selected, and is surprised to see him dressed in a suit
      • Lucy: "Wait. Where are you going?"
      • Henry: "Didn't I tell you?"
      • Lucy: "I think I would've remembered"
      • Henry: "Well, I... have a date. Aunt Sabine is picking you up, you'll stay with her tonight"
      • Lucy: "Wait, a date? With whom?"
      • Henry: "Um... you don't know her"
      • We cut to Sabine's apartment. She is helping Jacinda choose her dress for her date
      • Jacinda: "So is it good?"
      • Sabine: "This one's perfect. Now go, because Ethan's almost here and I have to go to pick up Lucy"
      • Jacinda: "Wait, Lucy's staying here?"
      • Sabine: "Yeah, Henry had something to do and he asked me to..."
      • Jacinda: "Something to do? It's his date with Ivy. Oh Gosh... I hope we didn't pick the same restaurant"
      • Sabine: "Let's hope not"
      • We cut back to the flashback. Henry and Hook arrive back to the ground, and enter the Tremaine manor through the window. They wonder where Cinderella could be.
      • As the two walk down a corridor, they see Drizella there. She sees them too, and they face each other
      • Drizella: "What are you doing here?"
      • Henry: "We just want Cinderella. What have you done to her?"
      • Drizella reveals Ella is not there, but Henry insists. The two corner her, but Drizella escapes by getting the Fairy Godmother's wand from her pocket, using it to teleport herself to the other side of the room
      • As Henry and Hook prepare to go after her again, she points the wand at them, and the two disappear
      • Back to present day, Henry is waiting for Ivy in front of her building. He's nervous, and it just doesn't feel right. When she arrives, he greets her awkwardly and quickly opens the car door for her
      • We cut to Jacinda, who arrives to her restaurant with her date Ethan: we realize he's the Seller (from the flashback)
      • They sit down, and Jacinda reveals she's a little nervous. Ethan says so is he, and the two laugh a little
      • We cut back to Henry and Ivy's date, which thankfully is at a different restaurant. They are already seated
      • Ivy is the proactive one there. She asks Henry a few questions, trying to understand what tastes they have in common for them to be soulmates. Henry on the other hand is not nearly as excited as she is, and speaks only when asked
      • Back to the flashback, Henry and Wish Hook appear in front of the Seller's cottage. They knock on his door
      • When he shows up, Henry tells him the spell didn't work
      • Seller: "The spell always works"
      • Henry: "But it didn't! It took us not to where my soulmate is now, but to where she was a few days ago"
      • Seller: "Impossible. The spell always works"
      • Hook: "You know what, let's check it again. I'll call Regina, we'll be able to fight against Drizella's magic, and we'll see if Cinderella is there. I'll be right back"
      • Hook takes a magic mirror from his pocket and leaves; Henry stays, asking the Seller if really there wasn't any way the spell could have failed, and the Seller confirms there isn't
      • We quickly cut to the Tremaine manor, where Drizella sees the pixie dust on the ground and is interested by it
      • Back to the cottage, Hook returns to Henry and reveals Regina finally managed to make the locator spell work. They can find Cinderella now
      • Henry thanks Hook and before leaving with him, he tells the Seller he'll see that the spell was wrong
      • In present day, Henry is at the restroom. He looks at himself in the mirror, undecided about what to do with Ivy
      • We cut to Roni's. Tilly arrives the bar and meets Margot, who tells her she thinks Richard found out about the bug she put and got rid of it, because she's been hearing nothing for days
      • Tilly interrupts her, asking what's been going on with her lately. Margot tries to escape the conversation, but Tilly doesn't let her
      • Margot then takes courage and reveals about feeling left out. She says she knows it's a selfish feeling but she can't help feeling it. Tilly is surprised and asks if they can talk about that now, but Margot reveals she's not really on the mood at the moment, and just wants to go to bed
      • Tilly stays there, staring at the balcony. We then see someone spying on her from outside the bar: "Drew"
      • At the hallway of Sabine's apartment, Ethan (the seller) is bringing Jacinda home. She reveals she had a great time with him, and he says it was good for him too. Before she enters the apartment, Ethan kisses her, and she doesn't stop him
      • They laugh for a bit and Jacinda enters the apartment
      • We cut to the corridor of Ivy's apartment. Henry is also bringing her home, but still not speaking much. Ivy then says goodbye, a little sad as she realizes he didn't enjoy the date as much
      • Henry says goodbye and goes, leaving Ivy sad. Suddenly, he changes his mind and comes back.
      • Henry kisses her. Ivy is very surprised and very happy. Henry says goodbye again, and leaves for good this time
      • End of episode
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      “Midsummer” – Henry meets Olivia, an actress from his play who is going through a problem similar to his. Meanwhile, Lucy isn't happy after finding out about her father's date with Ivy; and Samdi kidnaps Margot to blackmail Tilly into giving him the Guardian powers, only to find out that he missed a chapter of the story. In flashback, a young woman named Helena makes a deal with the Seller, in hopes of making her loved one fall for her, on “Once Upon a Time,” TUESDAY, JUNE 23 (8:00–9:01 p.m. EDT), streaming on Disney+.

      “Once Upon a Time” stars Andrew J. West as Henry Mills, Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook/Rogers, Dania Ramirez as Cinderella/Jacinda, Tiera Skovbye as Robin/Margot, Alison Fernandez as Lucy, Mekia Cox as Tiana/Sabine and Rose Reynolds as Alice/Tilly.

      Guest starring in this episode are Adelaide Kane as Drizella/Ivy, Daniel Francis as Dr Facilier/Mr Samdi, Frank Grillo as the Seller/Ethan and Tanya Reynolds as Helena/Olivia.

      “Midsummer” was written and directed by Winged Pig.

        Preparing Editor Spell
    • And episode 6 is here! :D

      Spoiler warning: Major plot information follows.
      • We begin in a far-away ream. A young woman, Helena, is walking through a castle, when someone calls her
      • She follows the calling until she meets a couple hiding inside a room
      • She calls them Hermia and Lysander, and asks what they are doing there
      • Hermia tells Helena that she and Lysander are running away together
      • Helena: "Your father will kill you when he finds out! He wants you to marry Demetrius!"
      • Hermia: "And I want to marry Lysander. You want to marry Demetrius. This may be your chance, Helena!"
      • Helena: "Yeah..."
      • Hermia reveals she just wanted to tell Helena to have someone she trusts knowing where she is. Then, she leaves with Lysander
      • Helena (to herself): "Maybe Demetrius like me once Hermia is not around... or maybe he'll like me if I tell her about Hermia's escape"
      • We cut to the HH theater, present day. Helena's Seattle version, Olivia, is there; she's one of the actresses at the audition for the play
      • Henry and Lucy are analyzing another actress's performance. Lucy says she'd make a good Drizella
      • Suddenly Henry receives a message from Ivy, which says "Last week was great, lets do it again"
      • Henry: "Speaking of Drizella..."
      • Lucy: "What? She sent you a message? What... (reads the text) Wait, your date last week was with Ivy??"
      • Henry: "I, Lucy, um..."
      • Lucy: "I can't believe it. Mom breaks up with you, and you go to her stepsister? The one who cursed us all? Stay here rating the candidates for Drizella, I think you know her so well that you can do it alone. I'm going to talk to mom"
      • Henry tries to go after her, but Lucy leaves
      • Title card: pixie dust surrounding the logo
      • Margot is opening the bar, when Tilly comes from upstairs.
      • Tilly: "Robin, I... I want to talk to you. About what you told me last week, about feeling left out. We need to talk about it, we can't pretend nothing is happening"
      • Margot: "I've done that successfully for the past month, I think you can learn how to do it too"
      • Back to the theater, we see Olivia (Helena) preparing for her audition. Henry apologizes for the inconvenience with Lucy and is about to start rating the actresses again, when Ivy appears. Henry tells her it's not a good time, as he needs to finish choosing the actors today
      • He tells Olivia to go, and we see her making her monologue. She repeats Drizella's lines from 706, in which she swears she'll get revenge on Tremaine.
      • Ivy watches the scene horrified and regretful. She tells Henry she needs to go, and leaves; Olivia finds it weird
      • Back to the past, we're at a forest. Demetrius is looking for Hermia, and Helena is after him
      • Helena: "Demetrius, wait. When I told you about Hermia and Lysander, you weren't supposed to come after them"
      • Demetrius: "I was supposed to like you more because you told me, right? You were wrong. Now excuse me that I need to find Hermia"
      • Helena is sad
      • We return to present day. Olivia is at Roni's, drinking seated at the balcony
      • Henry and Rogers enter the bar, Henry telling him Lucy freaked out when she found out he had a date with Ivy
      • Rogers tells him he thinks Lucy is right. "I mean, you've been together for the entirety of the girl's life, minus the curse, then you suddenly break up and now you're seeing Jacinda's stepsister who hates her? Not to mention she literally poisoned you, man"
      • Henry can't find a good answer. Then he sees Olivia, and approaches her
      • He reveals she was chosen to play Drizella on the play, and she smiles sadly
      • Henry asks if she's ok, and Olivia reveals today is the day she's signing her divorce
      • Henry says he's sorry, and Olivia reveals he shouldn't be, as that marriage was never good for her anyway. She just married him because she thought that was who she was supposed to be with
      • Olivia: "I thought we were meant for each other, because everyone said so... but it didn't work out"
      • Henry says sorry, and goes back to talking to Rogers
      • We cut to Sabine's apartment; she's talking to Jacinda about her date with Ethan. Jacinda reveals they have been texting each other but she really isn't happy about it; she'd rather be with Henry
      • Sabine tells her it was her choice to break up with him, even though everyone told her not to. Jacinda says she's right
      • Back to Roni's, Henry and Rogers are talking. Rogers asks Henry why exactly he wants to be with Ivy, and Henry reveals it's because of fate
      • Rogers: "But do you know exactly what this prophecy means? No! It could mean anything, that you are supposed to forgive her or..."
      • Henry: "It means I should be with her...!"
      • Rogers: "You don't even believe that. And worse, you're trying to fool yourself into thinking you do"
      • Olivia passes by them and says bye to Henry before leaving the bar
      • Back to the flashback, Helena arrives to a familiar cottage... the Seller's, which we saw in the previous episode. She knocks on the door, and he asks her what she wants
      • Back to present day, Olivia is at the notary's office, with her ex husband. They sign the divorce
      • We cut to moments later, where the two of them are leaving the office. The ex husband approaches Olivia
      • She asks what he wants, and he reveals he just wanted to say that he's glad they did it
      • "You know it as well as I do, we're not a good couple. People always said we were... but I think we can both agree we're not. This divorce was great for both of us"
      • Olivia: "Yeah... It was"
      • Ex Husband: "Maybe now we could be friends?"
      • Olivia: "Yeah, I... I think so"
      • Back to the past, Helena is talking to the Seller – who she knows as “the Puck” –, who gives her a new kind of pixie dust. He reveals this kind of the dust can make someone think they love someone
      • Seller: "Pour this on your loved one's eyes, and he'll think he is falling in love with the first person he sees. Which hopefully, means you"
      • Helena: "Thank you"
      • Back to present day, Henry and Ivy are on a date at Roni's. Like last episode's date, Henry doesn't talk much.
      • Moments later, they're leaving the bar. Henry seems uninterested in her until suddenly he kisses her; Ivy is surprised
      • Henry: "Good night"
      • He leaves, and Ivy is happy
      • Next day. Margot is opening the bar, and Tilly appears. Margot asks her where she is going, and Tilly reveals she will go meet Rogers
      • Tilly asks Margot if she wants to come, but Margot says no
      • Margot: "It's your thing, it was stupid of me to be jealous... Go, have fun"
      • Tilly: "...Ok"
      • After Tilly leaves, someone enters. Margot is on her back, and tells the person the bar is still closed
      • Facilier: "Indeed... it is"
      • She turns around, scared, and sees Samdi
      • Margot: "Who are you??"
      • Facilier: "My name... is Mr Samdi. You might know me as Dr Facilier"
      • Margot gets her bow and threatens him, but Facilier pricks a voodoo doll, making Margot feel pain
      • At the theater, Henry is talking to Olivia, about Drizella's character.
      • Olivia: "So she's a very revengeful person"
      • Henry: "Yeah, but that comes from the lack of love she got from her mom"
      • Olivia: "But from what you told me, she was the one who rejected her mom first, because she had someone else"
      • Henry: "Well, yeah, but..."
      • Olivia: "And, stop me if I'm wrong, but... I'm not sure she loved her mom that much. She seemed to just want her as someone she could... cling to"
      • Henry: "But that begins with her family issues"
      • Olivia: "Yeah, I know. That's what I love about her character, she's really complex. I mean, she's far from being a good person, but that's what makes her interesting"
      • Henry's thinking about it. We see that her analysis is making him doubt whether he should be with Ivy
      • Back to the flashback, Helena is at the forest, chasing Demetrius. She hears someone walking behind her, and hides behind a tree. When the person appears, she throws the pixie dust at him
      • However, it's not Demetrius. She's surprised to realize she hit Lysander, who, already under the effect of the dust, tells Helena he loves her
      • At the theater, Henry is still talking to Olivia. He asks her if her life has any similarities with Drizella's story, for her to connect and understand her better
      • Olivia: "Well, kind of. Her desire of having someone to cling to is similar to a mistake I made some time ago"
      • Henry: "What mistake?"
      • Olivia: "I told you yesterday about my divorce, right? Well… long time ago, I had this boyfriend. We're in love with each other, even though we were very different. But my friends and my family didn't think I should be with him. They talked about this other man, who was very similar to me, but whom I never loved... they said I was meant to be with him. That I was his soulmate"
      • Henry: "Soulmate?"
      • Olivia: "Yeah, and I ended up believing in them. I married him, even though I didn't love him. Our marriage didn't work out, and we got divorced yesterday. It was the best thing I ever did"
      • Henry: "But your ex husband... didn't you try to work things out with him? Because it could just be hard, not impossible... I mean, he was your soulmate"
      • Olivia: "If there's one thing I learned with this failed marriage, is that soulmates don't exist. I should be with the person I love. And now I finally can. I asked out my old boyfriend, the one I actually loved. We're going out tonight. I can finally make up for the time I lost"
      • We cut to a book shop. Rogers and Tilly are reading the Rapunzel book together, when Tilly's phone rings; it's Margot
      • Margot: "Tilly. I've been trapped in the bar by Doctor Facilier. He said he'll only let me go... if you come here and give him your powers"
      • Tilly: "What? Facilier's dead"
      • Margot: "Trust me... he's not. Please come"
      • Facilier pricks the doll, and Margot screams in pain
      • Tilly screams desperate for her love
      • We cut to the bar, moments later. Rogers and Tilly invade the place
      • Facilier: "So you came. Ready to give me your power, Guardian?"
      • Tilly: "Over your dead body"
      • Facilier: "Are you sure? Because your Margot can get really hurt"
      • Tilly: "Get away from her!!"
      • A blast of magic comes out of Tilly's hand; it throws Facilier to the floor. The doll flies from his hand
      • While Tilly goes to Margot, Rogers points his gun at Samdi, blocking him
      • Rogers: "Why do you want my daughter? How are you even alive?"
      • Facilier: "I want the same thing I've always wanted"
      • Rogers: "The Dark One powers? That'll be hard to get, since all Dark Ones are dead"
      • Facilier: "What?"
      • Rogers: "You don't know?"
      • Margot: "Rumplestiltskin died, a few weeks ago. Not long after you. And he took his powers with him"
      • Facilier: "No... no no no..."
      • Rogers: "Looks like your plan is ruined, voodoo doctor"
      • Facilier teleports away, defeated; Tilly, Margot and Rogers hug, relieved
      • Moments later, Rogers tells the couple he will check if Facilier is in the neighborhood. Margot uses the chance to apologize to Tilly for being mad at her, and that she knows she wasn't in the right to be jealous of her father
      • Tilly: "But you had to tell me what was going on, what you were feeling. We could have found a way to fix things. And starting right now, we'll do stuff together every day, ok?"
      • Margot (smiling): "Ok"
      • Back to the flashback, Helena is running from Lysander, who proclaims to be in love with her. She tells him he isn't, and is just cursed
      • Suddenly, Demetrius appears. He asks Lysander what he did to Hermia, and Lysander says he just has eyes for Helena
      • Helena hits Demetrius with the love spell, and he also says he's in love with her
      • However, their false love for Helena makes Demetrius and Lysander argue, until Lysander punches Demetrius
      • We cut to the theater, present day
      • Olivia arrives, with a man
      • Henry: "I see your date went well"
      • Olivia smiles happily. She says goodbye to the man and they kiss
      • When they do, a TLK wave appears
      • We see Olivia having flashes of her NEF past.
      • Henry: "You remembered. You're... one of us"
      • Her boyfriend is confused, and Olivia asks to speak to Henry for a second
      • Olivia: "Ok... what happened?"
      • Henry: "You've got a lot to figure out"
      • We cut to Sabine's apartment; she is talking to Margot on the phone. Margot tells her about Facilier, and Sabine says she'll be careful and also warn Drew
      • In the flashback, Helena watches as Lysander and Demetrius fight. Hermia arrives and sees the fight, becoming confused as she hears them talking about loving Helena
      • Lysander manages to win the fight, and leaves a bleeding Demetrius on the ground. Hermia runs to Lysander, but he throws her away
      • Hermia asks if he doesn't love her, and Lysander says he loves Helena
      • Helena goes to the dying Demetrius. Hermia accuses her of cursing the two men, and goes after Lysander.
      • Demetrius finally dies, and Helena is desperate
      • In present day, Olivia finishes telling her fairytale story to Henry, and says the curse wasn't really that bad after all
      • Henry: "What do you mean?"
      • Olivia: "For a long time I thought I could only be with Demetrius... and here, with my ex husband. But, while I was cursed, I realized that I have to be with the one I love. I mean, what bigger proof than the fact that his kiss broke my curse? I love him, and I wouldn't trade that for a predestined love"
      • Henry: "You're right"
      • He stands up, and leaves
      • Olivia: "Wait, where are you going? What about the play?"
      • Henry: "I'm going to fix a mistake"
      • We cut to Sabine's apartment. Henry enters Jacinda's room. She is using her phone. Without saying anything, he quickly goes to her and kisses her passionately.
      • End of episode
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      “Movie Night” – Undecided about her situation with Henry, Jacinda accepts a suggestion from Lucy to have a movie night with her and Sabine. But for Sabine, watching The Princess and the Frog brings a shocking revelation concerning Samdi and Drew. Meanwhile, Rogers helps Henry and Margot prepare surprises for their respective loved ones. In a flashback, a pregnant Ella is captured by John, and Tiana and Henry find themselves forced to make a deal with Doctor Facilier to rescue her, on “Once Upon a Time,” FRIDAY, JUNE 26 (8:00–9:01 p.m. EDT), streaming on Disney+.

      “Once Upon a Time” stars Andrew J. West as Henry Mills, Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook/Rogers, Dania Ramirez as Cinderella/Jacinda, Tiera Skovbye as Robin/Margot, Alison Fernandez as Lucy, Mekia Cox as Tiana/Sabine and Rose Reynolds as Alice/Tilly.

      Guest starring in this episode are Daniel Francis as Dr Facilier/Mr Samdi and Jeff Pierre as Naveen/Drew.

      “Movie Night” was written and directed by Winged Pig.

        Preparing Editor Spell
    • And the first half of the season is over! Season 8 is returning July 7, and I'll soon release more info on the second half :)

      Spoiler warning: Major plot information follows.
      • We begin in the NEF, with a heavily pregnant Ella. She's entering the Resistance Camp when she is surrounded by soldiers. They kidnap her
      • Title card: a voodoo doll
      • We're at Sabine's apartment, and see Henry and Jacinda sleeping, after having sex the previous night
      • Jacinda wakes up and leaves the room, meeting Sabine. She reveals Henry slept there and Sabine realizes that's why they asked her to pick up Lucy
      • Sabine: "So you finally heard my advice. I told you, you should be together-"
      • Jacinda: "I don't know about that."
      • Sabine: "You're still in doubt? How did you end up sleeping with him?"
      • Jacinda: "He came here"
      • Sabine: "Oh, sure. And considering you don't want to be with him, then you just told him to go home. Oh wait no, you didn't. You still love him! You're great together!"
      • Jacinda: "But fate-"
      • Sabine: "I said it before and I'll say it again. It's not fate that's keeping you apart. It's your fear"
      • Back to Jacinda's room, Henry wakes up, and remembers his night with Jacinda. He gets up and meets Sabine at the kitchen
      • Sabine tells him Jacinda went to work at the truck
      • Sabine: "And Henry... She's still not sure she should be with you. Want my advice? You're gonna have to fight to win her back"
      • Henry: "And here I thought true love was gonna be easy"
      • Back to the past, Henry, Tiana and Hook come to the place Ella was kidnapped
      • Tiana: "What do you think happened? She should be here by now"
      • Hook: "Wait... these footprints... Someone else was here"
      • Henry: "Look at this!"
      • He shows them a piece of one of the soldiers' clothing, with the symbol of King John
      • Tiana: "That bastard. We have to rescue her"
      • Henry: "He's not gonna harm her, right? She's carrying my daughter! I can't stand losing the two of them"
      • Tiana: "You won't have to. Hook, take Regina to Facilier's tent. If things work as we planned, you'll find the spell that will make us able to defeat Drizella. Maybe we can use it on John as well. Meanwhile, Henry and I will search for Ella"
      • Jacinda returns home, and meets Sabine and Lucy. She asks if Henry's still there, but Sabine denies it. Jacinda says she just wanted to forget her problems for a while, and Lucy suggests a movie night
      • Jacinda: "A movie night?"
      • Lucy: "Yeah, just the three of us. We can watch your movies. You know, Cinderella, The Princess and the Frog... I think it'll be fun"
      • Jacinda and Sabine agree
      • We cut to Roni's. Margot and Rogers are talking; Margot is telling him she and Tilly made amends
      • Rogers is relieved, and asks her when exactly he can talk to his daughter about the wedding proposal Margot talked about
      • Margot says she's not sure how to ask her yet, but she wants to do it soon
      • Rogers promises he will help as needed. Henry walks in and says he hopes Rogers's sentence applies to him too, as he also has a love problem
      • Rogers: "What's up, mate?"
      • Henry: "I'm going to have to prove my love for Jacinda. And I need your help to do it"
      • Back to Sabine's apartment, she's talking to "Drew", telling him about Jacinda not wanting to go back to Henry. However, she notices he's a little distracted, and asks him what's going on
      • She remembers to ask him to go out that night, as she is having a movie night with Jacinda & Lucy
      • In the flashback, Henry, Tiana and a few resistance soldiers are marching through the forest, on their way to rescue Ella. While they go, Henry and Tiana talk about their feelings for her, how they found respectively love and friendship with her, and how they don't want to lose her
      • Tiana: "The only thing I would change in her is that pessimistic worldview. She seems to think that everything can always go wrong. Because of that she makes some really questionable choices"
      • Facilier: "As have you, right, princess?"
      • They turn around to see Dr Facilier
      • In present day, Jacinda and Lucy arrive to Sabine's apartment, ready to start their movie night. Lucy puts on Disney+ (let's pretend it already existed in 2018 in the OUAT universe), while Sabine asks Jacinda if she talked to Henry
      • Jacinda then tells her she really wants to get distracted right now
      • At Roni's, Margot is painting some signs while Henry organizes drawings of Cinderella and Prince Charming; Rogers brings them drinks
      • While doing their work, Henry and Margot talk about their love. About how they feel they can count on Jacinda and Tilly respectively, and about how every day with them is an adventure
      • Henry then asks Rogers if he hasn't got anyone
      • Rogers: "Oh, no, no. Didn't have much time for that during the time I had my heart poisoned."
      • Henry: "So in all these years, you haven't fallen in love? Not even once?"
      • Rogers doesn't answer; embarrassed, he asks if they can change the subject
      • Back to the flashback, Facilier tells Tiana he has an offer for her. While she proclaims not wanting anything from him, he reveals he can save her friend Ella
      • Tiana: "How?"
      • Facilier: "Take this voodoo doll. Prick it. If you do it, I free your friend"
      • Henry: "Tiana, this is obviously a game"
      • Tiana: "It's worth a try"
      • She gets the doll and pricks it; Henry feels pain; she stops
      • Facilier: "So... if you want me to free your friend... your other friend will pay the price"
      • Back to present day, Tiana, Jacinda and Lucy are watching The Princess and the Frog. We see the scenes in which Lawrence pretends to be Naveen
      • Watching those scenes, Sabine gets suspicious and gets up
      • Jacinda: "Hey, where are you going?"
      • Sabine: "I gotta do something"
      • Lucy: "But we're in the middle of the movie!"
      • Sabine: "I'll be right back"
      • In the flashback, Tiana gives the doll back to Facilier, affirming she won't hurt a friend just to get another one back
      • Tiana: "Plus, we don't need your help. We're gonna rescue Ella on our own"
      • Facilier: "You could, yeah, but, you see Tiana... I'm not done with you yet"
      • Tiana: "What?"
      • Facilier waves his hands and disappears with Tiana; Henry and the soldiers are desperate
      • At Roni's, Margot goes upstairs to get more ink. Rogers asks Henry what he's doing, and he reveals he's getting images from the Cinderella story that represent the one sentiment missing in Jacinda's life, which is making her push him away: hope
      • Henry: "She went through a lot of pain. So now, much like my mom, she prefers not to risk being happy, so she won't be disappointed. So I got these pictures from the Cinderella fairytale, to show her she should risk it. She should take a chance at being happy, even if it's not a hundred percent chance of it working out."
      • At Sabine's apartment, Lucy is about to play the Cinderella movie. Jacinda is uncomfortable with watching it, but Lucy doesn't notice it
      • Before they begin, Lucy asks where Sabine went, and Jacinda reveals she's starting to get worried
      • We see Sabine entering Mr Samdi's office and shouting for him
      • Samdi: "Hi there"
      • Sabine: "So you really are back"
      • They face each other
      • Back to the flashback, Tiana and Facilier appear on a swamp. She asks what they're doing there, and Facilier reveals he needs to test her; however, she is faster: she punches him, and uses his distraction to run away
      • At Samdi's office, Sabine faces him
      • Samdi: "So what are you doing here?"
      • Sabine: "Isn't it obvious? I watched our movie today. And when I saw that blood necklace that your movie version used to make Lawrence look like Naveen... I recognized it, and you know from where"
      • Samdi: "I don't understand where you are trying to get"
      • Sabine: "You have one of those. And as soon as I saw it, I understood how you can be back from the dead, like Margot said. You must've had Wish Realm Rumplestiltskin kill someone else disguised as you! And you were disguised as someone else! Now tell me... who is it? Is it Drew? Henry? Rogers?"
      • Samdi: "So that's why you came alone, you don't tryst any of your friends anymore. Well, you know, you actually have a point. But that's not how I came back"
      • Sabine: "Then how?"
      • Samdi: "That's my secret. Now let's make use of your visit. I have a deal to make with you"
      • Sabine: "I want nothing from you"
      • She turns away, but he holds her arm. She then throws pepper spray at his face, and runs
      • At the swamp, Tiana stumbles on a rock and falls; Facilier reaches her.
      • Tiana: "What do you want from me?"
      • Facilier: "I want to give you a choice. Here's the voodoo doll that will kill Henry. If you don't stop me, I'll free Ella for you"
      • Tiana: "Don't. Don't kill him. Please"
      • Facilier: "Stop me"
      • Tiana: "How??"
      • Facilier: "You... you really don't"
      • Tiana: "I really don't what?"
      • Facilier: "You don't have magic. You're not the Guardian... This was a waste of time"
      • He poofs away, disappointed
      • Tilly enters Roni's and is surprised to see everything dark. Suddenly the lights are on and we see a sign written "The bunny went that direction" (and the drawing of an arrow pointing to the right)
      • Tilly follows the sign only to find another sign, and keeps doing it until she finds a wedding ring
      • Margot comes out of her hidden place behind the balcony
      • Tilly: "So I found the bunny"
      • Margot: "Alice... It's been so good to be with you these past years. You brought me light, you brought me love... You brought me fun. Every day with you is so magical and unexpected. I love you"
      • She gets the ring and gets on her knees
      • Margot: "And I want to spend every day of my life with you. Alice... will you marry me?"
      • Tilly: "Do I really need to answer?"
      • The two kiss passionately
      • We cut to Sabine's apartment; Lucy and Jacinda are finishing Cinderella
      • Lucy: "So did you like it?"
      • Jacinda: "Kind of, I... I need to..."
      • Lucy: "Mom, what is it?"
      • Jacinda: "Nothing, I..."
      • Lucy: "Mom..."
      • Jacinda: "I just... Watching this movie I just realized how non Cinderella I am. Cinderella's supposed to be hopeful. To be optimistic even in her darkest times, and I never was. I never believed happiness was possible"
      • Lucy: "You don't have to compare yourself to other Cinderellas, mom. There are lots of versions of you. Plus, it's never too late to start being hopeful"
      • Suddenly, someone knocks on the door. Jacinda opens it, and meets Rogers, who gives her a few posters with the drawings of Cinderella and Prince Charming; he doesn't say much, and leaves
      • Lucy comes and sees the posters
      • Lucy: "See? It's never too late to start. Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending..."
      • Jacinda: " a very powerful thing"
      • In an impulse, Jacinda leaves the apartment and meets Henry on the hall. The two kiss, finally together after all; Lucy and Rogers watch, happy
      • Back at the swamp, Tiana gets the voodoo doll which Facilier left on the ground, and tries to speak to Henry through it
      • However, at the forest, Henry hears nothing. A soldiers asks him what they will do now, and he affirms they should continue the operation and rescue Ella
      • We cut to the castle dungeons. Ella is there. She uses a clip and manages to break free. The pregnant woman runs away
      • At Sabine's apartment, she comes home and meets Drew, asking where Jacinda and Lucy are
      • Drew reveals Henry and Jacinda have a lot of lost time to make up for, and they went back home
      • Sabine: "So she finally took my advice"
      • Drew: "It seems so. And you, where... where did you go?"
      • Sabine: "Nowhere, I..."
      • Drew: "Are you ok?"
      • Sabine: "Nope. Watching my movie today was... weird. I just kept thinking about how I'm not 100% Tiana or 100% Sabine and it's just too... weird. I don't know what to do with my life. Can I be good a queen here? In this world, without... any practical power? And with Richard trying to demoralize me at every step I take, it's just too..."
      • Drew: "I know. But if I were you I wouldn't worry about Richard so much"
      • Sabine: "Why not?"
      • Drew: "Because there are worse threats out there"
      • Sabine: "Like what?"
      • Drew: "Like Doctor Facilier"
      • Sabine: "Well, I have to tell you this... I just came back from meeting him."
      • Drew: "I know"
      • Sabine: "Wait, how do you—? No. Facilier??"
      • Drew waves his hands ans turns into Samdi.
      • Sabine runs away from him, but the door is locked. Samdi corners her and reveals they have some catching up to do
      • End of episode
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    • Second half titlespoilers :)

      "Engagement Ring"
      "Kingdom of the Sun"
      "If the Shoe Fits"
      "What Meets the Eye"
      "The Cards Will Tell"
      "Demon in a Bottle"
      "The Good Queen"
      "The Eleventh Hour"

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    • I forgot to leave my feedback but I caught up recently and I really like them! 8B seems really interesting and I loved the Ella-Henry-Ivy love triangle and how magic can be tricky too. Excited to see more of Facilier, AMND and Tiana! 

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    • Truest Believer wrote: I forgot to leave my feedback but I caught up recently and I really like them! 8B seems really interesting and I loved the Ella-Henry-Ivy love triangle and how magic can be tricky too. Excited to see more of Facilier, AMND and Tiana! 

      Thanks :)

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      “Engagement Ring” – Now without a way to become immortal, Samdi reveals he just wants to live a normal life with Regina. To prove to Sabine that he has changed, the voodoo doctor asks for Ethan's help in bringing Drew back. Meanwhile, Ivy discovers Henry and Jacinda are back together; and Tilly has an idea to understand her Guardian powers better. In flashback, we learn the Seller's origin story, which explains some of his mysterious goals in the present, on “Once Upon a Time,” TUESDAY, JULY 7 (8:00–9:01 p.m. EDT), streaming on Disney+.

      “Once Upon a Time” stars Andrew J. West as Henry Mills, Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook/Rogers, Dania Ramirez as Cinderella/Jacinda, Tiera Skovbye as Robin/Margot, Alison Fernandez as Lucy, Mekia Cox as Tiana/Sabine and Rose Reynolds as Alice/Tilly.

      Guest starring in this episode are Alfre Woodard as the Sea Witch, Adelaide Kane as Drizella/Ivy, Daniel Francis as Dr Facilier/Mr Samdi, Yael Yurman as Anastasia, Jeff Pierre as Naveen/Drew and Frank Grillo as the Seller/Ethan.

      “Engagement Ring” was written and directed by Winged Pig.

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    • The midseason premiere is here! With a lot of set up for a potential s9

      Spoiler warning: Major plot information follows.
      • It's night. We begin with Henry and Jacinda walking happy, on their way to Roni's. On the other side of the road, Ivy sees them
      • She is surprised to see that they are back together, and goes back home
      • Title card: an underwater cave
      • Henry and Jacinda enter the bar, and meet Tilly and Margot. They congratulate the couple on their engagement
      • Rogers arrives right after them, and also congratulates Tilly and Margot. They are happy, and Margot asks where Sabine is. Jacinda reveals she left and didn't say where she was going... but texted to say she went back home
      • We cut to Sabine's apartment. She's facing Samdi.
      • Samdi: "No, don't be scared. I don't want to be your enemy, princess"
      • Sabine: "Hard to believe it. Didn't you kidnap Tilly these days?"
      • Samdi: "Because I wanted her Guardian powers, so that I could steal the Dark One dagger. But then I found out... the dagger is gone"
      • Sabine: "Your plan failed"
      • Samdi: "Yes... I have no way to be immortal anymore. Which means I should enjoy my time in this world... knowing it will end someday. With the people I love. With Regina"
      • Sabine: "I doubt she'll want to be with you given what you've done to us"
      • Samdi: "Which is why I want to fix everything. I'll find a way to free Drew, we'll both be able to live at different bodies."
      • Sabine: "How the hell will you do that?"
      • Samdi: "Getting a little help from an old friend. Here you know him as Ethan. But in our world... he was called the Seller"
      • We cut to a flashback. The Seller is in front of the sea, writing. Suddenly a mermaid appears next to him. He is scared at first, but the mermaid tells him to wait, as she was interested by his writings. The Seller reveals he writes about fantastic stories, and the mermaid says she would like to know more
      • Back to present day, Ivy arrives home crying. Anastasia sees her and goes to her room, asking her what happened
      • Ivy reveals she saw Henry with Jacinda. Anastasia asks if Ivy really cared about Henry, and Ivy says so.
      • Anastasia: "Then don't you want him to be happy?"
      • Ivy: "Of course I do! I want to make him happy!"
      • Anastasia: "Don't you think he would be happier... with the person he loves?"
      • We cut to a house. Samdi and Sabine get out of his car.
      • Sabine: "Try anything and you're dead again"
      • Samdi: "Don't worry, I did not lie. This is Ethan's house. You know, the friend you set up for Jacinda. In our world, he's the Seller. And he can help you"
      • Samdi knocks on the door, and Ethan opens it
      • Ethan: "...Queen Tiana and Doctor Facilier. What an unexpected visit, especially so late"
      • We cut to the flashback. At the Seller's cottage - which doesn't yet have all the magic items: he is talking to another man, his brother
      • The brother tells the Seller that the mermaid has him under a spell; that's what mermaids do. Especially that one, who he's heard is known as the Sea Witch
      • The Seller tells his brother to stop insulting the love of his life, and tells him to go
      • In present day, Ethan first makes Sabine buy a magic harp from him before letting her tell what she wants
      • Then, Samdi talks about Drew, explaining the situation. Ethan says he can bring him back on one condition: a specific amount of money
      • He writes the price and shows it to Sabine, who's desperate
      • At the bar, Henry, Jacinda, Margot, Tilly and Rogers are celebrating. Margot's phone rings, she reveals it's Kelly and leaves to talk to her. While Rogers stays to talk to Tilly about how happy he is, Henry and Jacinda end up talking about Ivy
      • Henry encourages Jacinda to forgive her, at least for Ana. Jacinda promises she'll try
      • At the flashback, the Seller is at a store, hoping to buy an engagement ring. The owner of the store recognizes him as the boyfriend of the Sea Witch, and asks for his permission to give him advice. The man tells the Seller that the Sea Witch is using him, and tries to convince him to sell the witch's treasure
      • The Seller is offended and leaves the store, angry
      • Back to present day, Sabine arrives home, crying. She lies on her bed and reveals she doesn't have the money, and therefore can't free Drew
      • Lucy knocks on her door and asks if she's ok. Sabine lies saying she is, and asks where Jacinda is
      • Lucy reveals she and Henry got back together and they went to Roni's to celebrate Tilly and Margot's engagement
      • Sabine can't hide her sadness, and Lucy asks if she wants a hug. Sabine says so, and it's a cute little moment
      • Henry and Jacinda arrive to his apartment, and Jacinda reminds him he still has to tell Regina about their decision to stay in Hyperion Heights. Henry promises to tell once she comes back
      • We cut to the next day. Jacinda enters Sabine's apartment to pick up Lucy, and sees Sabine. Sabine goes to her, begging for help; Jacinda asks what happened, and Sabine tells her everything
      • Jacinda promises her they are going to find a way to get the money
      • We cut to Ivy's apartment. Anastasia leaves saying she'll go to Roni's. A while later, Ethan and Samdi knock on the door
      • Ivy asks what they want with her, and Ethan reveals they want to offer her a deal
      • Samdi: "We know about your entanglement with Regina's son. We can give you what you want"
      • Ivy: "H-Henry?"
      • Ethan: "We can make him fall for you. If you do something for us"
      • Ivy: "What do you want?"
      • Ethan: "Nothing you don't have. Money. We know your mother had a lot, and that you know where she hid it. We need it. Give it to me, and he's all yours"
      • Ivy is in conflict
      • We cut to the Sea Witch's cave at seaside. Lots of magical artifacts are there. The Seller arrives and starts to declare his love for her
      • He gets on his knees and gives her a very modest ring
      • The two proclaim their love
      • Back to present day, Sabine and Jacinda are at Rollin' Bayou. A client asks Jacinda why the beignets are more expensive, and she says they have a personal financial problem
      • The client, however, isn't comprehensive and doesn't buy the beignets
      • Sabine worries their plan will not work, and Jacinda assures her it will
      • We cut to Ethan, Samdi and Ivy, inside a car. They get to Victoria's vacation home
      • In there, Ivy opens a safe box with a lot of money
      • Ivy: "Is that enough?"
      • Ethan confirms
      • At the flashback, the Seller is alone at the Sea Witch's cave. He's preparing a dinner party when he finds a bottle that interests him. He sees the label on it: love spell
      • The Sea Witch arrives home, and the Seller asks her what that potion is doing there; she is surprised
      • In present day, Sabine and Jacinda enter Roni's and go to the balcony, where Margot is eager to tell them something
      • Sabine: "What is it?"
      • Margot: "It's Richard. He did it again. He's attacking you online, after what you did to the price of your food"
      • Margot shows a post that Richard made, insulting Sabine
      • Sabine: "He can't do that!"
      • Jacinda: "And... there's people commenting that they agree with him! This can't be happening"
      • While they talk, Anastasia enters the bar and sees Tilly. Ana notices the engagement ring and congratulates her
      • Their talk eventually leads them to the Guardian matter. When Ana reveals she still wants to figure out why they exist, Tilly says she thinks there is a way
      • Back to the balcony, Sabine gets a text from Samdi, who asks her to come to his office. She asks Jacinda to go with her, and they say goodbye to Margot
      • Back to the flashback, the Seller asks the Sea Witch if she cursed him with the love potion
      • The Sea Witch denies it, but the Seller notices the bottle is half empty, therefore she has to have used it at least once
      • Sea Witch: "Ok, I used it. But it was a long time ago. And it was not on you. I love you. We're gonna get married"
      • Seller: "Everyone kept saying that I shouldn't fall in love with a mermaid, that they have their tricks... They were all right!"
      • Sea Witch: "Look, if I wanted to curse you into loving me, I wouldn't have done it with a potion. I could just start singing and you'd love me more than anything"
      • Seller: "And how do I know you didn't do it? Sorry. This engagement is over"
      • The Sea Witch begs for him not to go, but he's decided. She then makes a decision and starts singing, to enchant him and prevent him from leaving her
      • At Samdi's office, Jacinda and Sabine meet Samdi and Ethan
      • Jacinda: "Wait. Ethan? The guy you set me up on a date with?"
      • Sabine: "Believe me, I wouldn't have done it had I known who he was"
      • Ethan: "Thanks for the consideration, Tiana. But now I'm helping you"
      • Sabine: "But we didn't get the money, how will you free Drew?"
      • Ethan: "You didn't get it... but Samdi did"
      • Sabine: "What?"
      • Samdi: "Told you I wanted to make amends"
      • Ethan: "He gave me all the money I needed, and so I will free Drew for you tonight"
      • Sabine is really really happy, and hugs Jacinda
      • She turns to Samdi and thanks him
      • Then, Tilly enters the office, surprised to see Jacinda and Sabine there
      • When asked, Tilly explains she came to ask for Samdi's help in figuring something out
      • She reveals about her Guardian issue and he decides to take a card for her. Ethan, Sabine and Jacinda watch as Samdi gives Tilly a tarot card which he says is the answer to her mystery
      • We look at the card: a dying tree
      • Tilly: "I don't get it"
      • Samdi: "Trust me, you will"
      • Ethan: "Now, if you're done here, let's bring your Drew back. Samdi..."
      • Samdi undoes the glamour spell and his appearance reverts back to Drew's. Ethan tells him to lie down. He gets a knife and touches him with it
      • Then, Ethan shakes the knife, making Samdi reappear, back to his own body.
      • Samdi: "You did it"
      • Ethan: "Indeed. Tiana... your boyfriend is back"
      • Sabine cries happily and hugs Drew as he wakes up; Tilly, Samdi and Ethan watch the cute moment
      • Back to the flashback, the Seller tries to cover his ears but can't stop listening to the song. He then gets a magic bean from a shelf and throws it, opening a portal that starts sucking the Sea Witch
      • She tries to hold herself, but can't
      • Before leaving, she curses him: "You want to be rid of me? To get my treasure for yourself? Then do as you wish! You will have to spend the rest of your life selling it! And only when you've sold it all... you will be able to get rid of the effects of my singing! You'll love me until you get all the money!"
      • Back to Ethan's home, he looks at the money and talks to himself: "So it looks like I finally did it, sweetie. I got all the money. And now there's no such thing as love for you in my heart anymore. Which means I can finally... get my revenge"
      • End of episode
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      “Kingdom of the Sun” – Richard begins his revenge plot against the ones who murdered his sons, and hires a man named Mason to sabotage Jacinda's food truck for him. Meanwhile, William finds out about Samdi and Weaver's feud and suspects one is behind the other's demise, which forces Rogers to hide clues from his partner if he doesn't want him to discover about magic. In a flashback, two tricksters and the hate of an entire kingdom turn King John into what he is today, on “Once Upon a Time,” FRIDAY, JULY 10 (8:00–9:01 p.m. EDT), streaming on Disney+.

      “Once Upon a Time” stars Andrew J. West as Henry Mills, Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook/Rogers, Dania Ramirez as Cinderella/Jacinda, Tiera Skovbye as Robin/Margot, Alison Fernandez as Lucy, Mekia Cox as Tiana/Sabine and Rose Reynolds as Alice/Tilly.

      Guest starring in this episode are Beau Bridges as King John/Richard, Adelaide Kane as Drizella/Ivy, Josh Gad as Mason and Luke Camilleri as William.

      “Kingdom of the Sun” was written and directed by Winged Pig.

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    • And episode 9 is here :D

      Spoiler warning: Major plot information follows.
      • We pan over a castle, the one from 701
      • Inside the castle, we see a king and a queen with a boy, telling him he is their favorite person in the world and will be the best king for the kingdom in the future. However, another boy, younger, watches them, sadly
      • He runs away, crying, and as he passes by two servants, one of them comments that he probably heard the king and queen favor his brother over him again
      • We cut to Belfrey towers. Richard has a board in front of his desk, with pictures of Ivy and Jacinda. He crosses Ivy's pictures and tells himself tomorrow is the day the murderer of one of his sons will pay
      • Title card: Rollin' Bayou
      • We see Henry, Jacinda and Lucy getting to the food truck. Henry and Lucy say goodbye to Jacinda and leave, while the woman stays there. Then, another man comes running, and apologizes for being late
      • Jacinda: "It's ok, I just got here too. So, ready for your first day, Mason?"
      • Mason: "Sure. Where do I start?"
      • Jacinda: "Why don't you begin my making sales today? Let's see how you go. I'll just make the beignets, can you wait outside for a second?"
      • Mason: "Sure"
      • When Mason leaves the truck, he gets the phone and calls someone... Richard
      • Richard: "So, are you there?"
      • Mason: "Yeah. Do you want me to do it tonight?"
      • Richard: "As soon as possible. You know exactly what to do"
      • We return to the flashback, but years later; the young boy has grown up. John is saying goodbye to his older brother, who's getting married and is leaving to rule another kingdom
      • The brother assures John he will make a fine king for their homeland, and John says he'll do his best. However, when the brother leaves, John talks to himself: "I'm gonna prove mom and dad they were both wrong... I'll be a better king than you ever could, brother. They'll see... they all will see..."
      • Margot is serving clients at the bar. Tilly says goodbye to her and leaves. A while later, Richard enters the bar and approaches Margot
      • Margot: "Try anything and you'll go to jail"
      • Richard: "Oh, Margot... you really don't believe I've changed?"
      • Margot: "After you tried to ruin our rally, no, I don't"
      • Richard: "How do you even know it was me? Oh, yes, the bug you put on my office... Yeah, I knew about that"
      • Margot: "The whole killing Tilly thing... was a ruse! What did you want with that? Just make fun of me?"
      • Richard: "I never planned on killing anyone, Margot, I think you're mistaken. And I just came here to congratulate you... I heard you're engaged"
      • Margot: "You can't be serious. Wait, how do you even know I'm engaged?"
      • Richard: "Goodbye, Margot, it was nice meeting you. And don't forget to follow me on social media. You know, lots of fairytale people have begun to. Looks like I'm the king they need right now..."
      • He leaves, and Margot is mad
      • At the police station, William tells Rogers he found a clue on Weaver's disappearance that might be crucial to solving the case. Rogers asks what it is, and William says it's that, a few days before his disappearance, Weaver was seen discussing with a man
      • When Rogers asks what man it is, William reveals his name was Baron Samdi, and he was found dead around the time Weaver went missing
      • Rogers: "So what are you suggesting? That Weaver killed Samdi and ran away?"
      • William: "I don't know. You were his partner. Did he mention anything about this Samdi? Who was that guy?"
      • Rogers: "I don't know, I don't think Weaver mentioned him"
      • William: "Not at all?"
      • Rogers: "Um, other people did mention Samdi to me..."
      • William: "What? Who?"
      • Rogers: "A criminal, ok? Who said Samdi was powerful and that he was the one who killed Nick Branson, you know, the Candy Killer. This man said he was running away from him. Samdi had lots of enemies. I honestly think it's more likely that he died because of his crimes, not because of Weaver"
      • William: "Well, let's find out. Let's see how his death actually occurred"
      • At the truck, Sabine meets Jacinda, while Mason is away, selling the beignets. Sabine asks who he is. Jacinda reveals it's the new guy she hired to replace Tilly, and Drew for now
      • Jacinda: "About that... is he better?"
      • Sabine: "Well, he is... recovering... I mean, it's not easy to have been possessed by a voodoo doctor, so..."
      • Jacinda: "And Facilier? Do you think he'll... do anything?"
      • Sabine: "Well, he did seem honest. Plus, now that the Dark One dagger doesn't exist, he has no way of achieving his goal of becoming immortal. So I don't think he's a threat anymore, really. But I will keep an eye on him"
      • Sabine then gets a text from Margot, telling her about Richard's visit and orienting Sabine to check his page
      • Sabine sees he has lots of followers and shows it to Jacinda, realizing he's influencing more people every day
      • Sabine: "We have to do something"
      • Jacinda: "Agreed. But what?"
      • Back to the flashback, John is making a speech to a crowd, but they are making too much noise and he can't really speak.
      • John tries to talk about how he will make the kingdom great, but stops when someone throws a tomato at him.
      • Henry, Jacinda, Sabine, Lucy, Tilly and Margot are at the bar. They are talking about Richard. Sabine asks them to be her council again, like they were in the NEF, and to help her deal with the stuff
      • Margot: "Sabine, we'd love to help in integral time... but we don't live in a castle here. We aren't rich. We gotta work to have money. And so do you..."
      • Sabine: "Richard doesn't. He's rich, owns Belfrey's company... he can do whatever he wants. Which is, influence my people"
      • Henry: "Ok, maybe I'm missing something, but... what exactly can he do here? I mean... he's not a king. He can't exactly make all these people poor again... can he?"
      • Margot: "Well, maybe. Owner of a big company... you never know what he can do"
      • Sabine: "Well, maybe we don't have to worry about John. But we have to help my people somehow. You really can't help me?"
      • Henry: "I'd love to, Sabine... but I'm pretty busy. I got the play, the Swift job, my book..."
      • Jacinda: "And I got the truck too..."
      • Margot: "And us, the bar"
      • Tilly: "And papa, all the cases and stuff"
      • Jacinda: "I'm sorry, my friend. But we'll help as we can, ok?"
      • Sabine: "Ok, thanks... But you're right. I also have to work. I shouldn't have tried being a queen here... it's just not worth it"
      • They are worried about her
      • Back to the flashback, two men come to talk to John. They present themselves as two tailors who will make him a magic cloak capable of making his people love him. He is immediately interested
      • We cut to Belfrey towers. Richard is thinking. He calls Mason, who's alone at the truck, and says: "Now"
      • At Roni's, Sabine is thinking, sad. Lucy goes to her and promises to help as she can. Lucy tells her she is an amazing queen and has helped her people through some rough times, and that's what she'll keep doing
      • Back to the flashback, John is with the fake tailors, who hold nothing on their hands but say they're holding a cloak. The two explain it can only be seen by clever people
      • John is suspicious at first, but as the tailors talk about how his people will love him, John accepts
      • We cut to Samdi's office. Rogers and William enter, with a warrant. They investigate the office, but Samdi is not there. However, William finds a tarot card at the floor
      • William: "How is this here? Samdi died a few months ago. Didn't they clean the place?"
      • Rogers: "Maybe they didn't clean it well. Or they left it there as a way to honor Samdi"
      • William: "Yeah, maybe..."
      • We cut to the food truck. It's night. Mason is calling someone
      • At Ivy's apartment, she receives a call from an unknown number. She answers it and talks to Mason, who says: "Hi, is it Ivy? Jacinda asked me to call you. She said she wanted to talk"
      • Ivy: "Talk about what? ...Is it about Henry?"
      • Mason: "Y-yeah, it is"
      • Ivy: "I'm on my way"
      • At Belfrey towers, Richard looks at the window, saying: "One down... one to go"
      • Back to the flashback, we see John in a parade. He is only on his underwear, but is pretending to be wearing clothes.
      • Everyone laughs when they see him, and he tries to shake it off at first, but can't after a while. He runs away, humiliated.
      • We're back to the food truck, at night. Ivy gets out of her car and gets to the truck, confused. There is no one there.
      • She doesn't notice it, but the signs have been vandalized, with drawings of mustaches and other stuff
      • Mason is hidden inside the truck, and when Ivy gets closer to it, he uses a hammer to break the oven. Ivy is scared and runs away
      • Rogers and William are leaving Samdi's office and meet Monique, Samdi's secretary. She overhears William talking about discovering the reason behind Samdi's death and is surprised
      • William: "You didn't hear? He's been dead for a couple of months now"
      • Monique: "That's not possible, he was here yesterday"
      • Rogers is worried. William is surprised
      • Mason is still hidden inside the truck. He calls Richard, who tells him to stay until morning. When the cops watch the security cameras nearby, they probably will watch the night footage only, therefore only Ivy will be seen
      • Back to the flashback, John arrives back to the castle. His servant comes after him, and reveal that apparently all the people knew that the cloak was fake
      • John: "These people will never like me... I don't know why I bother. Maybe I shouldn't. Maybe I should just... raise the taxes, take everything they have and let them starve"
      • Another servant comes running and tells John his wife is about to give birth to his child. His son is being born!
      • He immediately goes to her
      • It's morning, Jacinda and Sabine arrive to the truck. Mason is in front of it, pretending he just got there
      • They see the vandalized signs and the broken oven, and are desperate
      • Sabine: "Why would someone do this?"
      • Jacinda: "I think the real question is... who would do this. And we got lots of options"
      • Sabine: "The obvious one is Richard, but... it could also be Samdi"
      • Jacinda: "Or Ivy"
      • Sabine: "I'm gonna call Rogers"
      • Rogers gets to the police station and meets William. He asks if he is still thinking about the Samdi stuff, and William confirms
      • William: "That secretary said she met Samdi! How is this possible?"
      • Rogers: "She could be mistaken. Maybe she didn't actually meet the real Samdi. Or it could be a relative"
      • William: "He had none. Rogers, I don't know if I'm just paranoid, but you're always saying 'oh it could be something else' for every hypothesis I think of... It's almost like you're covering something"
      • Rogers: "Covering something? Me?"
      • William: "Weaver was your friend. And you were the one who found Eloise Gardener, right? You had this obsession with her"
      • Rogers: "William, I... I'd never lie. This is my job, I just... I just want to protect the people"
      • William: "Doesn't seem like it. Maybe you don't want this, but I am going to find out what happened to Samdi, Weaver and that cult. Whatever it takes"
      • He leaves, and Rogers answers Sabine's call
      • Back to the flashback, John's son has just been born and he holds the baby. It's a beautiful moment. John tells himself that he thinks finally someone will love him
      • Rogers arrives to the truck and see the vandalism. He promises Jacinda and Sabine he will get a warrant to watch the security cameras of the stores nearby. They thank him
      • Richard looks at the Ivy picture, and says she will pay for having killed one of the two only people that loved him. But not exactly by being arrested... but by destroying her relationship with her stepsister forever
      • Rogers is at the police station, analyzing the footage. He sees Ivy arriving to the truck and getting close to it, just as the oven is broken. It's dark so we can't see it well. It looks like she was the one to broke it
      • Rogers: "Oh Ivy..."
      • Back to the flashback. John's two sons are about five and eight years old now. He is playing with them at the gardens, and tells the two that they are the most important thing in his life and that he could never lose them
      • Rogers knocks on the door at Ivy's apartment, to arrest her for having vandalized Rollin' Bayou. She swears she did nothing, but Rogers takes her anyway. He tells her not to worry as she'll not stay very long, but Ivy reveals that's not what she's worried about
      • Jacinda and Henry are at their apartment, making out. Jacinda's phone rings; she picks it up. Sabine tells her Rogers found out who vandalized the truck: Ivy. Jacinda is surprised and looks at Henry, worried
      • End of episode
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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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