• Hi. So I got the pages ready to be copied and pasted to their section link on my user page. For the staff page, after everything I put, there is this:

    [[Category:Once Upon a Time Wiki]]

    I didn't want to include it because I wasn't sure how it would react to a user page.

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    • Also, Category:Staff Avatars can be deleted, along with all the images inside.

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    • I've expanded the ImportJS Media wiki page and added "dev:User Avatar Finder/code.js". But don't we need to create a template before we edit the staff page? The link you sent seems to suggest that.

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    • Ah, wait. You've already created it :-) Template:Avatar.

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    • Will you look at that. It worked :-) Good job!

      I've protected the Avatar template, so that only admins and content moderators can edit it, but if you need to polish it later, I can unlock it for you.

      However, I had to edit the user boxes you created on this thread, since they linked to the images. The template doesn't work with them, though.

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    • I know! It wasn't a hugely noticeable change, but I really like it.

      There still is File:AvatarApplegirl.jpg, which I assume you missed while deleting all those avatars.

      Some of them on the thread I went in to fix, but some of them aren't showing. Not a problem with the template or anything, just the coding having a typo or something. Although, its not a huge issue as its just coding on some old thread. So I think it'll be alright.

      Thanks for all the help on this! :D

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    • Good! And I've deleted Applegirl's pic.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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