• I added some trivia to two articles today, and they were both removed by staff members. One was a Kingdom Hearts reference, which is a Disney collaboration, and the other was a pop culture reference to the number 42. Granted, the latter I made an indented bullet point under Lost, but I was going to go back and create a Pop Culture section and put it there, but at the same time the staff member had already deleted my edit. These fall under the policy for acceptable trivia, so I don't understand why they were deleted.

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    • I looked at what you added in both cases, and I agree that neither point belongs on those articles.

      The reference to 42 is a Lost reference, it's just a coincidence with the Hitchhiker's Guide. Same with the "Heartless!" headline. It's not a nod to Kingdom Hearts, it's a nod to the all the heart related stuff going on in the show.

      If you feel like something should be included, you're always welcome to make a comment on the relevant article(s) to start a discussion. :)

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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