• I'm not sure if you know this yet but the website that did the last prop auction for Once Upon a Time are doing a second one. I figured I'd bring it up to you because it's really handy for trivia related things. The site is here. :-)

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    • I've known about it for weeks, actually, but thank you for the tip anyway :-) I've already added some trivia and I will continue to add more :-)

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    • Oops, my bad! xD I've only just come across it. Thank god I did though, because they have the call sheet for the "Lily" episode and finally the location of Lily's trailer. I've been looking for the filming location for that for over a year. >.<

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    • Ah, that is great! I love location trivia :-)

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    • Hey!

      Sorry to get in the middle of this.

      Can you guys check the comment section of the Season One page?

      I'd really like to see your opinion on those

      Thanks :-)

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    • Done :-)

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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