• In my opinion the seventh season was the worst of them all. It is as if writers had given up creating a coherent mythology. The whole plot was a gigantic mess. But the worst part was Cinderella's storyline and her relationship with Henry. They tried to create an epic love story, copying Charming and Snow, but it became too much forced and too much rushed.

    But some parts of Cinderella story seem very interesting to be cast aside, even though they have already been by the writers. Why did the Fairy Godmother help her try to kill the prince? Who is this king who controls all the New Enchanted Forest? How did they defeat him? What level of importance and danger does Lady Tremaine have in the kingdom?

    What are your headcanons? How would you improve this storyline that has been so poorly developed?

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    • I actually really like Season 7, it’s leaps and bounds superior to 4 and 5, but like every single season since 3B if bit off more than it chew. Unfortunately the quote unquote “main plot” was what suffered the most. They clearly wanted to do more with Cinderella but because they forgot to connect Gothel with her she ended up in the background. I think they gave a rough outline of what happened, but so many twists and backstories should have been put in, but the story at the start was clearly less interesting than everything else so I think that when they realized they bit off more than they could chew they spit out the right part.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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