• Before everyone goes Blue Fairy is the most powerful fairy let’s not jump into conclusions yet. We know that Fiona became the Black Fairy because of her actions do you think it’s possible that there’s been another fairy who is Fiona’s light counterpart known as the white fairy?

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    • Not really, I have a long history of Blue/fairy kind up in my mind and I don't have a white fairy there. It strikes me as Emma being Fiona's counterpart, not as a fairy but being the enemy of the Great Evil, who didn't have to be a fairy.

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    • Nope. Emma is Fiona’s counterpart, more or less.

      The Prophecy pretty much establishes Good and Evil, Light and Dark facing off over the millennia, until the Greatest Light (Emma as the Savior) wins the Final Battle (which came by Fiona).

      Blue is the lead fairy and top fairy. She’s the oldest known fairy, most powerful as she can “unmake” fairies, and her original wand was the most powerful (and capable of vanishing powerful beings).

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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