• At the end of the first part of Season Three, Peter Pan wanted to launch his own curse by editing the initial curse. Even after his death, the only way to stop his curse would be to break the original curse. For that, Regina needed to lose what she loved most.

    In that episode, it was explained that Henry wouldn't be affected by being born in LWM and Emma being the savior. Regina indirectly says that she could escape, but in this way she couldn't stop the curse of Pan.

    The conclusion I draw from this is that three types of people could flee from there. Emma, ​​for being the Savior who was born to break the curse; someone born at LWM; someone who hasn't been the victim of any curses. The others would suffer loss of memory, just as happened in the second season.

    So I want to question something: Tinker Bell, Hook, the Lost Boys and Neal weren't cursed. They could get away without losing their memory (as Hook does in Season Two). And even if they lost their memory, what would be the problem? Emma and Henry also lose? Regina could give them new memories. They could have a happy life with Henry having a father (be it Neal or Hook). Detail: August also came from the wardrobe, because Pinocchio didn't stay with them?

    Does anyone know what Henry's last name was in the year he lived in New York? Was he called "Henry Swan"?

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