• I personally would love to see that! Or maybe a mini-series! Lana could narrate as Regina since Regina is the narrator in the book and there could be someone to play young and teenage Regina. I realize Lana could probably do that since she has in the past but I'm wondering if they should find a younger actress to play pre-teen Regina or something. Maybe bring back Ava Acres who played young Regina in "Sisters." I think I have heard Regina Rising is considered Canon so I feel like a film or mini-series adaptioon could be something that could work.

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    • No. That’s a waste of money, honestly. There are other ventures to film from Once or based on Once than Regina. (And I do like Regina, and Lana portrayal).

      The book was edging some were canonical problems/just thinking I felt was pushing the edge a bit (had some otherwise nice worldbuilding).

      It’s probably a “short” film but being a financial kind of person, I don’t think it’s frankly worth it. Get Lana to do an audio version probably is more feasible. Mini-series and movies are quite costly and even with the fandom and general audience, it wouldn’t work as well as one would think.

      Of course it’s no secret that I think a shared universe show is far more feasible; distant enough to not drag Once down, variable enough to attract non-Once fans.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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