• When Cora leaves Zelena in the woods a green cyclone comes and carries her to Oz. In Season 5 both Regina and Zelena summon the same green cyclone as a means of traveling between realms by using the Apprentice's wand. Zelena's magic is always green, but when Regina powers up the wand it's purple (like her magic), yet the cyclone that carries Zelena away is still green. We have seen that the wand is capable of summoning the green cyclone. Is it possible that the Apprentice was somehow involved in sending Zelena to Oz in the first place? To my knowledge there's been no explanation of how or why the cyclone showed up in the first place, yet it appears to be the same cyclone that Regina and Zelena summon. We know the Author had toyed with some of the stories and the Apprentice is part of the Author mythos. Is it possible that the Author was involved?

    Clips of the cyclone for reference:

    Zelena goes to Oz

    Zelena summons the Cyclone

    Regina banishes Zelena

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    • The cyclone is just a random act of magic that occurs naturally in magical realms.

      Red took one Cyclone to the Underworld and NFTL has random portals popping up at various points of the day, etc.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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