• Across the wiki, it appears as though the belief is that in the last act of 1x22, Henry died from the effects of the poisoned apple and was later revived with TLK from Emma. However, is that actually what happened? Did Henry actually die?

    In keeping with what we know about the Sleeping Curse, it imprisons the victims' souls in the Netherworld, leaving their bodies with the appearance of death. This rings true particularly for Snow White, who was believed dead by the dwarves until Charming broke the curse with TLK. In every case of the Sleeping Curse, the victim does not actually die, but they appear dead.

    What happens to Henry in 1x22? He slips into a coma, the first stage of a death-like sleep. Later in the episode, the hospital contacts Regina and Emma to inform them that Henry has died but Emma's TLK from her mother-son bond magically revives him.

    I think what we are actually seeing is not Henry dead and being revived. He was still under the Sleeping Curse but entered a new stage that appeared like death to LWM technology. The nature of magic in LWM under the Dark Curse resulted in the Sleeping Curse acting slower, hence why he still had a pulse until he "died".

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    • Agree

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    • I don't think it matters. It's really semantics and depends on your definition of death. By all real-world standards, he was dead -- no pulse, no brain activity, unresponsive. His soul was contained in some alternate universe, but everyone around him thought he was dead and, had he not been woken up by TLK, he would have been buried and there would be a funeral.

      If it really bugs people, I don't think it's a big deal to add a "Henry appeared dead" wherever it says he was dead. But it's not listed on List of Deaths (I don't think) and he isn't considered an example of death being reversed, so for all intents and purposes besides phrasing, the wiki does not consider him dead.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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