• After watching 7x02, I realised that its probably the first time his family have seen him since he left. There's nothing to suggest Henry returned from his trip to Storybrooke, from the NEF, after leaving, but doesn't anyone else find it strange that Regina and Emma weren't  more emotional. Obviously they were glad to see him, but they missed a MASSIVE chunk of his life.

    Was Henry able to return home, and take his new family to meet his old one? 

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    • Characters are like chess pieces and not so much human beings in certain points.

      Let’s say it was (a few months or several years), I think the writers will dictate that everyone cared, but they simply didn’t do much about it. (Probably toss us a...they wrote magical letters across realms.)

      If we think about it closely, we would think that everyone would go to him every so often given they went to the Underworld. If we give the magic system ago, while Regina lost her Mirror, Emma can easily look across realms with her magic. They all can make portals out of the blue so....

      So, it’s just narrative/the show had to go on reasons and not much else.

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    • Didn't Emma comment on Henry being grown up? So there is an indication that it's been a long time since they've seen each other.

      Part of it can also be explained away because the two actors hardly knew each other. A Pirate's Life was only episode two, so Lana and Andrew didn't have the same bond as Lana and Jared or Regina and Henry. And Jennifer and Andrew didn't even have filming of 701 to go on. It's hard to play a deep, emotional connection with someone you basically just met.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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