• Hi. I know you prolly noticed this problem/attitude before coming from this user... And I know some people already complained about that. But, hey, it keeps happening and, personally, I find that deeply annoying. Especially when there are like... 2 months before the ending of the series?


    As you can see, 8rob is still there spreading his hate against Cinderella/Jacinda, when it is not against Dania. I mean, I'm fairly sure that's what we call "free constant bashing", and that's not even in a Rant & Rave thread... I decided to report 8rob to you, rather than answering myself or reporting him/her to an admin directly.

    Hope you'll take care of this attitude :)

    Thank you ^^

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    • Done. It's always a tricky case as something's walk the line between "bashing" and just being simply sarcastic/negative.

      But for the context, at least, it probably falls more into "a negative post using news as a reason to post the comment", which is hard to distinguish as technically the news didn't say "who", but context pretty much tells us "who".

      Seeing that the news obviously implys Tilly, the Jace comment can easily be seen as unnecessary, so I removed the post (and the chain with the post).


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    • Thanks to you¬†:)

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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