• I don't know exactly how much time passed between 610 and 616 (I'm assuming 6 days?), but I'd say about one day passed within the span of 609-610. In Dark Realm time, that was 28 years. So, if Gideon spent 6 days preparing to open the portal to free Fiona, that would've been about (28 x 6 = ) 168 years in Dark Realm time, right? What would she have been doing to pass that amount of time?

    [It does kinda make me wonder how she wasn't more prepared...]

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    • Doing what she normally does.

      I think the issue was that they barely established the Dark Realm in any real capacity. It had an awesome setup but they didn’t spend time there.

      I’d say that all she did was practice the dark curse and gathered fairy dust.

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