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    Hey, CDA

    I enjoy the bumps, but could we limit them to a slightly more fruitful number. For clarity's sake, I mean "when there's more to discuss" or a prompt that has more to it that equally standard bumps. Partially, it's because it's slightly wasteful/not as conducive to a fruitful discussion and partially because I get a whole bunch of notifications that end up with a standard bump.

    Not a warning or a real issue, just a quality of life one (like bumping 7x19 and 7x20 make less sense because the filming is going on/has yet to commence).



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    • Yeah, sorry, I just hate when the upcoming episode threads get buried under a bunch of other stuff (especially when some of it isn't really that important). And yeah, I considered not bumping 719 and 720, but then I figured I might as well give my thoughts on those episodes FBs as well. XD

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