• What or who do you think is the most underrated and overrated for each of these topics?




    Mine are:

    • Overrated Character: Hook
      • Underrated Character: Mulan
    • Overrated Episode: Birth

    About the characters, when I’m saying that Mulan is underrated here I mean that the writers didn’t seem to care about her happiness which is a shame. I like Colin O’Donoghue, but the character of Hook is idolized in the eyes of too many.

    I’d just like to say that Season 2 is often overlooked as the story wasn’t as polished as Season 1, but the reviled Greg and Tamara segment was only six episodes and it picked up by the finale so I don’t think it deserves the title of “worst season” as many seem to label it. As for Season 6, I just wasn’t a fan of the Untold Stories and I thought that the Black Fairy was a little rushed towards the end.

    As for the episodes, Birth is typically seen as the best episode of 5A when I thought that Nimue was much stronger in terms of character development and plot. But, I think the most underrated is A Curious Thing, which IMO is the best episode of 3 after the winter and the season finales. It is also probably my favorite Snowing episode.

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      • Overrated Character: Hook or Rumplestiltskin maybe? And Belle. I love these three but they are not as interesting as everyone says.
        • Underrated Character: Ursula, Nimue and the Charmings. Ursula was Queen<3 Nimue was the first ever Dark One and one of the most powerful villains in the entire series, yet both the fans and the show overlook her. And I don't think they Charmings are as bad as everyone says.
      • Overrated Season: Season 3A. Not the biggest fan of it, while I often see others saying it is one of the best.
        • Underrated Season: Season 4. My absolute favorite season and most others most hated.
      • Overrated Episode: I don't know about this one because I really like most episodes.
        • Underrated Episode: Darkness on the Edge of Town and Unforgiven. The two best episodes of the series IMO and everyone else seems to hate them, especially Unforgiven. I've never gotten that.
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    • Overrated Character: Tie between Regina and Hook. Regina buffered and skipped thru redemption and Hook really have pebbles compared the boulders that other villains faced. By no means are most better, just not proclaimed to have had wonderful development.

      Underrated character: Geppetto, Aurora, Henry Sr... they had good actors with neat motivations and could have been explored more.

      Overrated Episode: none.

      Underrated Episode: Hard to say, probably Selfless, Brave, and True which encapsulated Once.

      Overrated Season: 4. I don’t know if it is, but besides okay writing and nice cinematography, I feel that that season was the lazy season. Others were bad, but that season had a lot of good that when further analyzed is pretty lazy or just nonsensical/show breaking.

      Underrated Season: 2. If 2 to 3A was a season/ arc then it was a truly solid one with three mini arcs.

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    • Overrated character: Hook

      Underrated character: August

      Overrated season: season 2

      Underrated season: season 3B

      Overrated episode: "The Song in Your Heart"

      Underrated episode: "Wish You Were Here"

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      • Overrated Character: BOTH Regina & Hook, who have loads of issues. Still a fan of Regina tho!
      • Underrated Character: Aurora, she's just adorable. Deserved more focus than she got.
      • Overrated Season: None? S1 & 3 seem to be regarded as the best, and I agree.
      • Underrated Season: OUaTiW. Yeah, it's a spinoff, but it was only 13 episodes so I just count it as an extra season.
      • Overrated Episode: 1x18 "The Stable Boy". I didn't buy Regina/Daniel, and I never really liked Regina's reasoning for hating Snow.
      • Underrated Episode: 2x11 "The Outsider". Belle's focus in that episode was great, both in the past and present.
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      • Overrated Character: Hook - Preferred him as an anti-vllain/anti-hero. I also feel that him getting with Emma, massively changed both their characters, to fit the relationship.
        • Underrated Character: Belle - Didnt get enough screentime. Her death was so sad, but gave me closure to her character.
      • Overrated Season: 5A - I'm just disappointed by the DarkHook twist. It's hard to rewatch old 5A episodes, knowing Emma is just acting evil - would have been more interestng if they made the second Dark One as Henry, or Belle or David, or someone that was introduced to the show as a hero. 
        • Underrated Season: 7 - The most polarising season. Most people who don't like it, are distracted by the cast's departure. I personally love it.
      • Overrated Episode: "Shattered Sight"  - Ingrid's death was sad, but I was looking forward to a war in Storybrooke with lots of bloodspill - we only got name calling.
        • Underrated Episode: "The Miller's Daughter" - I LOVE this episode. Good character development, dark and interesting flashback.
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    • Overrated Character: Emma easily. Consistantly is called the savior yet barely if ever defeats the actual viilain. The only thing Emma really did was break the curse and a Henry did most of the heavy lifitng. Season 2 and 3 Regina and Rumple did most of the heavy lifing. Season 4 and 5 Villains pretty much to care of themselves. Outside of Zelena killing Hades. Same with Season 6. If emma is the savior than so is Regina, Rumple, Snow, Charming, Henry and Zelena considering each of these characters have played huge roles in saving Storybrooke atleast once.

      Undderrated Character: None. In show everyones roles get respect and as far as popularity that simply comes to fan preferance I have no care who someone likes. 

      Overrated Season: Honestly didn't think I had one but I would probably say 6B. Fiona barely did anything. She didn't do anything crazy powerful with her magic alone and her agenda made little to no sense. She spent an equlivant of thousands of years mining Black Fairy dust just to cast a useles curse that was broken in the end. Also for someone who has had thousands of years to horn her power she doesn't come off as crazy powerful. Shouldn't have needed Zelena's power and shouldn't have needed Gideon to distract Emma. 

      Underrated Season: Of Course Season 7. It actually has some good plot point like the coven of eight. 

      Way too many episodes to decide which was most overrated and underrated. Especially since I don't know the fan response to each episode. 

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    • Character

      Overrated: Probably Neal, just never got the love for him or Swanfire. Also, I may get hate for this, but Ruby? Don't get me wrong I really like her just some people seem to think she is the best person on the show which I don't get but hey.

      Underrated: Henry. I feel like a lot of people only like him because they can use him for their ships, which sucks because he is a great character. Also Anna, who deserves jsut as much love as Elsa gets.


      Overrated: Season 6, I saw people being all "IT'S THE BEST THE SHOW HAS BEEN IN FOREVER" and like.... no honeys. 

      Underrated: Season 4. Sure 4b had a lot of weak spots but it had nuggets of goodness and 4A was pretty solid aside from the ending and everyone sleeps on s4.


      Overrated: Wish You Were Here and the season 5 finale.

      Underrated: Oh gosh, The Price of Gold and True North, both of which no-one seems to appreciate, also Street Rats was adorable and Ruby Slippers.

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    • I'm terrible at this sort of thing, but I think it is so interesting to see what others have to say. So many different opinions!

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    • Underrated Character: Henry

      He set the entire show in motion when he brought Emma to Storybrooke and he is half of the most central relationship on the show (Emma and Henry)

      Overrated Character: Neal

      I like him when he's a kid/teenager, but as an adult? Not even a little bit.

      Underrated Season: 7

      I also think 4-6 are underrated, but since Season 7 is different yet similar (in a feels like the same show way) I'm choosing that one

      Overrated Season: I don't think any season is overrated, but if I had to choose it would be the 1st season 

      Underrated Episode: I think a lot of episodes are underrated, but I'll just pick 1 from each season: True North, In the Name of the Brother, The Tower, Best Laid Plans, The Bear King, Dark Waters, and Hyperion Heights

      I think all these episodes are really good and showcase different aspects of the show very well and in most cases can be applied to real life. True North- Emma growing up an orphan and wanting Ava and Nicholas to not have to go through what she did (helping someone in a situation that you were once in). In the Name of the Brother- Whale's struggle with what happened to his brother and how he moved past that (overcomming the past). The Tower: David having to face his fear and helping Rapunzel face hers (overcomming your fears). Best Laid Plans- Snowing making a poor choice and how it affected them (your parents aren't perfect and consequences for your actions). The Bear King- I just think this episode was really fun. Dark Waters: Everything amazing about Killian's redemption arc wrapped up into one stunning episode (overrcoming the past, becoming a better person, having a mixed family).

      Overrated Episode: Welcome to Storybrooke and One Little Tear

      I found both these episodes somewhat boring and I wasn't impressed by the Tremaine is Rapunzel thing (that may be because there was a massive theory about it since before the season started and I wasn't into it)

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    • Underrated character: i'im totally agree about Henry, he deserved a major role after the season 1

      Overrrated character: Rumplestiltskin, i'm sorry, he was my favourite character but after the season 3 he becomes too trivial and repetitive it's clear authors didn't want to let go as villain

      Hook, he has some funny moment but i never found him very interesting like character

      Underrated season: maybe season 6 

      Overrated season: of course season 3, ok there was some good things, Peter Pan and Zelena are great! but the neverland arc it was very slow and elsa's appearance ruined a great eding in my opinion  

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    • Character:

      Overrated: Regina. I don't know how much people like Mulan but I'll add her here too. 

      Underrated: Kathryn/Abigail


      Overrated: Season five.

      Underrated: season one..........

      Kidding! Probably season two.


      Overrated: The Song in Your Heart. I was impressed with the cast's abilities to sing but it was overall disappointing, especially as the songs were kinda generic. 

      Underrated: I don't think anyone talks about how good What Happened To Frederick' is. 

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    • I mean, I would slightly agree with you re: season 1, Leroiblanc. The fandom just keeps hyping it up like it's the second coming of Christ, when in all honesty I prefer season 3

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    • Character

      Overrated :regina don't understand the appeal of the character

      Underrated : tiger Lily


      Overrated: season 1,found it boring

      Underrated season 4 ,some wonderful development of main characters


      Overrated: sisters 

      Underrated: swan song 

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    • To add to my "overrated" list: Wish Hook.

      • moonwalks away*
      • jumps behind sofa*
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    • Character:

      Overrated: Hook, duh.

      Underrated: Aurora, Wendy, Cinderella/Ashley...


      Overrated: Three

      Underrated: Two


      Overrated: Leaving Storybrooke. I found it a bit disappointing as a final episode.

      Underrated: Too many, but probably Second Star to the Right.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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