I have this theory that Claire Fairchild (Regina Rising) is Maleficient. I mean, they look similar, have the same ring, altho Mal changed hers into a rattle to give to her first born. And plus, isn't Prince Benjamin Aurora's father? Idk, it makes since to me

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    • Definitly not. Mal is older than Claire Fairchild, and we see Regina meeting her for the first time in Season 4. Also, Aurora's father's name is Stefan.

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    • For what we know about Maleficent in the show-verse, it makes no sense for Claire to be Maleficent and not hold a grudge against Regina if Regina was the one who made her marry some man she didn't even love. Regina basically ruined Claire's life by marrying her off like that. It's not as bad as Snow and Charming stealing Lily and leaving Maleficent to think her child was dead for all those years, but it's still bad. An additional thing is Claire was proven to have no magic at all. She only pretended to because that's what Cora wanted. 

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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