• So I was wondering do you think Lucy could be a specific character since there are new versions of these characters. I'm not sure if Lucy is her real name or just her cursed name. I'm not sure if she even has her memories or not, I'm guessing no. Anyway, if she a character who could she be? Maybe she's the new Little Red Riding Hood? Though the creators said we won't see any new versions of any of the main characters and Ruby was a regular for a season. Other little girl in fairy tales are Gretel, but she doesn't have a brother so I'm guessing no. There's Goldilocks, but she has brown hair but it may not be a requriment. I wonder was she meant to be the new Alice but then they decided to bring Wish Hook on and made his daughter the new Alice instead? Were they planning on doing these new stories since season 6 or no? Anyway this was just a theory. 

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    • Someone in another thread said she's Lady Tremaine's cat Lucifer, and how she doesn't like Jack/Jaq the Mouse.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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