• i was rewatching "wish you were here" and i realized. how could wish rumple get a magic been? if he could why woudn't he just go to the LWM. it dosen't make sense

    edit: also he is supposed to have squid ink in prison(2*9) . why does he need the deal with regina?

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    • Neal was already dead

      In this version, Neal somehow returned to the EF and died

      So, Rumple doesn't need to go to the LWM

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    • ok. but what about the squid ink?

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    • Is not the same prison

      In 1x01 he is in the Charming's castle. That's the cell with the squid ink

      In 6x09 he is lock up in the Dark Castle (a.k.a. The Evil Queen's castle)

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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