• This is a community follow up to a proposal that I made to Killian Jones last year, as suggested by Killian.

    Having been inspired by the icons for LWM, LWC, Neverland, VE, and the generic world icon, I propose that the remaining world icons (FTL, Wonderland, Oz, Kansas, 1920E, LUS, 19CF) be given a round border. This will introduce some continuity to the icons to easily identify them as relating to a world. See some mockups here [1].

    Separate to the above proposal, I would also like to suggest a system for NEF and all future worlds relative to the post-soft reboot of S7. Unlike the World icons for S1-S6 with the icon in white space surrounded by a circle, we could reverse the colours and have the symbol as white space with the circle filled in, like the one for Seattle. A small but a tidy way to distinguish the prime series worlds from the post-soft reboot.

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