• I'm rewatching "A Bitter Draught" to do some research for a fanfiction I'm writing and I just noticed something that might be considered foreshadowing...? While fighting Edmond on the docks, Regina tells him that he can fight the Queen's control on his heart. He, of course, denies this and proceeds to try to kill Snow and Charming, resulting in his own death. Regina's claims are the only time I can think of that it's ever been hinted you can fight Enchanted Heart control...

    ...except for much later in the season, in "Awake". Gideon spares a pixie dust flower, saving Snow and Charming (well, saving Hook, but that wasn't his plan) despite Fiona's orders.

    Could the writers have actually had enough foresight to have been setting up Gideon's ability to fight Fiona's control since this early in the season? Or was Regina speaking nonsense at the time and it just coincidentally happened to work out?

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    • It's a loophole or just resistance. Probably the loophole. 

      Black simply said, "Gideon." So, she may have wanted Gideon to destroy the flowers, but since she never specified how many, he left one.

      You can't resist heart control, only try to find a loophole.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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