• I love the quote from August about how he overcomes writers block by rereading what he's already written but I can't find it anywhere online and I can't remember which episode that quote is from. Can anyone either find the quote for me or just point me to the right episode to search for it myself? Thanks.

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    • (You might have already found the quote yourself by now but I was literally just re-watching this episode the other day so felt I should share regardless!) The episode is 'The Stable Boy' (episode 18). And here's the quote:

      August: "You know, when I get stuck by a block, I usually re-read what I've done, rather than plough ahead blindly. Sometimes I find there'll be a little nugget of inspiration left behind."

      Emma: "You mean start over?"

      August: "I mean when I start writing, I usually have one idea. And then in the middle I make it another idea and things are different."

      Emma: "Your perspective changes."

      August: "Exactly."

      Not sure how much of the quote you wanted (the converstation still continues on a little after this but that's the main section of it). Hope that helped! :)

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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