• This had me all excited, because, unless I am mistaken, the magic door featured there is the one with Arendelle crocuses on it. So, I believed we were finally gonna get a cameo from one/some of our Frozen friends. 

    I was also thinking it was a possibility, becuase with this season wrapping up the main story arc over all these years, and hook currently jumping from Agrabah to Neverland, and an upcoming episode suggesting a visit to Oz again. I had the feeling Hook was going to travel through all the realms on his way back to Emma, and we'd get to see all our favourites from the other lands one last time. 

    Instead, it was that bog-standard door that appeared in the actual episode, and pulled him straight back to us. I actually felt a little cheated. Anyone else?

    Do you think, we'll ever see some of the old characters again, to team up in the final battle?

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    • Nope. They won't likely be seen again. I don't even seeing Granny and the dwarfs doing anything. I saw the door and knew they must have had a production mistake.

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    • It's a shame, rather than bringing in new characters at this stage like Tiger Lily, I wish they would just come up with more interesting tie-ins for old ones! Find ways to merge character's stories together, that's what made the show so compelling back in the day.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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