• What  other realms and worlds should Writters bring  in Once Upon A  Time Univeres .

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    • I can only think of Asgard as a different world, Midgard as another Fairy Tale Land realm. Oh, and Atlantis!

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    • Well yes you are right ,i mean they can introduce Asgard  as being a floating conntinet connected to Nidvaler and Vanhiem   trough the pink bifrost bridge ,plus  the dwarfs in  Nidvaler whould be way diffrent from Fairy Tale Land  how ?  well they whould have female dwarfs and kids,and i whould place Asgard in somekind of Erbik purple  dimension were you whould also see Jountehiem a  gigantic Ice planet  and  of coures Midgard is another name for Real Earth or Land Without Magic but they can also introduce Afelhiem and Svaterhiem  home of Light and Dark Elfs,but also Muspheliem should be  another name for Worse Place while Helhiem whould be a place wich is ruled  Hela and Grim  Reapers ,because Thors  hammer Mjolnir made a cameo,in Coras Spell Book there are Norse-Scandinvian and Elfish  runes,symbols  and laungages plus the Writters already introduced  Freya Norse Godess to Stooybrook. And yes i think Atlantis  should be a domain of Posideon,Ursula and mermaids.Because this are the realms that havent been introduced,and hey do you  think Dark Realm chould be Halloween Town because Disney has right on TNBC movie.Remmber that this OUAT Asgard has to be placed in very diffrent dimension and with diffrent color of   Bifrost Bridge from   Marvel Cinematic  version.

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    • Here are the Worlds and realms they can  introduce :the reason why Valhala,Midgard and Muspheliem arent on the list because Valhala can be just another name for Mount Olympus like Hevean is ,while Midgard can  also be  another name for Land Without  Magic or Real Earth.same gose for Muspheliem it can be another  name for Worse Place.

      1. Asgard-home of Norse Gods

      2. Vanhiem-Home of Vanir people

      3.Nidvaler-home of Dwarfs and Goblins

      4.Afelhiem-home of Lighe elves

      5. Svaterhiem-home of Dwark elves

      6.Jountehiem -home  of Frost Giants  and Fenris 

      7.Helhiem-home of Hela  and Grim Reapers


      9.Atlantis-home of Poesidon,Ursula and mermaids


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    • But what if realy Halloween Town from Disney TNBC   chould be a part of  Dark Realm   ,Gideon did  stated that Dark Realm is ruled by Black Fairy but the meanig of realm means like a land or a  world but so maybe Dark Realm was also once known as Light realm before Black Fairy came.And because Black Fairy was banished after she lost her   wand ,so  to take and congure a realm as Dark Realm she whould need an army of monsters and powerfull villans.Look i am just guessing but its kinda true without her wand Black Fairy isnt thst  much powerfull.

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    • I'd kill to see Vinny or Milo or Dr Sweet or even Kida from Atlantis the Lost Empire on this show, totally worth seeing I'd think, I'd kill to see a guy dressed like Vinny with the iron groinguard and black turtlenet sweater, turkish accent.... I'm most likely dreaming....

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    • Hey   Teyilia can you just go and check on Google this : TMNT 2003 Series Jack Kirby,now this is the reason why i asked you  to go and look for it , is because in that series is well created   Ebrik dimension were Asgard  is located and in that  same cartoon dimension can be brought into live action CGI version by ABC Once Upon A Time so remmber this  whould be ABC diffrent version of Marvel Cinematic version.And they can also bring Atlantis,Milo,kida,Pochahontas,Vinny,Dr Sweet  and also the  the best known pirate of Seven Seas its Sinbad.

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    • Killian Jones wrote:
      I can only think of Asgard as a different world, Midgard as another Fairy Tale Land realm. Oh, and Atlantis!

      I'd love to see Asgard and it's inhabitants on the show, but I don't see how that could work. They've already introduced the Greek gods---how would the Norse gods fit into things?

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    • Well it whould work because Asgard whould be placed in another magical dimension in wich Nine  Realms are located  and Freya  Norse Godess has apeard in the Show and Thors hammer Mjolnir has apeard as a cameo plus David once refrenced to Asgardian  portal,but  if Writtters are going to bring :Asgard it hast to be way diffrent from Marvel Cinematic Univeres.The best way  for you to see this is to go and type on  Google this words:TMNT 2003 Series Jack Kirby or The King  and it will show you images of Asgardians and Ebrik purple dimension,and that same desinge and concept art wasnt used in TMNT 2012 Series or films so ABC can use it  make there own Nine Realms.So dont forget that Jefferson tolled Emma that there are many other worlds so that implies also for Nine Norse realms.Well to me this are the Worlds and Realms that need to apear:

      Asgard-home of Norse Gods

      Vanhiem-home of Vanir people

      Afelhiem-home of Light elfs

      Nidvaler-home of diffrent species  of  dwarfs

      Jountehiem-home of Frost Giants and Fenris

      Svaterhiem-home of Dark Elfs

      Nifelhiem-home of Hela and Grimm reapers


      Halloween Town


      Now the reason why i dint listed Valhala,Muspheliem,Midgard or Helhiem is this :Midgard can be another  name of Land Without Magic,like Muspheliem is for Worse Place and Helhiem for Underworld and Valhala for Mount Olympus .

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    • Well, okay, yeah, I understand that. But what I mean is, how will they portray the Norse gods in the show when they've already established that the Roman gods are canon? Won't it mess with the show's continuity to have two different mythologies in the same universe? Especially since each mythology has different gods for each purpose---a good example would be Hades. He's the god of the Underworld---but in Norse mythology, Hel is the ruler of down below. And she's female, so they can't pretend that they're the same person. The whole thing would just raise too many complications.

      As for Atlantis and Halloweentown, I'm fine with the former, but I don't think the latter's officially canon. And I do hope they dive into the North Pole---explaining Santa would be fun.

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    • Well Random Gril i was to confused when i thought like that,but think like this that this Norse realms chould just be planets orbiting and are located in Erbik Dimension were Asgard is located,like Helhiem wich of coures in  Norse Mythology is like Underworld in OUAT it can be established like a Purgatory place very similar of Underworld but only diffrence is that is ruled by Hela and  here Grim Reapers and is like Nethefrworld or DreamWorld and Mirror World.Remmber Jefferson tolled Emma that there are many other worlds,and only Greek Gods have apeard and  wich     Halloween Town can become a  new World or it can be part of Dark Realm wich chould be ruled by Dracula,just saying,and for  Northpole  i think it should be located in Land Without Magic ( Midgard ) while  Atlantis of course whould be located in FairyTale  world.But i whould love to see Erbik Dimension were Nine Realm,planetscreatures,monsters,beings  and   Asgard,are located but only problem is will Writters keep  Thor as a Hero or will they turn him into a Villan like they did  with King  Arthur and Beowulf.But we shall see my friend.

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    • Because  this are only realms and worlds that  havent apeard,but hey i have an idea off how Asgard and Nine Realms chould look like ,did you ever watched TMNT 2003 Season 1 Ep 16  The King in that episode is shown diffrent  world of Asgard and  Thor wich OUAT can use to creat Nine Realms,because if ABC decides to copy Marvel Cinemnatic version of Nine Realms the Marve whould  try to lawsuit on OUAT,and it whouldent end up great.And do you think Horned,King;Jack Skellington,Krampus,Invisble,Headless Horseman,Jack Olantern and Dracula chould all be placed in Dark Realm along with Black Fairy.Let me know what you think.

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    • I suppose that could work. I'm not entirely convinced that it wouldn't cause conflict, but I am interested in seeing what spin OUAT will put on the Norse mythology characters. But Halloweentown is definitely not going to work. It's only canon in the Disney movies, and I think that having such a fleshed-out world such as that in OUAT would be too hard to adapt. And anyway, the show is based off of fairy tales; Halloweentown is way too original to be featured on the show. The same goes for Atlantis (though I could be mistaken, having never seen the movie myself). Thanks for the explanation.

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    • Well Halloween Town is from The Night before Christmas wich is part of Disney so its only realm filled with monster such as vampiers and diffrent werwolf species but it can be a part of Dark Realm,and Atlantis is owned by Disney because Atlantis 1 and 2 Milos Return are Disney movies in wich second movie Surtur and frost Giant apeard,and  Atlantis will  introduce milo and Kida but also shows us domain of Poseidon,Ursula and  Mermaids,but The Santa Claus trilogy has featured Holliday Figure Councile all  across the world in those films have there own magical realms.And OUAT can have a crossover if ABC ouickly buys with its budget Sleepy Hollow Series because Sleepy Hollow Disney Film is owned by Disney and it whould make senes to introduce Ichabod Crane and Headless Horseman to Storybrook.And about Norse Mythology well the Gods or Deities that have apeard in the Show arent exactly gods they are just immortal-elemental beings that have power to bring themself fort from death to life ,so  remmber that God is a name or a title given to a specific  being who has created and predated univeres it self and because in Sleepy Hollow Series God exists along with other deities like :Hidden One ( Sumerian god),Hefestes,Vulcanus,Himdeall and Pandora it whould make perfectly senes to make Sleepy Hollow a part of  OUATveres and beacuse in that Series Purgatory  has apeard it can be renamed  as Helhiem ,and Satan or Devil  and Kraken has also apeard in finale episode of Season 4 they can be renamed as Surtur or  Krakenus.The Vulcanus,Hefestes,Pandora and Himdeall are part of Disney. As for Egyptian Gods (  also owned by Disney ) i whould placed them  in Land of Untold Stories world.So what do you think ,will ABC buy Sleepy Hollow so that there charchters can be introduced to Storybrook.

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    • Hey RandomGril the writters  can also introduce  Aurodon kingdom and Anur System (  Aurdon is a Disney kingdom that apears in Decendanta Disney film ) but in OUAT it can be like a once great kingdom that was ruled by Uther Pendragon before Evil Oueen,while Anur Sytem is from Ben 10 series in wich is a home to ,vampiers,frankenstine monsters, mumies,werwolfs, pumkin monsters and ghosts wich are all connected to purple web that  connects this worlds,moons and planets.Just saying that Writters can  copy this from Ben 10 to show us were Dark Realm and  Halloween Town are located.

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    • Wait, Ben 10? I think that's a little out of OUAT's zone. And they wouldn't want to copy anything. Ben 10 is a Cartoon Network show---it's got NOTHING to do with Disney. Copying things from something that they don't have the rights to would be not only wrong, but against the law. And everything else...sounds too complicated. I think it's just wishful thinking.

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    • Well yeah i know that idea with  Ben 10 sounds  realy crazy but i tolled it because  Jefferson tolled Emma that there are infintive more worlds that some  have and some dont have magic,so was he talking abou just this realms and worlds that he has visited and have been introduced in the Show or  did he visited far  galaxys,dimensions filled with planets,realms and worlds of unknown beings and creatures  aka aliens,because we realy dont know what kind of worlds did Jefferson visited.But look ABC can   buy the rights from TMNT  Mirage to introduce only  fantasy realms and dimension  but no TMNTaka Ninja turtel storyline.Because OUAT i mean dosent have other realms and worlds expect Nine Realms,Halloween town,Northpole or Atlantis that  havent yet apeard,so i was just thinking that if ABC gets rights they can introduce TMNT 2003 mirage fantasy interdimensonal worlds and realms filled with creatures and beings.ABC only needs to get the rights from TMNT because this realms havent apeard in TMNT  2012 Series or any live action movies but they first need to get rights.And that Ben 10 idea came from my cousin who also watches OUAT but sometimes.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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