• Heyo Coop! Long time no see! I bet you miss the PerkUp Bar and Grill huh ?  One of these days I'll reopen it in othe off topic section of the forums... Maybe

    I miss beging here like old times, but life took over. I'ma mother now plus other projects to worry on too

    How's you ?

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    • Well, aside from missing the Perkup B&G (and some of the various new clientelle that have probably been there, including Frankenstein and Jekyll), I now have 2 Grandchildren (second one born today).  So I totally get life trying to interfere with our online lives. ;)  Congrats on becoming a mother, though I thought I warned you about the water (of course, Zelena and Belle didn't get that memo either).

      Glad to see you found your way back.

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    • ~rattles off a list~ Frankenstien, Crankenstien, Presidental contenders, locacl bullfights, Elsa, some dragons, me, you, Jeykell..... just to name a few, yea its been busy there elsewhere

      I adopted twins; I'm happy, I'm try an d be back more often. I miss it here!

      YAY GRANDKIDS!; wow, I didnt trhink you were old I thought you about my age, great to hear!..... ~quietly~ grandpa :)

      I'm an icewraith remember, magic liek that dont affect me!

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    • Adopted. Good for you.

      And I'm not old. I made a deal with Rumple to help me stay young. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it).

      Actually, there seems to be a complete mad scientist convention. We've already got Jekyll and Frankenstein, and we'll be getting Lydgate (from Wonderland) this week, I believe. That should be something we can work with.

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    • Alright; you're in charge of food prep and management and keeping those crazies in line, last thign I want is to find any of them sneaking into elsa's bedroom in the back; If you like I can whisper you my YIM via chat on sunday eve perhaps so we can chat easier and faster ? {If I can remember to get on} ~makes mental note to not anger certain people offline~

      Work is going to kick me into high gear in two weeks or so in Hong Kong, so I wont have much if a lot of time to be here then I have been actually.. I should be able to reopen the PerkUp Bar and Grill though within the week, remind me then ?

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    • Perk up sounds like a good plan, and I'll try to keep Whale, Jekyll, and Lydgate in line.

      As for live chat on Sunday, I generally shut off all my media so that I can enjoy the episode with my family. and half the time I'm watching it recorded, because of something going on at Church. So, while I would love the opportunity, I'll have to take a pass on that. :)

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    • Same here, Though about that time period I am busy teaching my kids; martial arts stops for nothing! In my city {Harbin} we dont get ABC shows live its normally the next day via youku or hulu

      However if Once came to Dramafever they'd livestream it for each new episode

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    • I are back! The bar is reopened! only this time as a new name, The Cheap Bar, make yourself to Home!

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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