• So, in Firebird (Spoilers ahead) Cruella teamed up with the Blind Witch to take over the Underworld as its new ruler (from what I was able to make out of the scene, that is), because, as highlighted by Regina, she didn't really have any significant magic, especially without animal resources. This isn't the first time we saw Cruella do it; she's been doing this consistently. First, Isaac, then the Queens of Darkness, and it's heavily implied she made a deal with Cora as well, then James, then Henry, and now the Blind Witch. There is a pattern here, and, while one could say that this is simply writer convenience, as Cruella would be a pretty underwhelming villain on her own, I can't help but wonder if any of you have noticed patterns in how other recurring villains act.

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    • Good observations. I guess there are patterns to how every villain acts. Rumple is always making deals with people and looking for loopholes to get what he wants paying as little a price as he can.

      Cora is willing to go to any length to get what she wants, even if it means betraying everyone around her constantly. Besides ripping hearts out and using them to control people, she seems to have an affinity for glamouring herself as others to trick people into doing what she wants (she turned into the Blue Fairy to trick young Snow, into young Henry and later Prince Henry to trick Regina).

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    • Cool, I love this thread by the title alone!

      Cruell, though, is henchwoman to a ton of folk, or at least the more outspoken of any group because she, unlike most villains, is an actual sociopath who can't achieve her goal of killing. Looking back at that reveal and then the many instances before, you see Cruella's one with a lot of bluster (as Regina accused Zelena of) because usually people are hiding things underneath, but that isn't her case.

      Depends on how deep psychologically Once goes, but most of the villains come off with terrible disorders and such, but it's not always treated as such. But let me not get off topic.

      I think your talk about Cruella is interesting, but as we all know, she's literally "all bark, no bite".

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    • I'll have to go during my downtime to do some binge watching, but I will say that Zelena is efinitely one with more bluster than I guess any typical villain and it makes sense because she's walking envy and as a child and growing up, she's strived for attention, whether it was good or bad.

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    • Zelena has a tendency to bluster and brag about herself that are usually the only flaws in her plans; if she hadn't arranged that battle with Regina in 3.16 it's likely that they wouldn't have found out she was the Wicked Witch in the first place. However, Zelena is trying to mask some complex insecurities about not being good enough, as her entire character arc is about being undervalued by others, and especially by Rumpel. Much like Donna from Doctor Who, she's "shouting at the world because that's the only way she thinks they'll listen".

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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