• I'm talking about Ursual the sea witch of course. If Poseidon is considered a deity, shouldn't she be considered the same class of creature as Hercules, albeit of a mermaid type?

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    • I Think she should be. However she should only be classed as a demigod untill she cast her spell on herself with Poisidon's Trident because she cast it she she would be as powerful as the original Ursual whom is a diety herself. Of course saying that we don't know the limits (if there are any) to that spell. I mean Ursual (sea witch) never seemed that powerful but that could just be a lack of the writers not having time to showcase the full spectrum of her powers. But....

      We also have to ask ourself the obvious question, we know Poisidon is a diety but we are only assuming his wife was not a diety and only a mermaid. She may have been either, we just don't know enough. 

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    • In myths, Poseidon had children with many female humanoids, which resulted in many different types of children. They are not all considered demigods however, because a demigod is the child of a god and a human, which is why Heracles is one. Ursula is clearly a mermaid, meaning she is the child of a god and some other humanoid species that probably lives in the water. Therefore she is not a demigod.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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