• Hey :)

    Just wanted to talk with you about something. I noticed that you uploaded a lot of videos since the beginning of the 5th season. That's really cool, but each time you upload a new video, you do not follow the format of our video names x) That's not really a big deal or a warning at all; just that each time, someone has to rename them. Would be better if you directly upload them with a good name :)

    If you have any question, I am there ^^

    Thank you & see ya!

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    • ok thanks for letting me know :)

      i thought only admins could do that, but if I can too, I'll do it next time I upload a video

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    • Only admins can name videos (it can't be done at the point of upload).

      Just let an admin know when you upload, and we'll take care of it :)

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    • Also users can name video's :), though we can't rename videos.

      Go to a video on this wiki and click on replace, there you can change the web address and then add the video, that works for me :).

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    • You can't name videos, it has to be done via pagemove. When you upload, the only input is the video's url, and the name is generated based on the video's name on the website it's from.

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    • Normal users can name videos. I was able to do it when I was a simple user. You just have have to name the video in the url adress before uploading it.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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